Friday, 8 October 2010

New Day's

Hello Friends,
I am back again after a difficult week or two after the funeral which went as well as they can do. There were over 150 people there and many fine tributes were paid to John. So now we must try to pick ourselves up again and start a new phase in our lives.   

   These three weeks inbetween have been busy ones as my dear Sister Sarah,  John's wife, became increasingly poorly after the funeral and the following week was admitted into hospital where she still is. However the good news is that she will be home on Monday and we will all be so happy. Sarah has a breathing condition called CPOD and her breathing became much worse, this resulted in her becoming so unwell that she hardly had any strength  however she is on the mend now and after a few weeks recovering at home with extra oxygen and some help I am sure she will slowly recover.

As I say these last three weeks or so have been busy...mainly visiting hospital, shopping, etc. so I have no "real" news.  Just wanted to pop in to let ou know that soon I hope to be back to more regular blogging.
Thank you all for Sybil