Sunday, 13 March 2011


After the last blog writing of my friend Angie's thoughts on the Earthquake I began to wonder whatever could I write ...Things around here seem so trivial ..However perhaps a bit of trivia is what we need after all the hours of watching the developing disaster in Japan.

The week my wee village of Box has come is so full of colour..There are daffodils everywhere one looks. In gardens, and on the roadsides even some on the roundabouts..My willow buds have now turned fluffy and golden with pollen..just ready for the bees that have started to buzz around, they especially enjoy the bed of heather I have near the I think you can say that I am HAPPY to see the spring arrive..   Something that I found out the other day and I am not sure if you will find it very interesting but if you are interested in history and history of our little village you will find some details here

1867 The Free Methodist Chapel was built by Box Methodists to attempt to combat the 'riotous' lifestyle enjoyed by many quarrymen living on Box Hill   (Now closed when it joined the village Methodist Church)

1870 Box Cricket Club was founded  (and is still one of the best cricket grounds in the area I can see it from my small deck during the playing season, This week they have started rolling the grass etc.)

1875 Box Church of England School was built ( This is a wonderful school and gets excellent results)

1881 In the 1881 census, Ditteridge was listed as having a population of 101

1895 The new parish council takes over the operation of the Fire Brigade  (no longer in use)

1896 The Methodist Chapel and Hall were built, mainly by members of the congregation (this is where I am a member)

Late 1800s By the end of the 19th century, there were nearly 700 quarry workers in the parish as the quarrying industry flourished

1907 The Roman Villa was excavated by Sir Harold Brakspeare. The findings were not unique, but showed a once extensive dwelling

1915 Ridge Quarry was temporarily converted into an arsenal for the duration of World War One

1951 The population of Box reached its peak at 4,581 residents

1920-1925 Restorations and enlargements were carried out at Hazelbury Manor for the owner,

G.J. Kidston, by Sir Harold Brakspear

1922 Box school became a mixed school of 212 pupils

1923 The village war memorial was erected following the First World War on Bear Green

1926 The recreation ground was built  (this is the Rec. that I overlook and it is wonderful)

1943 The Cemetery was extended into an area that became known as the New Cemetery

C.1945 Following an urgent need for more housing after the Second World War, the 'Fete Field' (which was once used for outdoor social activities) was used to build the Bargates Estate

1957 The Rising Sun, a public house, was tragically destroyed in an explosion, killing the licensee and his family

1960 The public house 'The Lamb' was closed

1967-1968 Another excavation of the Roman Villa was carried out by Henry Hurst and revealed alterations made to the villa and its outbuildings

1968 Clift Mine was closed

1969 The remaining quarries were closed   (Now just a few months ago it was reopened)

1969 Selwyn Hall, the village hall, was built

1970 Bingham Hall, the building where indoor social activities used to place, was demolished (its function being replaced by Selwyn Hall)

1978 The parish council bought the land at the Box Common to manage it on behalf of the people

1986-1988 Peter Gabriel, formerly of the rock band Genesis, launched his own record label, 'Real World Studios' in a converted mill

1992 The organ at St. Christopher's Church, Ditteridge, was rebuilt

1998 The 'Lovar' water garden was built from former wasteland on the northern perimeter of the recreation ground  (this is also the village dog walk and in the summer I sometimes take Dee along for a walk there is a lovely pond there where we can see the dragonflies, wonderful yellow Iris and water lilies)

2001 The 2001 census recorded Box's population as 3,439 people

2004 The people of Box could finally access the Internet through a broadband connection

I actually found details way back to almost neolithic days and some other time I may take you even further back in village times...

Today has been one of ups and downs.  We had a good church service and afterwards Sarah felt well enough to come out for dinner. Peter went and collected her and we met at the Bear a very old village pub. They do a wonderful Sunday Roast.  Sarah and I can only manage a child's portion ! but Peter makes up for us have a LARGE portion..and then also manages to finish what Sarah has left !!  Peter and I had roast beef which is done to a turn it is served with all roasted vegetables, carrot, swede, sweet potato,beetroot, and also fresh spring beans of course Yorkshire pud. and roast potato It was a very delicious lunch. Sarah and I had a cherry and apple flan between us for afters and Peter had trifle..No wonder I fell asleep when I came home !!!  That was certainly an UP part of the day next came the DOWN part my oldest sister Margaret had not been at all well for a few weeks now and has been waiting hospital appointments. Today she had one for her heart and unfortunately the results were not good and consequently they admitted her to the hospital.  We do not yet know what the diagnoses is. she has CPOD like Sarah but her symptoms have always been different but although her breathing has not been as acute as Sarah's I think that perhapss the time has come for her to need oxygen as well.she has such a very very bad cough that I am sure that has put a strain on her heart.  I am just waiting for Mitch my BIL to phone to give me an update..if he is not too tired when he gets back....I would sure appreciate your prayers for Margaret and Mitch at this time. Thank You.
I am praying that you are all enjoying some spring weather.
Love to you all..... and never forget to say to all your loved ones how much you love them.  I know that we think they should know that without us having to say it, but is sounds all the better when you actually say it out loud....
Love Sybil x

Earthcquakes and Tsunamis

I am just popping in for a few moments this morning as I want to share this poem that my friend has written with regards the terrible events in Japan.   I will come back later today...promise...

A Psalm of Earthquakes and Tsunamis

O Lord, hear the cry of your people

as creation trembles and we are made small

The mountains are laid low and the seas rise

The planet shrugs its shoulders

The restless dirt groans and moans

under the weight of our living.

Crops and land are lost to the salt of the world's tears

Wave upon wave cascades over the face of your earth

Their weeping carries away

The witness of our living.

In one convulsive heave

pride and possessions, people and places

are shaken down by the land, thrown up by the sea

to be caught by the air:

tossed and turned, and returned

to the wave of anxiety

that crashes onward

An unstopable force of creation and destruction.

Though you called upon us to name the beasts of the field

And the birds of the air

Still the sea is yours

You made it - and its raging fury

The land is yours

You formed it - and its restless heavings

And we, moulded by your hands to hold your breath

are bound to this world by your will and your Word

So I will praise you God in the midst of the fury

From the depths of my grief, for the land and the sea and the lives that are lost

For the nurture and nature that shapes us and feeds us

Though its power astounds, and its might dismays us

Still your Word brings order out of chaos

And your mercies comfort and sustain us

Reminding us, even as we weep

of green pastures, beside still waters
 written by my friend Revd.Angie Sheir Jones.