Friday, 20 August 2010

Vistits, Balloon Trips,

Hi Friends,
Sorry for long silence however things have been quite hectic around here this last week or two. I last wrote the day my dear BIL John came home from hospital, such a happy day for us all as it is all we had prayed for that he could get home amongst us and as well as possible for as long as possible. I am glad to say that it has been such a delight to have him home, he has slowly got a little more poorly but still retains his old humour and has us laugh at times. He is now very tired and sleeps a lot but that to is good for us, as we are just happy to have him here amongst us.
Just before the news that John would be home I was saying that my friend Sheila had visited from Edinburgh. she was here for a week and we did enjoy her visit. On the Saturday I had another visitor this time the lady who originally owned this home. it was a long time since she had been here and it was so good to see her again. Also was nice to be able to share with her the alterations that have been done over the years. As it was a nice sunny afternoon we all managed a walk along the dog walk (in my case a trundle!!) Janet hadn't seen the new walk and the lovely pond at the end of the walk she was most impressed, we ended with a walk through the rec. and along the main road, it was so lovely to be sharing the village.When it was time to go back to her friends I drove her to Warminster with Mary and Sheila, it was a very wet drive down and back but I was more than delighted just to have had a few hours with her company. Thank you Janet..come again soon...
Monday saw us saying a sad farewell to Sheila, she was off to visit her daughter in Cardiff . Next day Mary had to do her packing for her trip up to Edinburgh. she had been very hesitant about going as she did not want to leave with John being so poorly but I am glad in the end she did as she missed her annual visit last year. I have heard daily from her and she has enjoyed herself. she will be home on Tuesday late.
Friday 13th. saw Peter and I and my friend Pam om our way to Bristol the to annual Balloon Fiesta. we have gone each year for the last three years. The weather this year was not least it was better than last year as we had only one brief rain shower, however there was a very gusty wind that prevented the balloons from getting blown up. It also curtailed the hoped for mass assent. still we had an enjoyable say as there are lots of other things going on and many many people for us to be looking at !!
This week I have had yet more visitors. This time a friend that Mary and I made on the cruise who is English but is married to an American (dear Skip who so much helped us on the cruise) she was over visiting her Mum and called to say she would come and visit and bring her Mum. I hadn't met her Mum, but Oh what a delight I was in for, she is so so lovely. They came down from London by coach Tues. am. and returned Wed. late afternoon Wed. so we had plenty time to do the tourist visit of Bath and surrounding area. They loved Bath and I am sure it won't be long now till "Mum" comes back down to visit. Yesterday my sister Margaret and husband Mitch were over as it was Thursday and they come that day. we went out for a nice lunch in Chippenham and I had to go and buy a new vacum cleaner. It was good to get it when they were here as Mitch got the job of carrying it and when we got home putting it all together !!
Today after the visit to see Sarah and John I have had a very lazy day, I did clean my cutlery drawer !! other than that I have read a book for a while and now watching, whilst writing this...Coronation street...
Thank you all for your prayers and love. It is very much appreciated.


  1. Oh my Sybs you have been busy! Nice to have visitors though isn't it? So glad that John is now home. Maybe he can enjoy a little of what is left of our summer? I am a Corrie fan too, just popped online between episodes. Take care Sybs.
    Love Sal xx

  2. It's very good to hear from you. Those visits surely must have brightened your days. Your brother in law and sister and you too remain in my prayers. I'm still enjoying what's left of summer and spent the afternoon with DD at the pool. It remains pretty hot here. Take care !

  3. been lovely for you i am sure love.and im take care my friend,lots of love mort xxx

  4. Glad that your BIL John is home with family. Prayers to you all. Remember lots of fun things family has done. It's a hard time for you, and thinking of you all. You won't regret this close time together. A nice sunny day here in MN, so far from you. Take care, love Jo

  5. My goodness you have really been busy having so much company and running all over the place. What a busy but fun time for you.

    I am glad that John is able to be home with family that loves him so much.

    Have a great week dear and thanks for stopping by my blog to visit. I always love hearing from you.
    Hugs, Grammy

  6. What a busy summer you have been having Sybil!! I loved reading about all of your visitors and am thrilled right along with you that John has been able to come home! That was a true answer to prayer for many of us! Loved reading about the Balloon festival as well. Hopefully one day I will be able to visit Box and when I do I hope that I can meet you too!
    love and hugs,
    Marie xxoo

  7. Hi I was thinking of you last week when I saw the balloon festival on the news and wondered if you would get to see it. Such a spectical I get a buzz when I see the one we have around here from time to time. Glad all you guest had a good time John is home again. Love Joan

  8. Hi Sybs!

    Lovely to see another entry from you again. I'm so glad John is getting lots of family attention and also still seeing the funny side to life. Bless him!
    It sounds as though you have been as busy with visitors as I have this summer.
    How great was that to find your cruise friend coming up for a visit with her mum. That was magical!
    Give my fondest love to John and Sarah. Hope Mary is having a great time in Edinburgh.
    Take care.
    Love always
    Jeanie xxxxx

  9. You ,like me have been busy of late ,We have just got back from a weekend in Leicester,with family. Iain my sailor Grandson came with us ,so I gave him your love lol ,so pleased John is at home with you all Jan xx