Thursday, 1 April 2010

Maundy Thursday, April Fool, Concerts,

Hello Friends,
At last I am back and I can hardly believe that we are now into April....I wonder if anyone was caught out with an April fool before noon today ? I certainly was at 7.45am actually when my BIL called and told me some daft story that I believed...hook line and sinker !! before it dawned on me that it was April 1st. what a way to start my day LOL... As well as All fools day it is also here in the UK Maundy Thursday, a dear friend of mine a few years ago was very proud and honoured to be presented with the Maundy money from the Queen, I think that year the gifts were given out in Gloucester Cathedral. I found this about the Maundy Money that you might like to read about
The Maundy Thursday celebrations in the United Kingdom today involve the Monarch (since 1952, Queen Elizabeth II) offering "alms" to deserving senior citizens (one man and one woman for each year of the sovereign's age). These coins, known as Maundy money or Royal Maundy, are distributed in red and white purses. This custom dates back to King Edward I. The red purse contains regular currency and is given in place of food and clothing. The white purse contains currency in the amount of one penny for each year of the Sovereign's age. Since 1822, rather than ordinary money, the Sovereign gives out Maundy coins.[38] which are specially minted 1, 2, 3 and 4 penny pieces, and are legal tender. The service at which this takes place rotates around English and Welsh churches, though in 2008 it took place for the first time in Northern Ireland at Armagh Cathedral. Until the death of King James II, the Monarch would also wash the feet of the selected poor people. No wonder my friend felt privildged to be receiving the Maundy Gifts.
And so Maundy Thurs leads us on to Good Friday and then Easter Sunday...what an array of emotions one goes through in these short 4 days... The Easter Weekend is usually the first holiday weekend for people who are fortunate enough to be working, at one time in the not to distant past all the shops etc would be closed for Good Friday and Easter Monday but nowadays they don't and in most places these days pass as any other day.
Thankfully the weather has mostly changed to real springtime and all the various spring flowers are fighting to see which ones can come out into bloom first...Having said that poor Scotland has been in the middle of another winter period with blizzards and people caught in their cars etc for hours in snow drifts even a train on it's way to Inverness was caught in a snowdrift and the passengers were faced with an 8 hour journey as opposed to the one they thought would take 2 hours !!
March was quite a quiet month for me here so not much to report...We did have a great evening concert at church when we had a group from the village called Collerne up the hill, the group is called CAOS.!!..(Collerne Amatuer Operatic Soc.) The have been going for 25 years so they sang for us songs from all the performances that they have done...It was a great evening and everyone enjoyed themselves. Our next occasion at church will be next Friday when we are having a chinese Supper evening It is a sell out already so we are all looking forward to that very much. Chinese is my fav. food, other than good old Britsh food !!
Also this month I will be making a quick visit to Scotland to see a friend, my sister and BIL come as well and we always have a nice time together...
So there we are, always something to look forward to. I hope that you also have a great month ahead. And a wonderful Easter in particular...
I will enjoy reading all your journals as the month passes.
Whatever you do always remember to LOVE ONE ANOTHER....


  1. Happy Easter to you too. It sounds like busy days ahead for you. It's so nice that now the weather should allow for easier traveling. We hope! We do go through a range of emotions with Good Friday and then the JOY of Easter Day. Enjoy your dinner, it sounds great!

  2. Firstly, I love your header picture! How cheerful and so appropriate for this Holy Week. I had to laugh about your being caught in an April Fools prank...teehee. I was not the brunt of any jokes this year and have not played any tricks either, there is still time though ;)
    I love chinese food too. I think I could eat egg rolls everyday!
    Happy Easter to you and I wish you many Blessings.

  3. I must be getting too wise in my old age Sybil. I saw through the newspaper prank about the RAC/AA man using jet propulsion in a backpack to get to his breakdown customers. hahahaha
    It has been awful weather up in our homeland. As if they needed any more battering by winds and snows.
    I want to wish you a Happy Easter too.
    God bless you, Mary, Sarah and John.
    Love always.
    Jeanie xxxxx

  4. At least you can chuckle at your being pranked :o)