Sunday, 25 July 2010

Chppenham Market

Good Evening Friends, tonight I thought I would take you with Mary and I on a walk around our nearest Market town called Chippenham. It lies aprox 7 miles west of us here in Box and is where we mostly go to do local shopping as it is easier to park there than it is in Bath. About three weeks ago the usual Saturday market was moved from the very top of the town down into the centre and the main road through town pedestrianised. It gives the market much more space and seems to have much improved everyones view of it. I hope that gradually it will grow to include many more stalls. I don't think it will cause much hardship to the shops in fact it may even bring them more cutomers. So here we go....
Well sorry that was a failure !!
I was trying to put the pictures under the text but first one appeared above and the second one above that !! not what I wanted at all. I always seem to have had this problem....anyway I will perhaps do a smilebox and add that.
We are still enjoying some lovely summer weather and whenever I can I am sitting out on our deck just enjoying the feel of the sun on my face. I do hope that you have been able to do so as well.
Thank you all very much for all the kind words, prayers and e.mails regarding my dear Brother in law John. We did get news on Friday and although it was not all together unexpected it was still very hard when we heard the Dr. say that unforunately there were very few options available. The one that might have been was sessions of chemo. this was discussed however John and Sarah agreed that they would much rather live every day of the life they have left together in as good health as possible and if John had chosen Chemo it might have given him a couple of more months but at what cost... We now just want him home as soon as possible. He will have to have the external drain out and replace it with one internally and we hope that they will do that this week as soon as possible and then we can get him home.
As I write this I am looking out of the window and can see three hot air balloons slowly drifting overhead. They look so beautiful and colourful. There is a red one a black and white striped one and a blue one with white bands round it. Having been up in one of these beautiful balloons I can just imagine how exciting it will be for "them up there"...wish it were me !!
Goodnight God Bless. and always remember to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.
(Sorry even my smilebox has let me down tonight so I will have to try another time)


  1. blogspot does give you the option to drag and drop pics where you want them,but........i always get it wrong too lol. sorry to hear the sad news,in my thoughts sybil,take care ,love mort xxx

  2. Thankfully you have a bright spot of sun there and it does help on weary days for sure. Today for the first time in a couple of weeks here sitting out in the sun feels good. Before it was much too hot. I enjoyed the SMILE Box and seeing your lovely market there. It's so nice to have outdoor places like that during the good weather months. I will continue to keep your BIL in my prayers. I do hope that whatever time he has will be a time of peace and happiness for him. We none of us know just how much time we have anyway. I think that hearing that you may not have many days left makes you want to enjoy all the days left.

  3. Hope one day to get to see the market in person and the beautiful country side around it. My thoughts and prayers for John and Sarah and with all of your family. Wishes for many peaceful days filled with time with those we love.

  4. I enjoyed your pictures! Seems like a lovely place to shop.

  5. I loved your pictures on the smile box. What a wonderful place to shop. Glad you had a good time.
    If I don't have the cursor exactly where I want to place my picture then I have the same trouble. Not fun starting over again either. hahaha
    Thanks honey for always leaving me such encouraging comments. Appreciate you

  6. You are lovely Auntie Sybil, I'm popping it to see Dad tomorrow, hopefully we can have him back for the weekend and Sunday lunch love you, you are our role model! Bethxx

  7. Dear Sybs
    I have managed to find a wee keyhole in time to visit with you.
    It doesn't sound too good for John. God bless him!
    He is so brave and so is Sarah too. I can understand not wanting to go through the chemotherapy. Having had to go through it myself it is very debilitating. Best he keeps his faculties about him for as long as possible.
    After all it is quality of life that matters.
    Please let him and Sarah know that I was asking after them.
    My prayer are with them both my dear friend.
    Much love to all.
    Jeanie xxxxxx

  8. Lovely pictures of your area - all so different from mine!! Love that we can share all these miles apart with a great friend! Prayers for John and you all. A hard choice to make, but I can understand. We have had cancer in our family too, and it can be very hard. God be with you. Have a great weekend. jo

  9. Thank you for dropping by. Lovely blog.