Sunday, 11 July 2010

Good and not so good news

Well friends here I am for the second time. My last attempt this morning, after I had checked it etc., decided to fly away into thin I am now hoping that this will go in the right direction.
We have been having such wonderful weather these last three weeks here in Box, it is amazing to think we have actually had summer time this year.......

Well at the end of my last posting I was saying that Mary had a birthday coming up the following week, and as usual birthdays won't wait...So on Monday June 28th my friend Pam came over from Bath and took us out for lunch. we went to a new place in Chippenham a very nice pub where we had good attention and an excellent meal. Tuesday her Official 64th.birthday we went out for another lunch to the Chinese, again we went to a new place to us, it was very good although we didn't think it had as much atmosphere as the one we usually go to. Wednesday we didn't actually go out, Mary brought down a lovely piece of quiche for us. We have a new shop in the village that is serving sandwiches, tea coffee etc. one can either eat in or take away. by the taste of the quiche she should do very well. Thursday once again she was out for a lunch this time with some friends that she meets at a coffee morning....well come Friday it just didn't seem right for me to start cooking !! so out we went once more...So you can imagine we have had a good week and probably put on a few pounds to boot !!!

After that great week I am afraid things went rather downhill. You will have remembered that in my last posting I said that my dear Brother in Law John had jaundice and it was suspected that he might have Hepatitis, well, he was taken into hospital on Tuesday after it was decided he did not have hepatitis and they needed to do further tests...Unfortunately on Thursday we were told that he had cancer of the pancreas it is one of the cancers that is very difficult to detect and equally difficult to treat. At the moment he is waiting to have an external drain put in that would relieve the itch and the jaundice and once that has remained in for a couple of days they may be able to replace it with one internally, then we would expect he can come home. Meanwhile I drive Sarah to hospital twice a day, it is funny that neither of my sisters have ever learnt to drive. I love driving so it is a pleasure for me to be able to go into Bath.....just stop me I say ....when she feels I should be getting tired !
So there we are friends a letter of good and bad news. It would be nice if those of you believe in prayer could keep us in mind...
Always remember to Love one Another..


  1. Will keep you all in prayer. So sorry to hear the news of the cancer.

    You all do birthday weeks like we do. lol

  2. So sorry you have had such bad news will keep your brother in law in my prayers. Love Joan

  3. Pray I do and I sure will be keeping you all in prayer. My dear Mom died of pancreatic cancer a few years ago and so I do know what that is like they never gave her any hospitalization though other that in and out for tests. My sisters and I cared for her. My Dad was still living at that time and she'd been his care giver as he was in bad health so the two of them were cared for by us. Mostly my youngest sister as the other two of us worked at the time. My Mom had always been healthy until that took her. It is a blessing that you drive and can be of help but going back and forth like that is draining. Seeing anyone that you love in any distress is hard. May the dear Lord bless you all with strength for the journey and comfort you with His love.

  4. I have been saying a prayer for John, but I think I had your sisters mixed up. I take your letter to say John is Sarah's husband. Anyway, prayers certainly do not hurt a person, whether the name is right or not. Sarah needs our prayers, too, because her 'job' now is a difficult one, to be there for John. But she mustn't get sick herself so please tell her to take care of herself if for no other reason than to be able to care for John.
    I am glad you're havng nice weather. That does make a person feel better.

  5. Dear Sybil
    I have just sent you an e-mail asking how John was getting along with his tests.
    I am upset to hear that he has pancreatic cancer. What can I say my dear frend? Who was to suspect the last time I saw him with you and Sarah that he would suffer in this way.
    Please give Sarah and John my love and tell them I am thinking of them.
    I will keep them both constantly in my prayers. Sarah will need all the help she can get to see John through all this.
    My own sister is going through terminal cancer with her husband so I understand what you are all going through.
    May God bless you all.
    Much love
    Jeanie xxxxx
    Please take care of yourself too.

  6. You certainly had a busy and happy time last week, please give Mary belated Birthday greetings from me.

    As you know we have already spoken about John and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I suspect my brother might have it. He has jaundice and continual stomach trouble and acid. He went to see a specialist last week but, because of his age and because he has severe lung and heart trouble, the specialist sent him away saying he could do nothing.

    Only time will tell. We do know he has lost over half his body weight and that is not normal.

    Know that I will continue to pray for you all.

    Hugs and love xxxx

  7. so WHY didnt i know you had this blog??i used to follow you.didnt i??lol.oh sybil i am so sorry,you always comment on mine.but im here now,so i wont miss an entry. though i warn you my blog reading is very sporadic these days.sorry to hear of the my take care,best wishes to mary for her birthday,love mort xxx

  8. I shall add him to my prayers my friend. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Love Sal xx

  9. Good Morning Sybil,back after a two week break to find you had a lovely Birthday week by the sound of things.Isn't it lovely to get out and about for a change.So sorry thought you had to follow up with the sad news of your Dear BIL John.Know you and yours are in my prayers always even though I am abcent at times.A very Happy Belated Birthday to Mary and many more of them to come.I must crack on now with catching up on home chores etc.The worst part of going away is coming "back to the mat", as we say here in West Yorkshire Heeee.PHEW I am shattered already and I have only made the bed and washed the breakfast pots Heeeeeee.Whoops and turned the computer on but AOL have disconnected me twice already Grrr.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  10. Hi Sybil, I am so sorry about the bad news. My prayers are with Sarah and John. May the doctors make him comfortable, and may he have many friends to watch over him and care for him.

  11. Dear Sybil,
    I am so sorry to hear the bad news about John, your brother-in-law. How sad. I know that is a terrible cancer. I will surely remember him in our prayers. I know that this must be a very difficult time for him, your sister and you. I really am so sorry.

    It sounds like you had a great week eating out and enjoying your friend before you got the bad news about John. Too bad that such a fun week had to end with such sad news.

    Thanks again for hopping across the pond and visiting me. I just love having you drop by. I just bought a pretty new tea pot Sat. Maybe you could drop by for a spot of tea and some cake.
    Come on over.... the weather is beautiful and we can eat in the patio. Bring Marie and Angie with you. Hugs, Lura

  12. Dear Sybil,
    To add text after your pictures click on the picture icon next to the spell check icon in the new post box. It will give you the choice of having the text under the picture or at one side or the other. I seem to have problems when I try to put text on the side of the picture but it always works well when I put the text under the picture. After you add one picture from your computer you can add more by clicking on "add another image" above where it says browse. It will let you upload up to 5 pictures at one time. After selecting all the pictures you want to add just click upload.... and bingo... they will appear on you blog. You can put text under each one. I hope this info helps you. Hugs, Lura

  13. Glad you are able to be a help to your sisters.

  14. Honey I don't see the comment I left for you the other day on this I guess I did something wrong.
    I am so very sorry to hear about your brother-in-law John. Of course I will include him and all of you in my prayers.
    Just hate knowing you are going through this right now.
    I came by to tell you to please be careful when reading my would upset me if I caused you to fall. lol
    Your comment was so funny and they mean so much to me.
    If you ever need to talk just email me at
    Loved reading about the birthday

  15. How is your sister getting along..and your dear brother-in-law today? Anymore news on treatments? How is Sarah holding up?

    God bless to all!

  16. I hope John is keeping well with the treatment he'll be receiving, Sybil. Keeping you all in thought at this time.