Sunday, 25 July 2010

Chippenham market


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Chppenham Market

Good Evening Friends, tonight I thought I would take you with Mary and I on a walk around our nearest Market town called Chippenham. It lies aprox 7 miles west of us here in Box and is where we mostly go to do local shopping as it is easier to park there than it is in Bath. About three weeks ago the usual Saturday market was moved from the very top of the town down into the centre and the main road through town pedestrianised. It gives the market much more space and seems to have much improved everyones view of it. I hope that gradually it will grow to include many more stalls. I don't think it will cause much hardship to the shops in fact it may even bring them more cutomers. So here we go....
Well sorry that was a failure !!
I was trying to put the pictures under the text but first one appeared above and the second one above that !! not what I wanted at all. I always seem to have had this problem....anyway I will perhaps do a smilebox and add that.
We are still enjoying some lovely summer weather and whenever I can I am sitting out on our deck just enjoying the feel of the sun on my face. I do hope that you have been able to do so as well.
Thank you all very much for all the kind words, prayers and e.mails regarding my dear Brother in law John. We did get news on Friday and although it was not all together unexpected it was still very hard when we heard the Dr. say that unforunately there were very few options available. The one that might have been was sessions of chemo. this was discussed however John and Sarah agreed that they would much rather live every day of the life they have left together in as good health as possible and if John had chosen Chemo it might have given him a couple of more months but at what cost... We now just want him home as soon as possible. He will have to have the external drain out and replace it with one internally and we hope that they will do that this week as soon as possible and then we can get him home.
As I write this I am looking out of the window and can see three hot air balloons slowly drifting overhead. They look so beautiful and colourful. There is a red one a black and white striped one and a blue one with white bands round it. Having been up in one of these beautiful balloons I can just imagine how exciting it will be for "them up there"...wish it were me !!
Goodnight God Bless. and always remember to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.
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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

News and non news !!

Good Morning Friends,
Another glorious morning here in Wiltshire. We have been so blessed with our Summer this year, after what seemed like a never ending winter and very short cold spring !!
There is not a lot of news from this end so this is really just a short update as all of you have been so kind in E mailing and phoning to ask for news of John and Sarah. I have not been giving updates as really we are in a kind of a void at the moment it is just a waiting game. Last Friday John had an external drain put in and that is still there. It has certainly helped to reduce both the itch and the jaundice so that alone is an improvement. He has had some trouble in so far as his blood count dropped just before they put in the drain so he had 3 units given overnight and then again on Sunday night.l Monday they did another 'scope and it showed he had a bleed in is lower intestine which they have managed to stop.. so fingers crossed that has sorted that out. When we saw him yesterday he was much brighter and had been out f bed all day so we felt happier ourselves. Our next news should come on Friday after a meeting of the senior Drs. Regionally which is held in Bristol. They hopefully will be able to tell us what will be able to be done next.
Other than visiting hospital almost every day I have not been doing very much at all.... Mary and I did do a wee visit to Chippenham our nearest Market Town. It was again a lovely day and it was nice just to wander around. Mary treated herself to a new mobile phone ( I had treated myself to one the week before) Good old Peter to the rescue as he set them up for us. Unfortunately since then neither of us have been able to get a signal. I have e mailed Vodaphone to ask for help but none has come so far....It works perfectly well anywhere else but here in Box ! Mary especially needs one to work here as if she has a fall when out and no one around she can always call for we are not very happy with one time it was only that provider that we could get a signal from and we have been happy with them for a long time...
Today is Wednesday and we have a bible study this morning....not that it should be called that, as since our minister left us on our own, we continue to meet we should rename it the chat show !! with Christian content !!!! I seem to have been elected leader and it sure aint one my "forte" !! If the weather remains as it is at the moment I think I will "walk" up the village for a change, I always usually use the car !! I am having a day off visiting John, Sarah's friend is taking her this afternoon and my other sister Margaret and a friend are visiting this evening.
So that's it from this end for now. Take care everyone...Thank you all for prayers. It does help to feel everyone so near.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Good and not so good news

Well friends here I am for the second time. My last attempt this morning, after I had checked it etc., decided to fly away into thin I am now hoping that this will go in the right direction.
We have been having such wonderful weather these last three weeks here in Box, it is amazing to think we have actually had summer time this year.......

Well at the end of my last posting I was saying that Mary had a birthday coming up the following week, and as usual birthdays won't wait...So on Monday June 28th my friend Pam came over from Bath and took us out for lunch. we went to a new place in Chippenham a very nice pub where we had good attention and an excellent meal. Tuesday her Official 64th.birthday we went out for another lunch to the Chinese, again we went to a new place to us, it was very good although we didn't think it had as much atmosphere as the one we usually go to. Wednesday we didn't actually go out, Mary brought down a lovely piece of quiche for us. We have a new shop in the village that is serving sandwiches, tea coffee etc. one can either eat in or take away. by the taste of the quiche she should do very well. Thursday once again she was out for a lunch this time with some friends that she meets at a coffee morning....well come Friday it just didn't seem right for me to start cooking !! so out we went once more...So you can imagine we have had a good week and probably put on a few pounds to boot !!!

After that great week I am afraid things went rather downhill. You will have remembered that in my last posting I said that my dear Brother in Law John had jaundice and it was suspected that he might have Hepatitis, well, he was taken into hospital on Tuesday after it was decided he did not have hepatitis and they needed to do further tests...Unfortunately on Thursday we were told that he had cancer of the pancreas it is one of the cancers that is very difficult to detect and equally difficult to treat. At the moment he is waiting to have an external drain put in that would relieve the itch and the jaundice and once that has remained in for a couple of days they may be able to replace it with one internally, then we would expect he can come home. Meanwhile I drive Sarah to hospital twice a day, it is funny that neither of my sisters have ever learnt to drive. I love driving so it is a pleasure for me to be able to go into Bath.....just stop me I say ....when she feels I should be getting tired !
So there we are friends a letter of good and bad news. It would be nice if those of you believe in prayer could keep us in mind...
Always remember to Love one Another..

Saturday, 3 July 2010

4th July

With love to you all for a happy peaceful perfect