Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sunshine, snow and ice

Hello Friends,
What a beautiful day it is here in Wiltshire. I could amost believe that it is summer time...except...that the temp. has not risen above freezing all day !! The sky is so blue and not a cloud to be seen....I expect that means that tonight we will have another sharp frost, this morning at 9.15am. I checked the temp.outside on the thermometer and it was still at -9 so summer it is not....but I can dream....
I am so pleased that you were able to look at the previous posting. No one was more surprised than me when I was able to post the "smilebox" so that is something else I have discovered how to just find a way to get photo's in the middle of text and I might really have conquered blogspot !!!
I hope that you are all keeping well and keeping warm, it seems that most of you have got the winter weather where ever you are with more, or less, snow. It is a long while since we had as much as we have had these past few weeks. We have even cancelled our church service tomorrow as we don't want any accidents on the way there. I have also cancelled Guild on Monday.
Mary is keeping herself occupied today by doing a jigsaw and I am getting on with a few letters that I should have done a week or two ago...
keep warm and safe friends,
Love Sybil


  1. I'm glad you have some sun, we were forecast a partly sunny day but not yet. I saw a few more of those white flakes drifting down though. It's good you are staying in and not trying to venture out. We have snow plows that do a great job of clearing up so no matter life goes on here. I would like some time just to have to stay at home. I'm dreaming of summer here too in more ways than one for sure.

    Take good care!

  2. Hang in there, seems like it is lingering awhile this year.

  3. No sunshine here in Kent just more snow! I think hibernation sounds like a good idea.

  4. Yes, we're supposed to get down to 10 below F tonight! Brrrr! Stay warm and safe!

  5. It's been a very bitter one here again Sybil with a biting wind Brr.Yes you are doing realy well being able to put in that smile box.I don't think I could attept that at all.I should imagine it's harder than puttingin pictures in the text.Glad to read you and Mary are keeping yoursleves occupied.I have been doing alsorts today to keep my mind occupied.Which I have wrote a posting about.So watch out for it as I will be publishing it shortly LOL!!I hope the sun shines for you again tomorrow.Stay warm.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  6. glad you're enjoy the sunshine re of the cold. seems most places have gotten cold! brrr
    stay warm & be proud you tackled smilebox & blogspot & won, lol. i have never tried that, to tech challenged.

  7. Glad you have the sunshine with the snow it makes it so beautful don't you think. It has not been so cold here today hovering about freezing point all day so after the last few days it felt warmish. Keep cosy Love Joan

  8. Keep warm! It's cold here, but no snow and not slippery or windy. Got out this afternoon to our bible study group and even walked part of the way home. Felt good to be outside. Got to the bank and dry cleaner. Catching up with my blog friends tonight. Hugs across the ocean! xxx

  9. If it is cold in Texas, it's got to be cold everywhere else! LOL... Forecast says it will only be for three days & those days are almost over... Keep warm, Sybil. I heard that if you put a little bit of cayenne pepper in your socks, it will keep your feet warm. LOL

  10. I know I'm coming in a week later, Sybil, so things should have warmed up for you by now. Have a great weekend!

  11. hang in there Sybil! Stay warm!
    hugs, natalie
    p.s. are yu worried about Jeanette?
    Please make some comments at my blog Lurkynat

  12. Thanks for the link for the Jane Austen films. I'd fly right over, if I could. Hope you are having a great weekend!