Tuesday, 26 July 2011

weekend news

I spent some time last night trying to put on a smilebox photo show for you all....However failed...what is it about me and getting photo's on this blog.  I have never manage to get any where I want them other than the header...most odd.  Never mind I am going to send you all one individually where I have an e address..
I have had a very nice weekend.  Last Friday my neighbour Muriel took me out for lunch..so long as I would drive...never any problem for me to drive anywhere....We went to a local Farm Shop she had always wanted to go to but had never found it.  it is called Allington Farm Shop and has won awards for the last two years as the best Farm shop in the South West...It is very good, a bit pricey which I can never understand as it actually belongs to the farm and although I know they have had to build a beautiful building they should not have the same overheads as a town shop for instance...anyway they have a very nice cafe attachment and we had a nice meal. The Muriel in particular spent quite a bit in the shop..  Saturday was a quiet day trying to get through all the books Pam brought over, I am getting through them almost one a day !!  my friend Cait came down for a while in the afternoon.  Sunday was another day without church.  I really don;t enjoy the month of July very much...church wise I mean...the two local C 0f  E churches have their patronal services and they are always joint services so it means that I miss out on 2 Sundays in July.  I could get to the other two churches but they are difficult to get to with no parking... However as it happened on Sunday I went over to Margaret's Mitch had gone to their church and she didn't feel up to it. I went over earlier than I would have done as I was having lunch with them....which I did and had a nice meal... Home early to get on with the latest book !!  Yesterday was a gloriously sunny warm day and Pam and I took ourselves of to the Court Gardens that I have just discovered.  Pam brought filled rolls with her and I took some juice so at lunch time we were able to find a nice seat there and enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful gardens.  Pam has fallen in love with them as well...and is going to join the National Trust... I had a very late night last night as I went to Bristol Airport to collect Mary.  The flight was in time for which I was grateful...but it was still just after midnight by the time we got home.   From what I could see of her she looked well and will be over very shortly to give me a blow by blow account of her three weeks away...
Take care of each other and  never forget to tell your loved ones that you love them.


  1. It will be nice for you to have Mary home again. You are very good friends it seems. You are so blessed to have one so close by. I miss having close by friends like that. I have acquaintances, but nobody I would call a close friend that I can share everything with. All my friends like that are invisible friends. lol Loved your smilebox. You did a fab job on it. If we lived closer I could help you with your pictures! As ever you lead a busy and happy life. That is good. Love and hugs to you! xxoo

  2. I'm glad you've had some nice days with friends and books too. I have missed church far too much this summer as being without a car has made a big change in my lifestyle. Glad Mary had a good trip and I'm sure you will be getting an earful there today. You've probably missed her morning chats. I hope your Tuesday is a terrific one.

  3. Your Smilebox pictures were beautiful, and what fun to have great gardens to go to and use your cameras! Your part of the world is so beautiful, and you have so many things to take pictures of. We've had some rain here, but it has been very warm. Now all is quiet, and company has gone. Back to the old routine! jo

  4. thanks for mail,it takes ages to load but well worth the wait.good pics love.you tc,love mort xxx

  5. I am glad that you had a nice weekend. I admire the way you get out and do things. I know that it is not easy for you, but you make the effort. I need to follow your example. I am just not up for getting out yet. John wanted to take me out for breakfast today but I wasn't up to it. That is a first.... I am always ready to go out to eat... but not today. It was only a week and 1 day ago that I had my surgery. Perhaps I will feel better in a few days. At any rate, I am going to use you for my good example.... and try to get out more.
    I enjoyed your photo show. Too bad you couldn't get it to work on your blog.
    I am glad that Mary is home again. It was nice of you to pick her up at the airport. I am sure that you will enjoy hearing all about her trip. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  6. Hello my dear Sybil
    I must now go check my emails to see your pictures. Wish I were close to help you with putting pictures on your post.
    Maybe we can figure it out for you through emails.
    Sounds like you are well and having some nice trips out. Would love to see the gardens your talking about. I know they are lovely.
    I am curious too about the Farm Shop you went to.
    Wish you could drive over here to Texas. haha...You know I live half way between Houston and Austin and could pick you up at the airport. Then I could drive you wherever.
    Seems like forever since I have been by here. So much going on and not good but your sweet comments always make me feel better.
    Everything is starting to sink in now and I am trying to come to grips with this unemployment thing. It scares me mostly because of my age. At 63 I don't have a good chance of finding work and living off of our Social Security is a joke because everything is so high now.
    Obama has not helped us one little bit while in office and I still cringe when I think that he was elected.
    Wish we were in love with our leaders like you guys.
    Well I did not mean to get entirely off of the subject but that is how my brain is working right now jumping from one thing to another and trying not to totally loose it. lol
    Sounds like you have really been reading a great deal. Good for you. It helps me to fall a sleep at night.
    I always read several chapters before I turn out the light. Last night I finished Pilars of the Earth for the second time. It is well written and has the sequel which I have read also but am looking forward to starting it again tonight. Normally I don't read books over and over but I could this one.
    Have you read it.
    Stay well my friend and know I am thinking of you often
    Maggie aka Grandma Yellow Hair

  7. hello sybil. thought i would stop by and say hello aand thank you for stopping by my journal. and, yes, that poem was written about a personal experience. still hurts some.

    sounds like your had a great weekend. glad you found that little shop. i love your picture at the top of your journal.

    take care and keep in touch. hugs....♥♥♥