Monday, 17 October 2011

Hi Friends,

I wrote an update last night only to have it “go AWOL” so I try again. Although this time I am doing it in Openoffice..and will paste when finished so fingers crossed all will go well..

It has been another nice week here in Box, the weather has become much more Autumnal as the temps. Have dropped quite a bit especially over the weekend.

Last Tuesday after bible study here Mary and I went to my wheelchair supplier as I had read about a new lighter wheelchair that seemed just what I was looking for..They had the model in and I was soon whizzing about in it until Andy came of the telephone..we then started to go into the pros. and cons. of it viz The one I have. It was certainly a bit lighter however once it was dismantled it would actually have taken up more space for instance on a coach etc. It would not have been as good at going over rougher ground etc. I think it was mainly designed for indoor use or flat pavements/malls etc. so all in all I decided against it but I was bitterly disappointed as I was sure this was going to be the answer to a more light weight chair...never mind one day something will turn up... On Thursday it was a nice day and we went to Longleat Estate I have described Longleat before so won't go into it again. We did not go to see the lions etc. but visited the gardens, and even part of the house. It was to be the last of the warmish days and it was great to be sitting out there without even a cardi. on...unbelievable in mid October... Saturday was another good day as we went into Bath to the theatre. I love the theatre but don't often go as it can be expensive. However we were very lucky last Christmas !! and had vouchers we had not used them so decided now was the time as quite a few things were coming up that we liked the look of, we have another three visits booked between now and Dec. Saturday's play was actually more of a monologue or should I say two..the first was called Mr. Chips and the second Dr. Marigold. They were both short stories written by Charles Dickens...indeed Charles Dickens himself had read those stories to his contemporaries way back in the 1800's. An actor called Simon Callow told us the stories. He was marvelous and we were all swept up in the emotions. Mr. Chips was actually a freak man (dwarf)in a traveling circus all he ever wanted was to be “normal” and able to take part in “Society” one day he won £200 and so asked to be freed from the circus and this was granted and off he went to join “society”. He was fete'd by one and all and he had a great time ...until he ran out of money...then he realized that “society” had not really accepted him but ad made use of him...and so he returned to the circus where he was happy ever after !!!! The second story was called Dr. Marigold a traveling salesman, to make it as short as possible it was all about a young girl he found being abused by her Father she was deaf and dumb and Dr Marigold asked if he could adopt her and did some cost...and tried to educate her as much as he could until one day he met a Scottish schoolteacher who offered to take her and teach her for him. He allowed her to go and didn't see her for 2 years by which time she had grown up into a lovely young woman who now had a boyfriend. The boyfriend wanted to marry her and take her away to China. Dr. Marigold's heart was almost broken but as he loved her so much he could not stand in her way and so permission was given and of she went...a few years later she returned and brought with her a lovely daughter, who immediately seeing Dr. Marigold ran into his arms calling “Hello Grandpa “ so making the old mans later days very happy. They were both very sloppy plays but told with such feeling that many of us were near to tears ourselves !!

Today has been our Guild day and Pam and I were the “speakers” and we decided to take them all on a “Cruise” they seemed to enjoy all of our experiences. I am glad to say that Pam was looking not to bad considering it is only almost 2 weeks since she had her shoulder joint replaced, she still has the stitches in will have them removed on Thurs. and then will have to have some physio to get the shoulder moveing again, but knowing Pam it won't be long before she gets back to moving the new joint.

And so another week has past all to quickly. I just can't believe that we are well into October perhaps now that the colder weather has arrived it will begin to feel more like late Autumn.

Xxxx Love One Another. xxxx


  1. lovely entry. simon callow is an excellent actor,and narrator,so i am sure he did justice.thanks for joining my group,appreciated. tc love mort xx

  2. Dear sweet Sybil glad you enjoyed the theater. I enjoyed your telling us about them.
    It is hard to believe that it is already the middle of October and we are in the 90's. lol
    The weekend mornings I was in the Texas Hill country and the temps were prefect sitting out early morning before the heat came upon us.
    How disappointing about the wheel chair. Surely with todays miracles there is one out there prefect for you. I will keep that in my prayers.
    I have been so busy trying to redo the home in town that my back is killing me today and so I took this day off.
    Really needed to be there but I knew if I made things worse for my back it could put things off even more. Actually I am going to check and see how much it will cost me to get some help.
    Take care dear Sybil glad you ask me to be riends on facebook.

  3. So sorry that the lighter chair did not work out for you. I bet the guild really enjoyed going on the cruise with you and Pam. I hope that the cooler weather makes it feel like fall. We are still warm here but not as hot as it was. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  4. Good Morning Sybil and what a chilly one it is too.So sorry you didn't get yourself fixed up with the chair you liked.The theatre production I think I would have enjoyed,As you know I love anything that brings a smile.So happy you both enjoyed it.Yes the weeks are passing so quickly.We'll soon be writing about our Christmas festivities.(good grief I carn't seem to find time to blog about my USA one yet.I am going to Llandudno on a tour for Christmas.Might as well be warm in an hotel and getting waited on,than sat at home,waiting on family,as I always seem to do,and I'll NOT burning my C.Heating LOL!!(I don't like to put this out on FB)as I am a bit wary of who knows when you are away from home on there.Stay warm this coooooold weather.Bye for now. Love you Kath xx

  5. How are you my dear friend Sybil? Been thinking about you and wondering what is going on in your lovely side of the world.
    I truly wish I could spend more time visiting with friends on here but I have been working everyday over at the house in town and still I realized yesterday I am no where close to being finished. I need to go today too but I am really moving slow so I may take the day off.
    Always love it when I open my site up and you have left me a comment. You make this ole grandmayellow hair smile.
    Sending you nothing but good thoughts and hugs from Texas

  6. I just got home from church this afternoon and found some blog love from you on my blog. It is always so fun when I get your sweet comments. Have a good week dear friend. Hugs, Lura