Monday, 22 February 2010

snowy days..and sunshine,,

Hello Friends, Sorry for such a long time between last blog and this....No real excuse other than that each day passes in much the same way so there has not been a lot to write about...
Mary and I had a 5 day coach trip two weeks ago to the East Coast Town of Margate...when we told people we were going to Margate they all looked at us as if we were mad...having been now in February !! I can understand why. As we approached Margate on the afternoon of Monday it began to snow...just a worry says I... As we got out of the coach I thought that perhops I had landed in the North Pole. The wind for certain was comming from there without a was freeeeeezzzzzzzzing...Thankfully the hotel was warm and comfortable and very welcoming and we had a good room that was also nice and warm...The first nights dinner was a time to really meet the other folks on the trip. They were mostly all very nice. One elderly gentleman who was travelling for the first time on his own since his wife died attatched himself to us, and that was ok. He was very attentive at meal time always arranging Mary's chair for her and putting her crutches safe out of the way, also making sure we both had all that we wanted ! Bless Him..we could have done it ourselves however it is always good to let someone think they are helping...Tuesday there was a morning trip to an aircraft museum so we decided to give that a miss and have a wee walk/trundle around the town. Were only out about 10mins when we had to give in and get back into the warmth of the hotel and to order their Special hot chocolate chocolate with a dash of whisky cream and hazelnut...I never drink whisky but we were so cold we thought anything that would heat us up was to be was delicious....Wednesday was a day visit to Canterbury with a short stop at a small village called Whitstable, thankfully for us the driver stopped in the High Street directly opposite a church that was having it's weekly coffee morning. I don't think the ladies had ever had an invasion such as they saw that morning when almost 90% of us piled in !! then it was on to Canterbury. Mary and I went there last year with the same coach company so we did not want to go and visit the Cathedral again so decided on a wander round the lovely lanes....well that was the plan...however less then 10 mins into our stoll the snow started and boy did it snow !! it was a complete white out we were glad to see a M&S store so dashed in there and after spending almost 2 and 1/2 hours there !! It was time to make our way back to the coach Mary having to go very carefully in case her crutches went one way and she the other LOL I have never spent so long in any shop in all my life !! Thursday we awoke to a lot of snow and the driver decided that there was no way he could take us out for the arranged trip to some open air market and so we spent the day in the hotel. I had taken, for the first time, my little notebook computer and there was free internet access so I was quite happy to spend time playing and Mary got to chat to other new made friends.. Thankfully by the time Friday came and time for us to leave the snow on the roads had been cleared and we were able to make our way although it was an exceedingly cold it was a very pleasant few days..
Glad to say that there are signs of spring in the garden the snowdrops are such brave wee flowers It amazes me how such tiny thin leaves can force themselves through the hard frozen ground, also Mary has crocus flowers purple and yellow blooming...The sun actually shone for quite a few hours on Saturday it is such a blessing when it appears, and I was able to go out into the yard and cut back the clematis and various other climbers I wasn't out long but every few mins. helps. My sister and Brother in law recently bought me an evergreen clematis and Peter our nice neighbour has gone and got us a very large pot to transplant it into, so that will be the next thing that will get done..
I expect like us all you will be waiting for these first signs of spring and I pray that you will see the signs very soon..
till the remember to..........Love one Another