Saturday, 30 June 2012

masy's first week

I must thank you all for having had the patience to wait for me to return to my blog. It is such an age sinse I wrote almost a month...However although it seems to have been a busy month it has actually been a very quiet month and I can't believe how fast the days have gone. I don;t usual update my blog unless I have some real news to share but the news was onlt that as a  household as we were awaiting the arrival of our new puppy Masy.( great news  for me but not sure about everyone else!!)  Well the happy day arrived on Sunday 17th. Peter Mary and I went to collect her from the lady who we bought her from. There had been 5 puppies 3 dogs and 2 bitches  we had Masy and by the time we went to collect her 3 others had gone and only one brother remained and he wa soon to be on his way to Guernsey. a long way for a wee pup to go.. Masy was luckier she had only to be popped in a basket we had taken with us and driven about 15 miles here/ She was so good never seemed to mind at all.  (she was so very tiny.only 8 weeks In fact I thought she was a bit young to be away from her Mum but the breeder seemd to think it was ok.).the first night I had expected lots of whines etc. but I was so surprised that she settled in so well. I took her through  to my bedroom in her wee bed said to her to go to sleep and put out the light. and that was her until I got up about 6am that first morning. I have what are called puppy pads (rather like our old newspaper system for training !) and had put two down and she had at one time got up and then put herself back to bed..  Mary left to go to Edinurgh on Thurs. 21st. and sinse then I have had Masy on my own.  Thankfully Peter has been very good and comes every day to play with her...and boy does she love to play. especially pulling things and playing ball..She is still not house trained and I think that might take longer than I would have liked  but it will come she is only almost 10 weeks. now.  She went to the vet the first Monday we had her and had the fisrt injection and I take her again on Monday for the second.  She loves the car I have a carry bag for her and just pop her in and she sits or lies there quite the thing..making no sounds at all..
As this has been all about Masy I have to ask you to forgive.  I have not been out anywhere since she arrived as she is a bit small to leave. However tomorrow I am leaving her for 3/4 hr then Peter will come in play with her then we will leave her again whilst we go out for fingers crossed that she will be ok.  She has met most of the neighbours all who have fallen in love with her and is very well socialised which is a good start.  Mary send evryone her love from Edinburgh. she will be back 12th.July and hopefully by then I will have done something that I can share with you all.
Love and keep well.....................Remember to always LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  xx


  1. What a wonderful looking puppy and such a lucky one to have found such a loving family. I hope Mary is having fun in Edinburgh and that Masy gets to play in some sunshine soon if she hasn't already. Love to all

  2. she is adorable,lol bless her little heart. xx

  3. Oh Sybil how gorgeous ,I can remember when Kizzie was that small nearly six years ago ,where did that time go ?,enjoy your Baby .love Jan xx

  4. What a cute addition to your family. Sweet girl!

  5. Your little dogs looks like one anyone would fall in love with. So tiny and cute as can be. I can imagine you are spending a lot of hours with her. What a delight she must be!

  6. Oh she is so cute! Your life is going to be enhanced by her presence. I can just feel it. She will be a big part of the family very soon. I KNOW! Tell her Tugie said "welcome to blog world" and Tugie said that it is fun being an internet star once you get used to it. lol I will so enjoy hearing about the puppy and her doings. I took Tugie out every 45 minutes so that she could get some successes at peeing out on the grass and I would brag and rave and give her treats and she learned not to go anywhere but outside. I did this for about 3 weeks as often as I could (while we were home from work) and she caught on. It takes a while for their bladder to be in more control. As she got a few weeks older she rarely had mistakes. She had a rough time when she was excited and could not hold it in. lol That took a few more weeks.

  7. Awww I adore the header pic Sybil.My letter after U is not working on my keyboard,so one word I usualy use I carn't.So going to say adore instead.Hope you understand what I am saying.Yes tiny pups are quite time consuming when new Sybil,but she is worth it all.She is beautiful.I am happy to hear Mary is haing a great time and also Peter is helping often.How nice is that for you.What a great neighbour you ha?e.Can you see in that last word no ?.It's a pain.Now I am hoping this comment will publish as I must change my password on here now also.Flipping hackers I don't trust not to change it.Huggies to Masy and enjoy your day Sybil.Catch you later.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  8. Sybil dear this is just the most precious darling little puppy in the world. I am so glad you have her. I do love this picture and your post about Masy.
    No need to be apologetic about posting because I am having trouble myself keeping up this summer and I think a lot of us are for some reason or another.
    I really do miss visiting with everyone though and hope to get back to being a better friend.
    My landlady has be so depressed with how long she is trying to stay with me that I can't seem to post or do anything but be upset. She and I clash too much to spend this much time together. On top of that I have gotten so use to my routine and being alone that I did not realize how much.
    She went back to her Texas home for the weekend though because I wanted to go see my grand babies but she is coming back probably tomorrow. I just need to be a better person and not be this way.
    Take care dear Sybil and do enjoy your sweet Masy and I hope by now Mary is back home safe and sound.
    Love ya

  9. How nice to have a new "child" in the family. Is that her picture at the top of your blog? If so, she is a darling. I know that she will bring you lots of joy. congrats.

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    Have a great week.... enjoy your new babe. Hugs, Lura

  10. nice post thanks for sharing...found you thrue other follower looking for to visit more...blessings from holland