Sunday, 6 February 2011

Queen Elizabeth.

I was wondering what I would write about tonight and just as I thought I would give it a miss and write another day I came across the above lovely picture of our Queen and underneath was the following statement
The Queen will mark the 59th anniversary of her accession to the throne by attending a traditional Sunday church service.
So it is 59 years since she had to come home from holidaying to begin her reign as our Queen.  what a responsibility it must have been for such a young woman and her husband.  Of course the crowning of the Queen did not occur till quite a while later as lots of arrangements had to be made.  I was only 7 at the time but can well remember the excitement of the coronation.  at school we were all given a mug with the queen on it, and a tin pencil case similarly decorated and containing small bars of chocolate !!  I wonder whatever happened to them, I expect the mug may have been broken but it seems strange not to have kept the pencil box...  what else do I remember.....oh yes we had a magnificent bonfire in the village at night.. Also it was almost the first time I had seen a television.   In Laws of the daughter of a friend of ours in the next village had a TV !! (they also had a small shop)and invited me to join them to watch the queen being be honest I can't remember much about the actual crowning but what I do remember is that we had tea and sandwiches...and the sandwiches had tinned salmon in them  .....well....(as we still had rationing after the war)... I certainly had never seen salmon let alone eat it !! we also had cucumber ones !!!  To this day I can never each a salmon sandwich without recalling that day, I can almost "see" the interior of the house and the wee probably 10/12inch. television, black and white only of course, in the corner..  quite some time later the Queen was having her usual visit to Edinburgh and her car was due to pass through the village and all the children at school were lined along the main street, flags being carried and then......the car passed........what a disappointment...oh yes it was the Queen, but she didn't have her crown to a child a Queen without a crown....was...well...not quite a Queen... Many many years have now passed and I have been fortunate to have met the Queen at a reception at Hollyrood House her Edinburgh home...and she still didn't have her crown on  LOL..but she was lovely.  I think the picture I have put on top today is a lovely one...
I hope you have enjoyed my little tale of nostalgia,,
I have had a very nice week, nothing dramatically has happened but it has been a quiet week weather wise and it is a delight to see the snowdrops nodding their little heads and even the odd yellow crocus, and even some tiny pink cyclamen showing themselves under the clematis that is also showing some buds.  I only hope that the dreaded heavy frost does not return and nip everything, it is early yet..I think maybe that the bulbs etc thought that after the very early snow and ice we had that that was the end of winter....Ah well we can always hope,,,
Today has been lovely as we were able to welcome a new member into our church, Eric has been coming to church with his wife who joined last year and has been wonderful in the background doing many maintenance things throughout the church and only now did he feel that he was able to commit himself to the church. It was such a great service by our fairly new lady minster Rachel Borgar.  I must write to our former minister (who came to us as a retired minister from Canada) to tell him as he was the one who encouraged Eric's wife Sandra to join us..  After church I came down and collected our neighbour Peter and we went to join Sarah, Beth, and Alex (Beth's stepson) for lunch at one of our favourite pubs the Quarrymans....why is it called the Quarrymans....that's a story for another day...
Goodnight to you all.    Remember always to  LOVE  ONE ANOTHER


  1. Thank you for sharing those wonderful memories with us today. I'm glad you have had a lovely weekend there. Anything that might grow here is buried by at least 2 feet of snow and ice so it will be awhile before anything is seen blooming. Lots of love and hugs!

  2. Oh yes I agree ,what a really lovely picture of our dear Queen ,and I can remember seeing the tiny black and white tv screens showing the coronation ,on a set in our school hall ,though dont think I saw much ,all that in our life time hmm Jan xx

  3. Hello Sybil,at last I find a quick minute to comment.I have so enjoyed your post this evening.How I love to remenise.I have always kept my mug safe (Well my Mother did until I was married) and here it is still in my safe keeping to this very day.I shall have to send you a pic in an e. mail.I also remember the Queen coming to my home town too.What a delightful entry tonight and such a lovely picture I agree isn't she a bonny woman.I am still so so busy arranging my move.I am worn out.Goodnight and Godbless.It's the big day for all my peggy's removed tomorrow too.I was just coming to turn my computer off when I got your post message.No sign of spring in my garden yet,then again I don't think I have had time to look.Take Care God Bless Missing you all love you lots.Kath xx

  4. I so loved todays post Syb. It so reminded of my dear Mum telling me that they got their first TV especially for the Coronation. They lived in a tiny village and needed a huge mast in order to get any sort of reception. We are so blessed to have such a lovely queen. Glad you are keeping well. I enjoyed my visit here today :-)

  5. Sybil, it is a lovely picture of the Queen, she looks so kind. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  6. Yes, I heard about it today, the Queen's Accession Day. All of 59 years ago, with the Diamond Jubilee coming up in a year's time. Although partly predating my time, a lot has changed over the period of Queen Elizabeth's reign.

  7. I do love your memories of the coronation of the Queen, Sybs. She is a lovely lady. I, too, remember our first TV which was in our home about 1952 or a little later. I think it had a 15 inch screen.
    Have a wonderful day, dear friend.

  8. Hi Sybil! I enjoyed your entry and I would have loved those sandwiches! Sounds good to me right now. Anything does as I come off of this 3 day liquid diet! Soft food stage now, and holding out for a cheeseburger! However, Pizza is looking pretty good to me now too. lol Hope you have a great week. Back to work tomorrow for me. I'm going to be in culture shock going from my peaceful slow world to having to speed up and do everything at break neck speed. lol

  9. Ok Sybil honey this is spooky because just two days ago I was talking to my daughter about you and I mentioned that I wonder if Sybil has ever met the Queen. Then I come over here and you are telling us about it. is something isn't it.
    Loved the post. You did such a great write about her and your memories of seeing her crowned. I too would of wanted to see the crown especially as a child. haha
    It is not very Texas of me but when you write about your days there I sometimes wish I lived there too. I guess it is true the pasture always looks greener on the other side.
    Oh and this is a very love picture of the Queen.
    I will not be long and the big wedding day will be here.
    Hope your flowers hang in there and survive til spring
    Love ya

  10. What a great memory story, and to think, you've actually met the Queen. How great is that?!? I can see how a child would think that she must always wear a crown! cute! The picture of her is lovely too! THanks for sharing! I hope you don't get frost to nip your flowers that are coming up. That gives us hope too, that spring will soon come! Have a great week, jo in Minnesota USA

  11. Sybil, I did so enjoy reading about your memories of the Queen. I have always had a special fondness for Queen Elizabeth and as a child my mother and she looked so alike we were convinced that it was our mother's picture on our money. Although why she didn't wear her crown at home we were not sure! (She did nothing to disuade of from thinking it was her either!) How wonderful to have new people coming in to your church family. We had a new member in our Ward confirmed yesterday as well. It is always a special feeling. I send lots of love your way to you and to Mary. Spring is just around the corner, all the buds on the rosebushes whisper it is so to me. :-)

  12. great post sybil.thanks for sharing,tc love mort xx yeah i am still here,lol. must post.he said.

  13. What wonderful memories to share. Since I am in the States it is so interesting to hear first hand things that I have only read about. When I was a wee girl, my family called me Beth. I was about 3 or 4 when I found out my true name is Elizabeth. How THRILLED I was to learn that I shared the same first name as the Queen of England. I so wanted everyone to call me by it, but I had to grow up and move away from home to finally have that right.

    Sybil I gave you an award and provided a link to your blog, if you are interested. It is in today's post.


  14. Lovely entry today I'm a bit late but a lot going on here will have to update soon. I remember the mug and the tin with the chocolate too Kath is lucky to still have hers. No signs of spring in our garden yet BUT I heard a blackbird singing when I was out briefly to attend to the bird feeders so there is hope take care. Love Joan