Monday, 8 March 2010

Well I have made yet another start ! I have changed my header as all our snow has now gone....we hope for a long long time ! it was time for a change the flowers that are everywhere in our garden centres at the moment are the beautiful primroses. These primroses are actually one that will be appearing in my a few weeks (these are last years) everything is behind this spring by at least 3 weeks I think. Usually when it is our Mothering Sunday which is next Sunday here in the UK all my daffodils are in full bloom..some years we even pray that they will still be in bloom! we make small posies up for all the ladies in the church, however this year there is not even one out so we will have to go and buy some for Sunday which is rather sad..not the buying..just the fact that there are none blooming as yet...

So what have I been up to lately. well to be honest not a lot ! The week before last I had a full week of knitting. Now knitting used to be my greatest pleasure and over the years I must have knitted 100s of jumpers etc etc., but for some time now I have had arthritis in my hands and they become quite sore when I knit so I had more or less given it up, however when my best pal came over couple of weeks ago and was knitting a jumper for her Grandson..I looked at it and said I thought it was a bit on the big side as her Grandson is only just 10...the jumper she was knitting almost fitted me !! the upshot was that I took it from her and promptly ripped it down and said leave it with me and I will try to knit it up again for her in the correct size ( we later discovered her daughter in law had given her sizes in cm and as Pam and I are "ancient" we are still in ins.and Pam was duly doing the said jumper in ins not cm.!!) anyway I set to and in 4 days or so had the jumper finished and ready for Fin. (He needed to wear it to a school book reading club it had to be made to represent one of his fav. book characters he had chosen Horrid Henry so the jumper had to be in blue with a yellow band on it !!)

Last weekend we had a few days away to Weston Super Mare a Victorian sea side town on the west coast under 2 hours from us here in Box. we were attending the Bristol District Wesley Guild Annual Meeting. we took 12 of our members with us and we all had the most wonderul time. The forecast had been wild and rather wet but thankfully the forecasters got it wrong and we had a lovely if somewhat cold few days. we were able to take a nice walk along the front and to view the new pier that is growing by the day ..they say that it will be fully rebuilt for the summer season and having seen it I am sure it will be.

These last few days we really seem to have seen the back of winter, as we have enjoyed lovely sunny days. It has still be very frosty first thing in the mornings yesterday I even thought maybe we had had snow overnight! but the sun soon gets to work and melts it by 9.30ish. Mary and I havn't gone far but most days we have made just a short drive just to experience the warm sun shining through the car windows... On Saturday a good friend Julie was down from London and we all enjoyed a great supper out at one of our Local Pubs. She had not been down for a wee while so it was as always great to see her. (It was Julie who went with me as my buddy when we went sailing on the Tall Ship we had such fun and lasughter together as well as hard work !!)
So there you are not much news but just enough to keep us all in touch.
Till the next time. Keep smiling and remember to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. x