Saturday, 3 September 2011

Just before I go.....

Good Morning Friends,
This is just a short message before Mary and I head away to the hopefully sunny Mediterranean for our 14 day cruise...The taxi is coming to take us down to Southampton to join the cruise we will leave in about 31/2 hours, packing is mostly all done  just last min. bits and pieces found lying around.
This has been a busy week. Pam was over on Monday and as it was a Bank Holiday over here our plan to go out and about was abandoned ....the roads, attractions, cafes, etc are always so we stayed at home which was just as well as we had another three visitors that day...felt a bit like a busy railway station !!
Tuesday not so bad Mary and I just went to Chippenham to get some shopping as Sheila my friend was arriving Wed.  Wed. at 12.30 Sheila duly arrived.  We collected her at Bath Coach Station and all was well. When Sheila is here it is always a busy chatty time !!  Thurs. Margaret and Mitch arrived but I had already said we would go out for lunch which is just what we did,  In the late afternoon Peter brought over Mary's case and I went through it and decided what could be left behind and then repacked into the one big case we use between us....Yesterday another busy day. I got us early and started to look out my clothes and get packing them....hopefully everything is there. I have taken the new dresses !!  well left one behind !!!!
then Beth and Max arrived, went out for lunch again !!!   Afterwards had to do a bit more shopping for fruit, vegs. etc. to keep sheila going for a few days.   I am so lucky to have Sheila stay here with Dee. Otherwise I could not have gone.  Dee is a funny wee dog and does not take to people easily but Sheila is one who he took to instantly...very very rare that I have no worries about leaving him.  Only hope that Sheila does not find it to quiet all on her own, although I know a few of my Friends are going to come visit and Peter will pop in each day as usual.
Has anyone ever used Quinoa ?  I had not heard about it till about a week ago when I saw a lovely salad that used it, I have cut it out and plan to make it when I come home.  I managed to find a box of Quinoa yesterday and how to use it, but I was wondering if anyone out there had any recipes that used it....
Well dear friends, I must leave you for at least 14 days...probably a bit more as when we get back Sheila is staying another 4/5 days ...Till I get back  always remember that being out of sight does not mean that you are out of my mind and in my prayers....
Love One Another .


  1. Oh Sybil, DO have a lovely time on your travels! I just know that you will. By the time you get back I will have been gone and be back from mine as well! You are so lucky to have someone you can rely on to watch your Dee. We used to have someone down south to watch Jess, but we have nobody up here to watch our Mitzie and I will not put her into a kennel. I am far too fussy and she would not like it. They do their best, but they are not like being in a home are they. I have used Quinoa, but I confess I do not like it. It's the appearance. It looks like pin worms to me and it makes me gag just to see it. I would think you could use it in any recipe which uses Bulgar. Anyways, God speed, Happy Holidays and we'll see you when we all get back! Love and hugs! xxoo

  2. Sybs I hope you have a brilliant time! I shall be thinking fo you. Let us hope the sun shines for you!
    Love Sal xx

  3. It seemed a long time coming but now the time for your trip has finally arrived. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  4. Have a fantastic trip, Sybil and I'm looking forward to your return, bearing tales and pics.

  5. Have a fantastic time on your cruise and don't worry about your pup...sounds like he's in good hands.

  6. It may be too late for you to read this before you leave, but have a fabulous, fabulous time! So wish I was going, too. Can't wait to see your pictures. Lots of love!

  7. have a great time love.enjoy. tc love mort xx

  8. I'm so looking forward to seeing the pictures from your trip! Enjoy every minute of it. You are such a bright light of joy in my life. I know that you will have wonderful stories to share when you return.

  9. Dear Sybil have a wonderful time. I love to cruise. I wish that I were going with you. I am going on a Panama Canal cruise next Monday... so we are both sailing... just not together.
    I do not know about Quinoa. After you get back and tell us about your trip, you will have to educate me about it
    Happy sailing to you. Hugs, Lura