Saturday, 5 December 2009

Bath Christmas Market,

Hello Friends, This has been a very wet couple of weeks here in Box and the surrounding area so as Mary and I have not been out very much there has not been a lot to write about, but just in case you have forgotten me thought I had better make an effort to pop in and write a few lines. Thanks to "Ma" I have been able to change the top picture (and even maybe how to include some photographs in between the print!!) The picture is of Bath Abbey in the background with the Christmas Market in the foreground. It was a picture taken by my friend when she went into Bath last week in the evening. This is about the 6th year that Bath has hosted a Christmas fair and what begun with about 25 stalls has now increased to well over 100. They are clustered all around the Abbey courtyards and the surrounding square and narrow streets. They are really quite magical at night when all lit up. Of course Mary and I can't get there at night as there are so many people there and many hazzards for crutches and wheelchair !! However last Tuesday when we awoke it was to the first sharp frost of the year and also soon as we had breakfast we got in the car and drove to Bath and we were lucky to find a place to park the car not to far from where the action was taking place. Although it was very cold we did manage a good look round in all the stalls...again it was difficult getting around with the wheelchair as most had a little step around them so preventing me from getting a really good view of all their goods....maybe it was just as well as there were many tempting things from all over the West Country and beyond...but the prices.....a bit out of my purse strings...however as there were quite a few craft type stalls I did collect some good ideas !! Bythe time we had wandered along I began to freeze ! so we popped into the Bath Pump Rooms for hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows...also a Bath bun with cinnimon butter....yum is so grand in the pump room sitting there whilst the quartet play lovely music in the background. The room was also decorated with Christmas Garlands and a lovely tree...I will have downloaded some photogrphs taken there for next time to share with you. Once we were suitably warmed up off we went again for a second round and ended up buying between us a lovely wooden advent calander..It was expensive however we decided to buy it between us as it was 1/2 price !! .again photo's will be added if and when !!
Today I had a busy morning as it was our last table top sale of the year at church and like last month my friend Pam and I were selling on the "new goods" stall. We did not to badly making almost £50 towards church funds. everything we had left on our table plus some extra things that were donated from the WI stall..are taken over to Bath as Christmas Gifts for those folks with very little over christmas in an area of Bath the church always tries to help out especially at this time of the year.There was a beautiful Christmas Hamper the best I have ever seen worth about £60 one of our members won the prize and she promptly donated it to the Soutdown Project in that will go a long way to help some poor family. ALso another member had a stall with many many soft toys and dolls all that were left over are also going over to Bath. My friend Pam (who lives quite near the area that is in need) will have her car full to the brim tomorrow when it is all loaded up after church for her to take over to Southdown.
Well I am going to stop now as one of my favourite programmes are being repeated and I want to sit and TRY to concentrate on them. They are all stories written by Alan Bennet. Good night Friends....


  1. Glad you managed to get out at last. I bet you were so tempted by all the goodies but things are so expensive today. I would have wanted so much lol. I wish I could have shared that tea with you, it sounds lovely with a great atmosphere.

  2. I'm glad that you got to go to the Bath Christmas Market... it sounds wonderful, and the picture is very nice!!

  3. Sun shine must have been a real bonus this week Sybil! We are patiently waiting to see some here!! Glad you were able to get out and about!!! I have never been to a Christmas Fayre over here. I think it's about time I went to one, don't you!!! This one sounds lovely! xxoo

  4. sounds wonderful! happy to hear you went & enjoyed the time, wish i were there with you sipping on tea. ;)
    monkee & i received the card today, it's adorable. ty for thinking of us.
    a big hug from me & a woof from miss monk.

  5. The photo is wonderful. I can't wait to see the rest that you will post. I've wanted to visit Bath for ages and I'm so pleased that I can do so vicariously. Thanks for your good wishes!

  6. Oh !! how I love the Christmas Markets Sybil.Brings back memories of The Old Times when my parents were alive.We all loved to go to the Christmas Markets together.I have just been to one over at the coast in OLD TOWN Bridlington..and spent more than I should have LOL!! Still if we carn't have a flutter at Christmastime when can we I say? It was good to read your lovely post.It took me ages to find you but I have added you to my favourites list now.Thankyou for your continued support on my blog when I do post.Your lovely comments are much appreciated.Stay warm have a lovely day. Hope it isn't too cold where you are.It's freezing here today in my part of the pennines.My brain is frozen enough at this time of year without more cold to seize it up Heee-Heee.Brrrrrrrr.God Bless Kath xx

  7. I love it when you write about Bath. Thank you for allowing me to imagine it through your eyes. I am hoping to see some more pictures in your blog. Big hugs to Mary for taking such excellent care of my friend. =.)

  8. Ahhh... there is the beautiful church on the postcard you sent me. I tried to comment on "What's New At My House" but it won't let me comment. Plz tell her that she has a wonderful blog. How do I follow her blog? Also, plz send me your address. I love you!