Saturday, 30 January 2010

Spring, Lambs, Snowdrops,

Hi Friends,
Well we are almost at the end of January, the first month of the year gone I can hardly believe it. Although there have been days when I felt that perhaps winter would never end. We have cerainly had a very hard January weatherwise. I could not believe that we had below freezing Temps. for over a week, one morning getting down to below -11...............but...............this past week I see real signs of spring, on Monday I saw my very first little lambs they were springing about on their wee legs full of the joy of the moment not a thought in their heads that only half an hour later they would be being pelted by heavy rain.. I was so sorry for them and hope their Mums would keep them close tucked in. (It seemed strange to see the signs of the new life when I was on my way to prepare for the funeral of a friend from church)Then in the garden I saw the winter jasmine coming into bloom and the trailing willow at the gate showing it's little white furry buds. A bit later in the week as Iwent into a friends garden what did I see....yes ..the first snowdrops their little heads bobbing in the wind.. so spring IS on it's way...
Then this morning what did I see when I woke up....SNOW....not a lot but snow just the same it was a bit icy underfoot I actually had a laugh when our postman wasn't looking where he was going and slid on an iced over puddle....I know it is cruel to laugh at anothers misfortune but...well...I coudn't help it..he was ok of course ... As the day has passed most of the snow has gone but it is still white where the sun has not reached and the forecast is for below freezing tonight...(just hope these wee lambs are ok)....
Yesterday Mary and I were in Bath to meet up with a cousin I had not seen for about 32 years ! she came from Rhodesia to South Africa and we lost contact for some years but due to the internet are back in contact. She was over visiting her son who has moved to the UK and joined the Army his wife was having their second baby and that was what brought Ina over ( it was a boy born on Sunday) We had a nice lunch together and did a lot of catching up on family etc.
So all in all it has been a lovely week. I sure hope that you have had just as good a week.

Love One Another..


  1. Laughing at your snickering at the post man. ha.
    Glad you are seeing signs of spring in the midst of a winter grip.
    Life often has its ironies such as life springing forth on a day in which you mourn a friend or loved one's life. I remember though that the spring flowers were much more vivid after my father's January death. Sometimes it takes these things to get us through. Hope you have a wonderful day. We are enjoying ours here. I'm still in jammies. lol

  2. Lambs, babes, and flowers, glad there is spring coming and new family connections.

  3. What lovely reminders of spring Sybil.They sure make you wish it was here don't they? My postman believe it or not wears shorts all year round come hail, rain, or snow,so I have to laugh at him.Ever seen a posty in WELLYBOBS (as I call them) and shorts because I have,so I get a laugh everytime it snows and my posty comes heeeeeeeeee!!Even the local paper published a story about him the other week."Congratulations" to your friends Son and his Wife, on the new baby how wonderful nothing nicer.So pleased you caught up with your old friend and had a lovely meal and chat together.Have a Blessed Sunday.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  4. I think it is wonderful that you are seeing so many signs of Spring on the way there. Those new lambs must be adorable. So far there has not been many signs of new life here. But it will come and I'm ever hopeful. The circle of life does keep on going round. So nice you had the visit and enjoyed catching up. Sounds like life there is being good to you for sure.
    Thank you for the bit of Spring today--I did need it.

    'On Ya'-ma

  5. Congrats on the new Grandson!!! Do we know his name? Poor little lambs, hope they found warmth!! Glad your postman was ok!!

  6. OH WAIT!!! That wasn't YOUR son, sorry, read that wrong... well, congrats to your friend!! = )

  7. That was nice for you to catch up after all those years. My snowdrops are just about out now quite but nearly. Lovely cold sunny Sunday here. Have a nice day. Love Joan

  8. Yes Sybil....Spring is surely being asked to speed herself up after this hard Winter.
    Snowdrops are out here too although its freezing cold.
    The circle of life is amazing and uplifting.
    Little lambs already...poor wee angels! No log fire for them to sit in front of.

    That was a long time between seeing your cousin. Welcome to her little grandson.
    God bless him and his parents.
    Much love
    Jeanie xxx

  9. Glad you had a good week and a nice visit with your cousin. Would so love to see the lambs. We had 14 degrees yesterday, so spring feels very far away. Hugs and good wishes!

  10. Nice to hear you got back in touch with a cousin you had not seen in such a long time. My father recently met up with a cousin he had not seen for 63 years...

  11. You have more snow than we do! Very cute puppy you have there and I'm sure she's lots of company.

  12. I love it when you write about Bath. I would like very much to visit there one day. I hope that spring comes soon to your little part of the world, my lovely friend. XX

  13. Happy Valentine's Day wishes! Thanks for your post. I am a big fan of Ottawa, too. I've been there a number of times and always find interesting things to see. I'd love to stay at the Laurier one visit.