Friday, 22 July 2011

quiet lazy days..

Well where do the days go...does anyone know the answer ? I cannot believe that it is a week since I last wrote.  I do hope that you have all kept well,
 My dear friend Lura has had another operation I am pleased to hear that she has come through ok although it will take some time for her to get back to her blogging....   Mind you my days this past week have been fairly quiet so there has not been much news to pass on to you all.  Peter came home from his holiday to Panama on Thursday and we have had lots to talk of about his adventure...lots of photographs to be downloaded and enjoyed.  The weekend was quiet. Beth and Max are away on a narrow boat for a week. Many years ago Sarah John and friends combined together and had a narrow boat built and the divided the weeks between them. Sarah had a bad fall from the boat a few years ago and that put her off for life ! however Beth took over her week but later sold it. Now there are not many of the original owners left it is mostly the younger families who have it now.  However Colin offered Beth one of his weeks.  I hope that they have enjoyed themselves, They were sailing around the Birmingham Canals I think. They will be back tonight.  As they were not around last Sunday Peter and I decided to go for lunch together. we tried out a new venue for us it is a Farm Shop locally that has added a restaurant. It was quite nice but nothing out of the ordinary so don't think we will go there again very soon.  I think it might be better for an ordinary lunch but not a Sunday Roast...Afterwards  I took him to the local cottage Hospital, He had been bitten in a few places !!...he saw the one on his hand and was able to get the wound clean, he then thought that he had one or maybe even two in his back...Anyway thankfully the Dr's. decided the "spots" were just ordinary spots and not lethal bites !!
On Monday Pam was over as usual, we had hoped for a nice dry sunny day as we had planned to go to the Gardens I found last week...however it was dull and heavy showers we are now hoping it will be nice this week.  Instead of going o Holt we went over to Mary's. She had a decorator in over the weekend and so we wanted to get the house back to "normal!" I am sure she will be happy with it when she gets home.
Pam brought me over a lot of books that she has been reading all by someone called Rebecca Shaw. There is a whole series of I think 14 all set around a village. They are a real good read and I get completely drawn into them....she had already brought over the first 4 really since Monday I have had my nose in a book...just finished number three !!Before I start the next thought I should nip in and let you know that I am still around.  Other than reading I have had a couple of "taxi" runs for friends. One of our old church members had a fall last Saturday and has broken her hip so a hospital visit to her was in order, another friend had an emergency Dr. appointment so needed transport !!
Well I am away now to start my 5th. will be the 8th. in the series....


  1. Like you, I am so glad that Lura got through her op ok and is now healing. My eldest son took a job in Panama right after he graduated from Compu College some years back and it was the single most horrific experience of his life. He hated it and could not wait to get home. He had his cell phone stolen right off his table at lunch the first day he was there, and he didn't even notice the person taking it! He said that the people were so poor that they couldn't afford to bury their dead and that you would see dead bodies just laying by the road. He hated every minute of it. Perhaps it was only the area he was in. I have always wanted to go on a Canal boat holiday, but I somehow suspect they can be a lot of "work!" Not sure I am up for that! Hope your friend will be ok. Broken hips can be serious business. What a treasure you are as a friend. The best kind to have! Love you lots! xxoo

  2. Quiet days are some of the best I think. I've been having a few of them myself. I'll have to check in to those books as they sound like something I'd enjoy reading too. How nice you had a friend to pass them over to you. Enjoy your quiet days.