Thursday, 18 August 2011

Red Letter Day's

At last I am back again.  Things have been so quiet here of late there has not been much news. I don't think that it would be of much interest to repeat what we get up to each week as each week more or less follows the same pattern !! 
However today was a bit of a red letter day.  It was the day when our youngsters at around the age of 18 get the results of the A levels exams which enable them to get into university/college/or perhpas an  apprenticeship..
It is always a very anxious wait. ..... why was it an anxious wait for me?.... and then a Red Letter day ? well my great Niece Samantha had sat her exmas and like 1000's of others had had a sleepless night before the post arrived and then the telephone calls started...The best news was that she had passed all the exams needed to get her into University, and, as she already had a place...depending on results...she will be off in a few short weeks to Plymouth University to study Music...Samantha has had diabetes since she was 6 and has and indeed still has a great deal of difficulty getting it under control although these last few months it has been slightly better since she had a pump if the diabetes was not bad enough she was also diagnosed a   Celiac and so her diet has been very restricted...She had lots of time out of school during these years and it is really a wonderful tribute to have been able to get her place in Uni.   So yes I am one very happy and proud Great Aunt...I only wish the Sarah my sister had been here to help her celebrate as she was very very supportive of Samantha and many times kept her going with her wise advice..
Now other news have I to share.....Oh dresses !!  I was telling you a few weeks ago that a friend Helen had offered to make me a dress..or two or three !!  Now I have a great deal of difficulty buying any clothes and certainly can never buy a dress "of the peg" so to speak.. So for Helen to offer to make me one was a real wonderful thing. This she has done and she came on Tuesday with her two wee ones Scarlet and James and a rather  "large bag"  what was in the bag I wondered !! yes not one but 4 yes 4 new dresses. How she can have done them I do not know she had even hemmed them and all...she really is a genius and a wonderful dressmaker so I now have not one or two but 6 new dresses for the cruise (today I put out for recycling 6 old dresses that I have had for so many years one at least 25 years old !!)  I will photograph them some time and share them with you... Helen was saying that the wee girl Scarlet was watching her Mum make the dresses and asked her  " Mummy why are you making dresses for Sybil ?  does she not have a Mummy to make them  for her ".....LOL we did smile at the idea.....
Last week Tuesday, Mary and I had a day visit to Dyrham Park a lovely National Estate Home and Park near Bath    Dyrham Park was a treasure to enjoy; set in a dramatic deer park on the edge of the stunning Cotswold escarpment,  we saw the beautiful late 17th-century home of William Blathwayt, a hard-working civil servant who thrived during the political upheaval of three monarchs.  We explored how fashions changed over the centuries, from the original 17th-century Dutch-inspired interiors and formal gardens, to the very different style of Victorian country squire Colonel Blathwayt. The elegant garden is a more recent restoration, recreating the spirit of what had been lost, and was wonderful.  We enjoyed the visit very much and will go again later in the year the autumn colours shoudl be lovely and hopefully we will be able to see some deer as there are apparently many 100s around the estate...we did manage to glance a small group from the coach window.....It is a long 15/16 min walk from the car park to the house but they supply a wheelchair friendly shuttle coach down the long driveway...   we were also able to have a vey enjoyable lunch in the old coach house...
Well after this day of excitment  and an almost sleepless would think it was me who was waiting for exam results.....I think I will have an early night. 
Remember always to LOVE ONE ANOTHER


  1. such good news on the grand niece, sybs. it is always wonderful to see young people pursue a better education, and i love it that she is pursuing my #1 love, music. the tale of the little one who asked why her mommy was making you clothing brought tears to my eyes. i lost my mother when i was 19, i am not 57, and i still miss her and the many things she made for me growing up. out of the mouths of babes/innocents. and i am so happy for you that you have these lovely new dresses to wear on the cruise, but i have a question. why dresses? i know you are a very proper lady, but seems to me that pantsuits or pants would better suit the situation. or are you hoping some young man will look up your dress from the deck below???? hee hee. hugs to you, my faraway friend.....
    ¯`v´¯) May your day be
    `*.¸.*´ blessed with joy &
    ¸.•´ ¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨) happiness~~♥~~
    (¸.•´(¸.• (¸.•´¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸.♥

  2. that was supposed to be....i am NOW 57, not i am NOT 57....seeeeee, i am getting old, my eyesight is

  3. Syble honey as you know I love it when you do a post. I too have nothing new really to talk about. It seems like all I do on my site is whine...who wants to listen to that all the time. lol'
    A big congrats to your wonderful neice who passed all her exams. I am really happy for her and proud for all of you. What a special young lady to deal with diabetes since she was six. As you know my granddaughter Kaci who is 9 soon to be 10 has had it since she was 7 so I know a little of how your niece has suffered all these years. Wonderful that she is studying music. I hope Kaci studies in the Arts too.
    Six new dresses is just so awesome. I know you are excited. When is your cruise? I know you have told us but I have forgotten. please forgive me for not remembering.
    I have been on the depressed side since the loss of my job and Christi moving back out but other than not functioning a 100 percent mentally I am okay. haha
    The heat here in Tx and the drought has got tempers flaring all over. I don't get out unless I am totally out of something because it is 104 or 105 every day.
    They predicted we could be in this drought through out the winter which I find so hard to believe.
    Wish I could visit with you instead of leaving you comments. Who knows one of these days I just might knock on your door. Miracles do happen.
    Keep in touch my dear friend
    Love ya

  4. Congrats to Samantha! I know a lot of kids were on pins and needles waiting for their results! Well done! How wonderful that you have so many new dresses to go on your cruise with. Todd and I want to go on a cruise sometime. They just seem to be so expensive. I thought what Scarlet said was so sweet. How wonderful that you have a friend who is willing to do this service for you. You are blessed! As you know, Todd and I love to visit National Trust homes and gardens. We have not been able to do much this summer for some reason, but I hope we'll make good use of it when we are up in Cumbria in a few weeks time! Sending you much love this day! xxoo

  5. many congratulations to her Sybil.hope all goes well for her at love mort xxx

  6. Congratulations to Samantha on her passes, and good luck to her at university. I heard of very heavy rain in the south, but I think you were sufficiently far enough north to avoid the worst?

  7. Hey there just came by to say hello and wish you a lovely Sunday Evening.
    I am actually getting out of the house today for a change.. lol
    So I must get busy cleaning myself up. haha
    Will do a post about it later...I never have anything to write about since I stay in so much now.
    Sending you lots of good wishes for the upcoming week

  8. love you Syb,
    keep cheerful and bright for us

  9. Really Syb are you really going to be in Texas this time next year. Please tell me I read your comment right on my post.
    Please send me an email and tell me more. You must OK
    Love ya

  10. Dyhram Park sounds like a place my family would enjoy. I love the look of your blog, by the way, very nice!