Friday, 5 August 2011

another week races past...

Hello Friends,
It's a wonder anyone reads my blog it is so sparse at times...I won't apologise again as I keep repeating that I will come on more regularly and I DO MEAN IT..but what happens after wards...I fail yet again..SORRY.
Since Mary got back from Edinburgh things have been fairly quiet ...gadding about wise at least !!... so not much to report at all.......Chippenham and a visit to Bath last Tuesday we have not been very far at all.  The weather has been very heat and humid and so really I have been at a full stop most of the time LOL...We had quite a wet day yesterday and the humidity has gone down somewhat so I am thankful for that.   Today Mary had her chiropodist and you may remember that Helen had said she would try and make me a dress or two last time she was here....well this morning she brought one that was a prototype she said !! It fitted exactly just as I thought it might...perfectly...and it only cost £2 !!! the cost of the material she said !! she was almost as pleased as I was....she could not have been more pleased...and this afternoon she phoned to ask if I was truly happy with it...if I was she was away to cut out another 2 or maybe even 3 dresses !!!  considering that I don't think in all my life I have bought more than one dress at a time...and then usually years in between....the thought of having 3/4 of Helen's lovely style of dress is wonderful.  Muriel my very kind old neighbour is also making me 2 dresses with material I bought, she has done a couple of dresses for me a long time ago and can only do the one style.... that is why it is so exciting that Helen can make different styles...So on the high seas I will be fully dressed not just my usual jeans and tops !!!!           I forgot to say that when Mary and I were in Chippenham I was able to buy a full length dress for Pam my friend, (when we were sitting in the gardens we had been talking about the cruise and she said her Son had said she should have a black dress....Pam was not so sure)...however there on sale in a nice shop was a long dress very plain in a lovely turquoise colour with a lace shrug type top and I was sure she would like that I was not sure about the right size so had to take a chance....luckily it fitted and she liked it so now she has another dress for our evening with the captain ROFL.... I do think we are all going to have a grand time on this cruise...not long to go now.... will be back soon....
Love to you all and  remember to .....pass on your love to Everyone....


  1. You will have such a nice new wardrobe to be wearing on that cruise. How nice you have people close that can sew like that. More and more it seems to be a lost art. I haven't made anything in years and now you have got me to thinking it may be time to take a look at patterns and material again. I used to sew a lot but that has been some 30 years ago. The machine is still here and it still works. What fun to have a cruise to look forward to.

  2. No one deserves new dresses and a cruise more than you my friend.
    So happy that you are going to have both.
    I had to laugh at your first few lines about not apolizing for your post because let me tell you I am the same way. I have real good intentions with my blogging but it seems they fall through just as fast.
    I have one more week with Christi being here before her move back to Austin. She actually has been gone two weeks babysitting a friends dogs and house while they went to Europe. She will be back Sat evening and then gone again around the 15th. With Gretchen moving too and my job loss I seem to be out of sorts.
    God has always taken care of me so I know that he will through these times.
    Sending you much love from Texas
    Enjoy your weekend

  3. I am the same way, my posts are very few and far apart these days. Sounds as if you are going to have a wonderful time on that cruise with all your pretty dresses. I could never sew but loved to knit and crochet but cannot do either any more. Hugs.

  4. Meeting Lura and John was terrific. I will be posting about the great day we spent together. She is even nicer (if that is possible!) than I expected. Wouldn't it be a treat if the three of us could meet!
    Thanks for your prayers and good wishes. The cat scan went well and I feel surrounded by hugs and love!

  5. How wonderful to be planning a cruise and getting so many new outfits to wear. We just love cruising. For us the ship is the vacation.... we don't much care where we are going, we just love being on the ship enjoying all of the luxury, good food and entertainment. I am happy for you. We are taking 5 couples and cruising through the Panama canal in a few weeks. I booked this cruise for them over a year ago. I am there regular travel agent. I got trip insurance when I booked it so I wasn't worried when we had our accident about getting our money back if I can't go. Then I found out the the insurance does not go into effect until you make your final payment... which was too late for us. So, we either have to go or loose our money. We are going to go... but I know I won't be up to doing much. The only thing I dread is the long flight home after the cruise... but the cruising will be fun. I don't have 4 new dresses to wear... may I borrow a couple of yours??? lol Have a great week. Thanks again for your love and prayers. I feel the support all the way over here in CA. Hugs, Lura