Wednesday, 13 July 2011

summer days and outings

Hello Friends,
Here I am again, All alone at last !  well actually I have been since Ann left last Thursday and I am only now making time to update the "blog"   I had lovely visit with Ann, although she is actually my sister Margaret's oldest friend, I include her as a friend of mine as well.   She was staying with me and made visits to Margaret each day.  On  Wednesday she and I had the morning in Bath and although Ann has been here before she had never had the pleasure of coffee in the pump you can guess where we went for coffee and crumpets whilst of course listening to the trio playing their lovely music.  Ann also bought me a lovely present it is a "globe" not a world globe as is normal, but one that is actually a map of Bath in much detail...even where the parks are you can "see" people walking with their dogs etc.  I might try and take a photograph and share it some time.  Ann was not here long as she had to go home on Thursday as she is dog sitting this week.   I have not done a lot since she left, did spend the afternoon with Margaret on Saturday as Mitch was away playing bowls, and I know he feels happier if someone is there with Margaret. It was a nice afternoon and she was able to get out to the summer house and sit awhile so that was good.
Yesterday I had a lovely day. I invited my friend Cait to join me for lunch at Holt .... I think I told you that I had taken Mary before she left...It was just as nice as first time for our lunch afterwards we went to explore as I knew there were gardens there in the village called "the Courts" I had always wanted to see them but as is often the case we never seem to get to places that are right on our doorstep...What a miss that was once we found the gardens I discovered just how  fantastic they are, almost all on the level with easy wheelchair access. Actually they belong to the National Trust and after a few peaceful hours there I decided that I would actually join the N.T. for a year as I can see Mary and I going over to the Courts quite often and also there are at least another 6 or 7 National Trust properties within 15 miles of us here.  What a find, I am so pleased that Cait and I went to investigate... On Monday when my friend Pam comes over if the weather is nice I will take her over to see it as well.  ...The flowers, trees green areas and of course the Lillie ponds with red white and pink blooms floating around were just breathtaking...
Today I had to take the car to get new tyres fitted. On Monday the car had been in for a service and they decided that two tyres were needed both on the near side,,,,I am going to tell Mary that she will have to go on a diet as they are on her side of the car !!!   This afternoon I have been reading all about the benefits of the National Trust membership and marking various places I would like to visit..
Mary is enjoying her holiday in Edinburgh. Today she will be on the Isle of Skye she has gone on a three day tour from Edinburgh I haven't heard from her from the Island but perhaps her mobile does not have a signal. She will be back at her friends late tomorrow and no doubt I will hear from her then.  I do hope she has enjoyed herself and that perhaps she may have found some long lost cousins on the Island. (Her Mother was an islander)
Thank you for the many prayers for Max.  He has had the op. on Monday morning and was allowed home late afternoon he will not know for sure what the results will be for another 10 days or so, we are just praying
that there is nothing to alarm us...any more than we are !!!.........
Will be back again in a few days.  Till then remember to 


  1. Ah Sybil, I always feel as if I've been refreshed after visiting your blog. You conjure up such wonderful images with your words, I feel as if I've had a glimpse myself of the Courts gardens. I hope Max continues to have a good recovery.

    What a lovely photograph at the top of the page, such an inviting locale.

    Take care of yourself, dear friend.

  2. I feel as though I've just been on holiday. The NT properties sound wonderful, as does tea in the pump room and Mary's visit to Scotland. I collect globes and am so eager to see your globe, if you can do the photos! Thanks for your wonderful descriptions and lots of hugs to you.

  3. N.T.membership is well worth it parking for members and entrance to so many lovely places.i used to be a member,but i dont get the time these days.enjoy.take care,love mort xx did a double take when i saw Holt,lol.i thought,she been to norfolk again??

  4. Keeping Max in our prayers Sybil! Todd and I have joined National Trust for the past 5 or 6 years as we so love to visit the properties and gardens. Not sure we will renew at the end of this year though as we have about exhausted the ones near to us here. We will make good use of it in CUmbria in September though. You have had a busy few weeks for sure! It is my dream to one day pop down to BAth for a boo around and will be sure to look you up! Wouldn't that be wonderful! I want to go to Scotland too, and especially the Isle of Skye! Lucky Mary! xxoo

  5. Good morning my sweet dear Sybil or should I say afternoon since it would be your afternoon
    Enjoyed catching up with you this morning. Love how you write about your outings and of course keeping us up on Mary and Margaret. I sat here the whole time reading about your outings to the coffee house and gardens and was wishing it were me there with you. Selfish I know but I so want to be. hahaha
    I have to tell you my friend if they had not made me go back to work I was coming to see you one way or the other but as fate has it's way I am working again.
    I have been off the last few days though with a stomach virus. I think I picked it up when I went to the pain doctor Monday. Nothing serious but I sure spend a lot of time in the bathroom. lol
    Will of course keep Max and you all in my prayers. You know I think of you all the time and just came by to send you many blessings and love from Texas

  6. Hello dear Sybil,
    It sounds like you have had a nice week. I am glad that you could have a visit with Ann. I am sure that you and Margaret both enjoyed her visit. I would love to see the globe. It sounds unusual. I hope that Mary has a lovely holiday in Scotland. I wish I could visit Box and Bath and all the places you tell us about. I would love to come for a visit and meet you. I can dream.

    Thanks for your support and prayers. Hugs, Lura