Tuesday, 26 July 2011

weekend news

I spent some time last night trying to put on a smilebox photo show for you all....However failed...what is it about me and getting photo's on this blog.  I have never manage to get any where I want them other than the header...most odd.  Never mind I am going to send you all one individually where I have an e address..
I have had a very nice weekend.  Last Friday my neighbour Muriel took me out for lunch..so long as I would drive...never any problem for me to drive anywhere....We went to a local Farm Shop she had always wanted to go to but had never found it.  it is called Allington Farm Shop and has won awards for the last two years as the best Farm shop in the South West...It is very good, a bit pricey which I can never understand as it actually belongs to the farm and although I know they have had to build a beautiful building they should not have the same overheads as a town shop for instance...anyway they have a very nice cafe attachment and we had a nice meal. The Muriel in particular spent quite a bit in the shop..  Saturday was a quiet day trying to get through all the books Pam brought over, I am getting through them almost one a day !!  my friend Cait came down for a while in the afternoon.  Sunday was another day without church.  I really don;t enjoy the month of July very much...church wise I mean...the two local C 0f  E churches have their patronal services and they are always joint services so it means that I miss out on 2 Sundays in July.  I could get to the other two churches but they are difficult to get to with no parking... However as it happened on Sunday I went over to Margaret's Mitch had gone to their church and she didn't feel up to it. I went over earlier than I would have done as I was having lunch with them....which I did and had a nice meal... Home early to get on with the latest book !!  Yesterday was a gloriously sunny warm day and Pam and I took ourselves of to the Court Gardens that I have just discovered.  Pam brought filled rolls with her and I took some juice so at lunch time we were able to find a nice seat there and enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful gardens.  Pam has fallen in love with them as well...and is going to join the National Trust... I had a very late night last night as I went to Bristol Airport to collect Mary.  The flight was in time for which I was grateful...but it was still just after midnight by the time we got home.   From what I could see of her she looked well and will be over very shortly to give me a blow by blow account of her three weeks away...
Take care of each other and  never forget to tell your loved ones that you love them.

Friday, 22 July 2011

quiet lazy days..

Well where do the days go...does anyone know the answer ? I cannot believe that it is a week since I last wrote.  I do hope that you have all kept well,
 My dear friend Lura has had another operation I am pleased to hear that she has come through ok although it will take some time for her to get back to her blogging....   Mind you my days this past week have been fairly quiet so there has not been much news to pass on to you all.  Peter came home from his holiday to Panama on Thursday and we have had lots to talk of about his adventure...lots of photographs to be downloaded and enjoyed.  The weekend was quiet. Beth and Max are away on a narrow boat for a week. Many years ago Sarah John and friends combined together and had a narrow boat built and the divided the weeks between them. Sarah had a bad fall from the boat a few years ago and that put her off for life ! however Beth took over her week but later sold it. Now there are not many of the original owners left it is mostly the younger families who have it now.  However Colin offered Beth one of his weeks.  I hope that they have enjoyed themselves, They were sailing around the Birmingham Canals I think. They will be back tonight.  As they were not around last Sunday Peter and I decided to go for lunch together. we tried out a new venue for us it is a Farm Shop locally that has added a restaurant. It was quite nice but nothing out of the ordinary so don't think we will go there again very soon.  I think it might be better for an ordinary lunch but not a Sunday Roast...Afterwards  I took him to the local cottage Hospital, He had been bitten in Panama....in a few places !!...he saw the one on his hand and was able to get the wound clean, he then thought that he had one or maybe even two in his back...Anyway thankfully the Dr's. decided the "spots" were just ordinary spots and not lethal bites !!
On Monday Pam was over as usual, we had hoped for a nice dry sunny day as we had planned to go to the Gardens I found last week...however it was dull and heavy showers ..so we are now hoping it will be nice this week.  Instead of going o Holt we went over to Mary's. She had a decorator in over the weekend and so we wanted to get the house back to "normal!" I am sure she will be happy with it when she gets home.
Pam brought me over a lot of books that she has been reading all by someone called Rebecca Shaw. There is a whole series of I think 14 all set around a village. They are a real good read and I get completely drawn into them....she had already brought over the first 4 ...so really since Monday I have had my nose in a book...just finished number three !!Before I start the next thought I should nip in and let you know that I am still around.  Other than reading I have had a couple of "taxi" runs for friends. One of our old church members had a fall last Saturday and has broken her hip so a hospital visit to her was in order, another friend had an emergency Dr. appointment so needed transport !!
Well I am away now to start my 5th. book....it will be the 8th. in the series....

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

summer days and outings

Hello Friends,
Here I am again, All alone at last !  well actually I have been since Ann left last Thursday and I am only now making time to update the "blog"   I had lovely visit with Ann, although she is actually my sister Margaret's oldest friend, I include her as a friend of mine as well.   She was staying with me and made visits to Margaret each day.  On  Wednesday she and I had the morning in Bath and although Ann has been here before she had never had the pleasure of coffee in the pump room......so.....yes you can guess where we went for coffee and crumpets whilst of course listening to the trio playing their lovely music.  Ann also bought me a lovely present it is a "globe" not a world globe as is normal, but one that is actually a map of Bath in much detail...even where the parks are you can "see" people walking with their dogs etc.  I might try and take a photograph and share it some time.  Ann was not here long as she had to go home on Thursday as she is dog sitting this week.   I have not done a lot since she left, did spend the afternoon with Margaret on Saturday as Mitch was away playing bowls, and I know he feels happier if someone is there with Margaret. It was a nice afternoon and she was able to get out to the summer house and sit awhile so that was good.
Yesterday I had a lovely day. I invited my friend Cait to join me for lunch at Holt .... I think I told you that I had taken Mary before she left...It was just as nice as first time for our lunch afterwards we went to explore as I knew there were gardens there in the village called "the Courts" I had always wanted to see them but as is often the case we never seem to get to places that are right on our doorstep...What a miss that was once we found the gardens I discovered just how  fantastic they are, almost all on the level with easy wheelchair access. Actually they belong to the National Trust and after a few peaceful hours there I decided that I would actually join the N.T. for a year as I can see Mary and I going over to the Courts quite often and also there are at least another 6 or 7 National Trust properties within 15 miles of us here.  What a find, I am so pleased that Cait and I went to investigate... On Monday when my friend Pam comes over if the weather is nice I will take her over to see it as well.  ...The flowers, trees green areas and of course the Lillie ponds with red white and pink blooms floating around were just breathtaking...
Today I had to take the car to get new tyres fitted. On Monday the car had been in for a service and they decided that two tyres were needed both on the near side,,,,I am going to tell Mary that she will have to go on a diet as they are on her side of the car !!!   This afternoon I have been reading all about the benefits of the National Trust membership and marking various places I would like to visit..
Mary is enjoying her holiday in Edinburgh. Today she will be on the Isle of Skye she has gone on a three day tour from Edinburgh I haven't heard from her from the Island but perhaps her mobile does not have a signal. She will be back at her friends late tomorrow and no doubt I will hear from her then.  I do hope she has enjoyed herself and that perhaps she may have found some long lost cousins on the Island. (Her Mother was an islander)
Thank you for the many prayers for Max.  He has had the op. on Monday morning and was allowed home late afternoon he will not know for sure what the results will be for another 10 days or so, we are just praying
that there is nothing to alarm us...any more than we are !!!.........
Will be back again in a few days.  Till then remember to 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

busy busy days...

HI friends,
At last a wee while to try to get a few words down before I am interrupted again !!.......
When I closed last time I was about to have a visitor for the weekend.  Julie did arrive and we had a lovely time. The only sad thing was that on the Saturday we all went to the Chinese for a meal, my fav. place..only to discover it had closed. I was very very disappointed as it has always been a fav. place of ours. So I had to make a quick change of plans. we ended up in another pub in Chippenham called the Pheasant and it was quite good..On Sunday Mary went off to her own church and I had a day off...It was a lovely morning and the night before we had been discussing where Julie had visited n previous visits and I discovered she had not been to Chew Valley Reservoir Lake. So that is where we headed. It is not very far from here about a 40min. drive through some nice countryside. At the reservoir there is plenty parking and as we were early we had the best choice ! once parked I got the chair out and we went for a lovely walk around the Lake to another car park, once there there was another two walks we could have gone on where there were hides where we could have watched out on the various water birds nesting, however it was a round 11/2 miles and my wheelchair was not fully charged so we decided to leave that for another day. Once back to where we had started it was coffee time so in we went to the lovely cafe there and indulged in a couple of delicious scones with clotted cream and jam...We didn't think that as it was almost 11.30 we wouldn't have any room left for lunch did we....consequently poor Julie went back to London early afternoon without our planned for lunch !  Still she said she was more than full with the scones.........Monday found me back at Chew again. This time it was the guild outing I had organised only 12 guilders were able to make the trip but all enjoyed it so much, I had pre booked lunch for us all and it was just as well as it was very busy. There is a nice gift shop attached to the cafe and they enjoyed buying little gifts etc. The rain stayed if long enough to allow us to sit out for a short time after lunch.  Tuesday we had the last of our bible study classes as we are stopping for the summer months. we will miss meeting up with Rachel our minister weekly. She has a young son and it is only fair that she be allowed time to spend with him but we all look forward to Autumn. In the afternoon I had to attend a leadership meeting at church so it was a busy day. Wednesday was Mary's birthday and as our fav. Chinese had closed I had to think of another treat for her. We ended up going into Bath and having a very posh breakfast in the Pump room of the Roman Bath's...It is so lovely there sitting under the chandeliers at a table laid with crisp white linen tablecloths and napkins and lovely bright cutlery and china. all the time being entertained by the Pump Room Trio playing the piano, violin and double base...(If one closed ones eyes you could almost imagine we were back in the 18th. Century with the rustle of the ladies silk dresses and all hatted with parasols, parading  around)...As we came out we just said the icing on the cake would be to come out and hear our fav. busker playing the Hedge Monkey....and there was Hang and his friend playing, it was so nice.  Thursday Margaret and Mitch came over and took us out for lunch to celebrate Mary's birthday we again went to a fairly local pub called the hare and hounds and had a very nice lunch.  Friday I think I called a stop and had a day doing very little..other than getting the house tidied up for this weeks visitor. Saturday we had a coffee morning at church and that went well after we had been to do some shopping in Chippenham. I had to go to the bank as Pam had given me a cheque as it is time to pay for our cruise...only about 8 weeks to go now.  Sunday after church I met Beth for lunch. Max was not very well so unable to join us. I would like to ask you to please remember Max and Beth in your prayers as Max had now been diagnosed with nodules on his voice cords and has to go into hospital tomorrow for a pre op visit and be operated on next Monday. Beth needless to sat is beside herself with worry.  One wonders when it will all stop...  Mary left for her annual holiday to Edinburgh yesterday afternoon flying up on the same flight that brought a friend down from Edinburgh..So it worked out well that I dropped Mary and picked up Anne.  Anne is firstly an old friend of Margaret's they have been friends for well over 50 years now and she was coming to see Margaret really but is staying with me as Margaret is really not able to entertain visitors now. So Anne stays with me and I will take her over each day to Margaret and Mitch will bring her back.  I expected her to be back by now but I am still on my own.  It is all very peaceful...I have just come back from feeding Mary's cat Amber and Peter's cat Ryan....Peter is also away on holiday he left on the coach at 4am yesterday to London Heathrow airport for his flight to Panama he will be back in 10 days. Thankfully in a way the rain us come on so I will not need to go and water...or  Anne !!....to water Peter's and Mary's plants !!
So there you are all up to date with my life up to date again.
I will get back later in the week.  Anne returns to Edinburgh on Thursday so I will the start to have my wee holiday all to myself....maybe I will have time for doing exactly what I want to do  LOL
Love to you all,  and remember to    LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy 4th July xx

Just had to pop in and wish all my American friends a very happy July 4th.  I have a visitor this week but will try to get in within next few days.
Love to you all