Thursday, 23 August 2012

village happenings, Box Rocks Circus, Thomas Tank Engine

Hello Friends,

Once again it is past time for me to be doing a blog....sorry....

This past couple of weeks we have had some celebrations in the village that I think some of you may be interested in so here goes...

I am not sure if the stories of Thomas The Tank Engine is read in the USA where I know many of my friends who read his blog of mine live..but over here every little boy and probably girl has read the Thomas Stories...There was even a TV programme for a long time all abut Thomas the tank engine and his friends the other trains...Well it may come as news to some that the Rev. Audrey who wrote the books was inspired to do so for his Son when they lived in the village of Box quite near the famous Box Tunnel (just where I live also)...and two weeks ago the house where they lived ( now a B&B) has had a plaque unveiled on the wall commemorating the fact...Rev Audrey's Son and Daughter and grandchildren came to do the unveiling. I am not sure where I put the photographs but when I find it I will post it for you all to see.

The next big event was the official opening of

“ Box Rocks Circus”

The Rock Circus is an installation of rocks and sculptures that has been built so that the ancient and modern stories told by rocks, fossils and minerals can be more widely known.

The circular area on Box recreation ground is intended to be a space for everyone – to meet, learn and play or simply enjoy.

The four huge quarried blocks document Britain's slow movement over the last 400 million years from the southern hemisphere to our present position.

The obelisk is built from Box Stone, and illustrates the importance of this famous building stone, upon which the origins of this village are based.

Children are encouraged to climb and explore the two sculpted blocks, which are packed with different minerals and fossils, or they can make rubbings from a wide variety of fossils that have been set into a Box Stone table.

Imaginations, young and old, can run wild making-up stories to explain the two sets of dinosaur footprints that run through the circle!

A team of skilled craftsmen has built the circus under the leadership of stone mason Marcus Mitchell.

The project is the brainchild of Box-resident Elizabeth Devon, who is a geologist and Earth Science educator.

I wish you could all see and admire this wonderful work of art and imagination. I for one could never have thought that we had such a rich supply of stones just a few feet underneath our feet.

Within the stones and rocks there are many fasinating fossils that the childern are encouraged to rub and to wonder at what they see.... such as an Ammonite dating back 190 million years,a Dragon fly 140 million years, a Pterdactyl 150 million years, the complete skeleton shows all the individual bones including the skull with teeth !! there is a Spade fish 50 million years, you can even see eggs in the body cavity of this female specimen..there are many more that can be seen and I can just imagine the fun and learning that is going to come to children and adults who wish to learn more are going to get from this marvelous new exhibit in Box. We are becoming quite a famous little village.. I will try to make the "Box Rocks Circus" my header photo...
I have never yet discovered try as I might to get my pictures embedded in the script !!
 So although Mary and I have not been doing a great deal we have certainly "seen" a lot going on...
I had hoped to be able to tell you all about my new car which was due to be delivered last Friday, but unfortunately it has been delayed watch this space...
Masy is getting ever stronger and just loves the long walks Lynn my dear neighbour takes her on, she loves to meet everyone and of course most folks just love her she is so cute today she is 4 months old...She does not like the rain..or high winds..but as we keep telling her here in England we have more wet and windy days than other days so she had better quick get used to it !!!
I do hope that you are all having a good week and enjoying life...
never for get to love yourself and that way you can pass that love on to all who you meet...


  1. Your village is full of excitement for sure. Here Thomas is a famous and beloved friend to many children too. They all love him, both boys and girls it seems. I didn't even realized he wasn't of American origin. Thanks for setting that one straight. I have given them many books and Thomas trains too. The rock festival must be amazing to see. The grandchildren I used to camp with always loved rocks and were often collecting them and washing them clean to take home for their collections. They would love to see something like that.

    Hope your new car comes soon! Hope your Thursday is a wonderful one!

  2. Wow what an interesting entry ,to actually see and touch ,makes everything more real and believable ,what a wonderful lesson for young and old alike Jan xx PS Kizzie sends Masy lots of love n licks

  3. Lovely entry as always Sybs. I have seen Thomas toys in Walmarts in USA so am sure they know of him. Glad your little doggie is doing well, and hope you soon get your long awaited car!

  4. Loved this entry. Wish I could have walked along with you on this particular day. I too have seen Thomas toys here in the USA. The best news was hearing that your dog is well. We don't have a pet any more but I haven't forgotten how sad we felt when they got sick. You take care. Thanks for the encouragement, friendship, love and prayers. It is greatly appreciate. Johnny and I love you very much.

  5. Good Morning Sybil,Yes everyone loves Thomas The Tank Engine,not just kids adults too I think LOL!!He is known world wide.Well you have had some interesting things going on around you havn't you now? Pleased to read Masy is doing well and getting walked regular.How kind of your friend to take her out for you.She is one very lucky little doggy haaa.Have lovely Bank Holiday Weekend Sybil.Heres the link below Wikepedia's info.... on Thomas,if you havn't already read it.Love yoo and love to Mary and Peter.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  6. Sybil, it is hard to believe that Masy is already 4 months old! Isn't time flying by! My children, especially the boys, enjoyed the Thomas stories on the television when they were growing up so we did get it in Canada at any rate! Loved reading all about these special rocks in relation to your village. How wonderful that the children can climb all over them and learn about them. I think "tactile" lessons are the ones we remember the most of all! The sun is shining here today so far . . . hope it lasts! Much love to you, Mary and sweet little Masy! xxoo

  7. We love Thomas in America, and like Ma I didn't realize he wasn't American. I hope your car arrives soon! Perhaps Masy needs a little rain coat for her walks.

  8. loved thomas as a kid.happy memories.the rock looks intersting,love to see that. tc xx

  9. Hello Dear Sybil
    I do hope your ok! I too have been slack with my writing post and visiting friends. Blogging just takes so much time and these past few months all my hours seem to be working outside.
    Masy sounds like me its hard to get use to cold rain and wind. lol
    Hope you received your new car can't wait to see a picture of it.
    Thomas is loved by so many even here in America. It wasn't that long ago that my grandson Bailey had to have all of Thomas things for Christmas. Now he stays on the WI too much. lol
    Interesting display of the Box Rock Circus. Your little village is not as little as I picture it.

    Take care honey and I hope all is well


  10. Oh dear I don't know how I missed this post. Here in America we love Thomas the tank engine and all of his friends. Austin has every engine. I've watched every Thomas tv program a 100 times in the 3 years we watched Austin before he went to school. I had no idea it all started in Box. What fun. I'll tell Austin I have a friend who knows Thomas!!! Hope this finds you doing well. Hugs, Lura

  11. Dear Sybil
    Been worried about you! Let me know if your ok

  12. Sybil
    Got your sweet comment today on my site. I am always excited when I open my comments up and your on there.
    I do wish you would start your post again because I never found your writing boring. I do understand not having anything to write about because I feel like I have reached that point in my blogging.
    So now I am down to once a week or less but I would miss hearing from my blog buddies if I quit all together but that may happen.
    My life like yours is pretty quiet. But do consider writing again.
    I miss you. Think of you often

  13. Hi dear one. I love this post, have an adorable great grandson who adores Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. Your posts are always so interesting. Thank you sweet Sybil for always taking time to comment on my blogs. I so appreciate you. Love you much.


    Its almost been a year since you've wrote just checking back in on you...

    --- Christopher

  15. Thankyou for stopping by and backbreading to Nov.Means alot to me.I too am famiar with Thomas:-)

  16. Lovely entry Sybil...Enjoyed it. I used to sit with my G/son "ST" watching Thomas The Tank Engine when he was little. Brings back xxx

  17. Yes Sybil your right it was very painful,I didnt want to be to grapic on my post,