Saturday, 30 June 2012

masy's first week

I must thank you all for having had the patience to wait for me to return to my blog. It is such an age sinse I wrote almost a month...However although it seems to have been a busy month it has actually been a very quiet month and I can't believe how fast the days have gone. I don;t usual update my blog unless I have some real news to share but the news was onlt that as a  household as we were awaiting the arrival of our new puppy Masy.( great news  for me but not sure about everyone else!!)  Well the happy day arrived on Sunday 17th. Peter Mary and I went to collect her from the lady who we bought her from. There had been 5 puppies 3 dogs and 2 bitches  we had Masy and by the time we went to collect her 3 others had gone and only one brother remained and he wa soon to be on his way to Guernsey. a long way for a wee pup to go.. Masy was luckier she had only to be popped in a basket we had taken with us and driven about 15 miles here/ She was so good never seemed to mind at all.  (she was so very tiny.only 8 weeks In fact I thought she was a bit young to be away from her Mum but the breeder seemd to think it was ok.).the first night I had expected lots of whines etc. but I was so surprised that she settled in so well. I took her through  to my bedroom in her wee bed said to her to go to sleep and put out the light. and that was her until I got up about 6am that first morning. I have what are called puppy pads (rather like our old newspaper system for training !) and had put two down and she had at one time got up and then put herself back to bed..  Mary left to go to Edinurgh on Thurs. 21st. and sinse then I have had Masy on my own.  Thankfully Peter has been very good and comes every day to play with her...and boy does she love to play. especially pulling things and playing ball..She is still not house trained and I think that might take longer than I would have liked  but it will come she is only almost 10 weeks. now.  She went to the vet the first Monday we had her and had the fisrt injection and I take her again on Monday for the second.  She loves the car I have a carry bag for her and just pop her in and she sits or lies there quite the thing..making no sounds at all..
As this has been all about Masy I have to ask you to forgive.  I have not been out anywhere since she arrived as she is a bit small to leave. However tomorrow I am leaving her for 3/4 hr then Peter will come in play with her then we will leave her again whilst we go out for fingers crossed that she will be ok.  She has met most of the neighbours all who have fallen in love with her and is very well socialised which is a good start.  Mary send evryone her love from Edinburgh. she will be back 12th.July and hopefully by then I will have done something that I can share with you all.
Love and keep well.....................Remember to always LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  xx

Monday, 4 June 2012

exciting days..

Hello friends, when I finished my last blog I said I had some more exciting news to share with you and that is certainly true...Indeed since I said that there has actually been quite a few exciting things happening in the Wilson household....I will go backwards...and try to remember everything !! I am sure it has not passed anyone's attention that here in the UK as in many many places in the world we have been celebrating our Queens diamond Jubilee. It really has caught us all celebrating in our own way. In Box we have been trying to organize a weekend of fun for last few months. As a village the three churches St.Thomas a Becket in the village, St Christopher's in Ditteridge and ourselves the Methodist church had said that we would all have flowers festivals for the long weekend...In our Methodist church we decided to ask all the organizations who use our church throughout the week to donate a floral arrangement. We were delighted when all but 3 agreed and those three gave us a donation towards flowers. We are very fortunate to have a friend of the church who is a professional flower arranger and she offered to do all the main arrangements. Oh how I wish I could show you all the wonderful arrangements. Every window sill and doorway was bedecked as well as various tables even the tiny tot's got involved with their Mum's and made a ginger bread house with window boxes and little people all with their flags flying and even some with crowns !!( I have taken lots of photo's and at some time I will put them on a smilebox for anyone who might like to see them.) The outside of our church was also decorated with flowers and as we are right in the centre of the village on the main street we were very prominently positioned. We were having strawberry cream teas on the afternoon of Sat. and Sun. and we had around 70 people in to view and enjoy their tea, I have heard that the other churches were equally well supported. I did not have time to attend any of the others. Last night we had a united songs of praise on the recreation park in a huge marque that we had all contributed to and it had been in use all weekend by various groups doing other celebratory things !! I have not said a lot about the celebration that went on in London itself for the Queens Jubilee as I am sure you must have seen the wonderful scenes from the Thames it was such a pity that it was so wet but that's nothing unusual for a holiday weekend !! ( we were lucky in Box as we had a lovely day Sat and only a few showers Sun)

Another exciting day although perhaps exciting may not be the right word relaxing day would be better was last Wednesday when Peter Mary and I went to the Royal Bath and West Agricultural Show. I have always for as long almost as I can remember been responsible for organizing “things” outings, holidays etc. and I have to admit enjoy doing it but Wednesday Peter took over the driving and that was the start of a great day. He knew where he was going so I was able just to sit and watch the countryside roll by, at the show ground we had organized a scooter for Mary which we picked up just at the gate..we had arranged that Peter would go his way and Mary and I ours. Having obtained the programme and a map of we set..First stop was the pigs !! then the sheep. Next my fav. The poultry especially anxious to see if there were many or indeed any Slikies bantams on show. I was pleased to see there were 5 as a child I grew up with my Farther breeding and showing Silkies and I can just imagine his disgust at the condition of these show hens..they really were quite tattie looking...It is a good job the owner was nowhere to be seen or I might have had words with im !! ( I did speak to one of judges who just nodded !!)At lunch time Peter met up with us and again he took control and we were soon tucking into filled rolls and strawberries and cream and home made lemonade..during the afternoon we again went our way and Mary and I did a bit of shopping and looking at the flower tent ( where I lost Mary more about that perhaps another time) we had left home around 8am. And arrived back home around 5.30 after a perfect day. I said to Peter that it was as good as a holiday for me not having to make any decision etc.

Now for perhaps the most exciting thing to be happening.....soon.... I am going to have a new little puppy. I know..I had vowed never again after my wee Dee died....but....a few weeks ago I started to look for an other daxi but was unfortunately unable to find one within a reasonable distance of us here, however I did find a breeder of Yorkshire Terriers who lives very near us here and so we went off to...just look at them...daft thing to do, as soon as I saw the 5 wee pups my heart was won over to a little bitch. They were only 3 weeks old and so tiny...we went back again last week and she has already grown a little and was trying to walk all over me and her wee tiny tail was wagging and she was making little m m m sounds, her Mum came up beside us ...just to make sure nothing was happening to her pup !! and so in less than two weeks now on Sunday 17th. Mary and I will be bringing home out latest edition her name is Masy (maisie) Ma = Mary sy = sybil hence masy !!

Now I really must go and get my day started. I have typed this in Office so that if it did disappear on me I would at least not have to retype !!

Remember always to Love One Another.