Wednesday, 21 July 2010

News and non news !!

Good Morning Friends,
Another glorious morning here in Wiltshire. We have been so blessed with our Summer this year, after what seemed like a never ending winter and very short cold spring !!
There is not a lot of news from this end so this is really just a short update as all of you have been so kind in E mailing and phoning to ask for news of John and Sarah. I have not been giving updates as really we are in a kind of a void at the moment it is just a waiting game. Last Friday John had an external drain put in and that is still there. It has certainly helped to reduce both the itch and the jaundice so that alone is an improvement. He has had some trouble in so far as his blood count dropped just before they put in the drain so he had 3 units given overnight and then again on Sunday night.l Monday they did another 'scope and it showed he had a bleed in is lower intestine which they have managed to stop.. so fingers crossed that has sorted that out. When we saw him yesterday he was much brighter and had been out f bed all day so we felt happier ourselves. Our next news should come on Friday after a meeting of the senior Drs. Regionally which is held in Bristol. They hopefully will be able to tell us what will be able to be done next.
Other than visiting hospital almost every day I have not been doing very much at all.... Mary and I did do a wee visit to Chippenham our nearest Market Town. It was again a lovely day and it was nice just to wander around. Mary treated herself to a new mobile phone ( I had treated myself to one the week before) Good old Peter to the rescue as he set them up for us. Unfortunately since then neither of us have been able to get a signal. I have e mailed Vodaphone to ask for help but none has come so far....It works perfectly well anywhere else but here in Box ! Mary especially needs one to work here as if she has a fall when out and no one around she can always call for we are not very happy with one time it was only that provider that we could get a signal from and we have been happy with them for a long time...
Today is Wednesday and we have a bible study this morning....not that it should be called that, as since our minister left us on our own, we continue to meet we should rename it the chat show !! with Christian content !!!! I seem to have been elected leader and it sure aint one my "forte" !! If the weather remains as it is at the moment I think I will "walk" up the village for a change, I always usually use the car !! I am having a day off visiting John, Sarah's friend is taking her this afternoon and my other sister Margaret and a friend are visiting this evening.
So that's it from this end for now. Take care everyone...Thank you all for prayers. It does help to feel everyone so near.


  1. sounds like mobile mast down sybil.voda usually pretty good,its the only one that works consistently here. you take care,love mort xxx

  2. Lovely share as always Sybs. My prayers continue for you and your family. I have been with vodofone for years, and like them. I find their UK coverage is second to none. However there are sometimes blank areas, such as parts of Wales where it's hilly. Best thing is to keep calling them and having a moan, and get your friends too aswell.
    Love Sal xx

  3. Glad to hear your news is a wee bit better hope it gets better still. We have bother with our mobiels up here in some places and when we are down in Norfolk it is dreadful. Where we stay telivisioin with a normal arial is not exsistant we need boosters and radio of thats a big no no most of the time. Hope you enjoy you day its raing here just now with lots of flooding. Love Joan

  4. I'm glad you are getting a break today. I'm sure it will be much appreciated. It is very wearing when you have to do that trip every day. I'm sure I'd do the same if it were someone in my family so I know you don't mind. We used to get together for Bible Studies on our own like you are doing but then our pastor did start one so we stopped that. I hope you get the cell phone straightened out. Enjoy your day!

  5. Very wise of you to update everyone at once this way. Glad John is feeling some better for now, which makes you and Sarah feel better, too. It is good Margaret can come and take Sarah to hospital so you can have a rest. I continue to keep you, Sarah, and John in my prayers.

  6. It's so difficult to wait while a loved one is ailing. I will keep you all in my prayers. thank you for you lovely comments regarding my grandson, he is gift from God!

  7. Thank you for the update Sybil, so good of you to take the time. I think I told you before I have relatives in Chippenham although I have never been there.

  8. Hope that John is more comfortable. Our book club sometimes -- often! -- is more about our lives than the book we choose. Keeping you and your family in my prayers and hope that the phone issue is very soon resolved.

  9. Hi Sybil, came by for a visit, it's been awhile since I've been here!! Saying prayers for John.

    We have a Wednesday Christian book club that is wonderful, we all choose one Christian book to read, and discuss it or study it, some have workbooks. Currently studying "Twelve Extraordinary Women" by John MacArthur. Brings up some great discussion.