Friday, 18 June 2010

Edinurgh weekend...BP....

Hi Friends, How are you all this lovely sunny and dare I say it even warm day! over here in Wiltshire. I am glad to say that our trip up north to Edinburgh went well. We all had such a wonderful weekend. I met cousins that I had not seen for many years so it was lovely to catch up on their news. My sister Sarah and John had booked us all into a wonderful restaurant for lunch. It is called "the Kitchin" and has a wonderful young chef called Tom Kitchin. He has been on some of the BBC Food Programmes and in fact it was there that Sarah first saw him and decided it was a place that would serve interesting and exciting food. He did... The area in Edinburgh where we stayed has been redeveloped out of all recognition to us. The area called Leith was always at the heart of the docks and you might guess as to what it was like, also it had long long streets full of Whisky Bonds. The Whisky has long been gone and these same buildings transformed into smart very up market shops, restaurants etc. They have built a lovely new building called Oceanterminal. It is from there one can now go on cruise ships and docked there permanently is the Royal Yacht Brittania where one can tour all the ship (that is the one that the Queen used before it was moth balled) We did not have time to do that but maybe another time we go north we can. we didn't get many photographs taken other than family ones but I will look some out sometime to share.
Now I might be going to be a bit political ! I don't usually say much on internation matters but I have become more and more disturbed about the what has been reported ...on both sides of the atlantic...about BP and the oil situation. So here goes !!.

BP was indeed called British Petroleum but this was when it was
a British company. Some 10 years or so it joined with an
American company called AMOCO and changed its name to BP. This
was because around 40% of the ownership was American. Of the
remaining shares, 40% are British and the remainder from other
countries including Russia. This means that BP is equally as
much American as it is British.

I would also ask you to think on this. The oil rig was owned by
an American company who moved to Switzerland to avoid taxes.
The company who ran the rig was a wholly owned American
company. BP only owns the site, so why is it their fault?

If you consider that the American companies involved in Torrey
Canyon, Amoco Cadiz, Piper Alpha and Exxon Valdez did all they
could to avoid their responsibilities, is it fair to berate a
company that did not actually cause the problem yet is still
committed to clearing up at whatever expense that which was
caused in their name?

I am not even going to think in detail about how the American
bosses behaved when thousands died at the American-owned
facility in Bhopal! You might like to note that the American
company Transocean has been in the Texan courts trying to limit
their liability. However, the Judge refused. BP has not tried to
limit their liability in any way.

I am not a fan of oil companies in general; but as a Christian,
false witness is just not right, and the way people have behaved
in your country is no less than that. Your president seems bent
on trying to destroy BP. Just what would that do?

If BP was to take Chapter 11 then it would be the people of
America who pay for the cleanup. Are the dividends that
important? They are to the hundreds of thousands of pensioners
whose income comes from these shares held by their pension

There is no doubt this is a disaster but muck slinging is not
the way to solve it. Working together is.

Love Sybil x

Always remember to Love one another.


  1. Hi Sybs Good on you to come out and say this! What a terribly sorry sight the BP boss being interrogated was last evening. He seemed to remain dignified even under that immature barrage. Why can't reason prevail that haste in conclusion is wrong and that he is not trying to avoid or deny anything but just to see what the reports say, await the due process? Death and disaster always demand scapegosts, but in such highly emotional times it is an illogical reflex and loads hatred. Have a good day and may politicians and power hungry persons find that everything goes full circle. Lol Cait

  2. Very well said Sybil! It needed the record putting straight and you have done that for sure.
    The Bophal case went on for about 25 years and none of those Americans who made money out of this chemical factory, which caused thousands and thousands of deaths and gene damage to future generations to boot, hav, to this day, been taken to account. The have paid lawyers to prevaricate for years!
    I felt sorry for the fall guy in BP. He is an honourable man and brave to sit there listening to all the vitriol from everyone.
    As for Edinburgh..I would love to see it now. I once worked there many moons ago now.
    Nice to see another entry from you. I must hurry and catch up with you. lol
    Much love
    Jeanie xxxxx

  3. I'm glad you had such a good weekend and enjoyed the visit. It's so grand that we have nice weather once more to do things like that in. Tomorrow is officially summer and I do love the warmer days. I agree that the whole oil situation has long lasting and unending ramifications and I am praying that those responsible do what is right for those involved. So many have lost so much.

  4. Good Morning Sybil,What a lovely break you sound to have had away up in Scotland.So happy to read you enjoyed it.Sorry I am not into the BP subject so I carn't realy comment on that,but I am sure your views and your followers are correct.Have a lovely Blessed Sunday.I hope the sun shines down all day on you and yours.Thankyou for the daily laughs( E.Mails)much appreciated.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  5. Well said, Sybil. I, too, felt sorry for Tony Hayward, the ceo of BP, in the hearing. He was being badgered so, and really made to feel like it was all his fault. This is the first time this has happened so far under the surface of the ocean, so no one knows what to do. BP has certainly tried several ways to contain this spill, but nothing seems to be working. Our president has done nothing but posture, and say he WILL make BP pay to stop the spill, and I have not heard BP say they would not. They are just doing it as best as they know how. Obama also said he would MAKE BP pay for all the clean up and all cost to the out of work fishermen. BP had already put at least 20 million in an account to do just that. All I can say is Obama is trying to make all those people affected like him, because his popularity is going down all the time. He is turning the whole world against America, and I have my thoughts on that but will hold my tongue for now. I am so sorry he is trying to make the English side of BP sound like the bad guys. Just know most Americans don't feel that way.
    Take care, my friend.

  6. Just found you via Buttercup's blog:)

    Well said on the BP debarkle, I couldn't have said it better.

  7. Hi, I am over here visiting from Marie's blog.

    I read this post with great interest. I am an American, but I have not liked what the President and others in the media have done to vilify the President of BP, who is British. The company who runs BP is American, from what I can gather, and they had over 260 safety violations.

    My father is a retired Marine Disaster consultant and he is livid over everyone blaming BP. He blames America's dependence on oil for the problems. We really should by now, after all these years and many years after the oil embargo of the 70's, moved to other fuel sources. We have to go digging now, deeper and deeper for oil and there are inherent dangers with doing that. More room for error.

    Also, I don't see that the President has done all that much to help out in this problem except blame people.

    What has happened in the Gulf is tragic, but there is plenty of blame to go around.

    Sound like you have wonderful plans today. I hope you post pictures.