Monday, 26 April 2010

walk in Box

Hi Friends, back again this time I thought that I might take you a litle walk through the village. I have added some photographs so I decided I would add a little about each of them.
Number 1 Box Tunnel is perhaps the most famous view in Box. It is always being photographed especially by the many train spotters who stand in wait on the bridge that runs over the railway, for the trains rushing through the tunnel. especially if it is a steam train which comes through on special trips or the Orient Express that does special trips....very expensive...from London to Bristol

Number 2.. Is a slightly more modern house that would have been used as a Toll House when the main road was but a lane and the and coaches.. had to pay a toll at that point.

Number 3,.. The school it is a Church of England school for children from age 4-12 it has been in constant use sinse it was built in 1875 The clock in the tower chimes each hour from 7am till 10pm. when we have a silent night !!

Number 4. The Pound. This is a small oasis in the centre of the village. When it was first built it's purpose was to impound any stray animals pending collection by their owners who were then charged for their return...

Number 5 The Manor House was originally 17c. although additions have been made in latter years. It was once the Home of the Northey Family who were considerable landowners

Number 6 The Fountain. This is a delightful little area in the middle of the village and is of Gothic/Victorian design

The other houses I just thought you might like to see the various styles that can be seen throughout my lovely little village.

I hope you have enjoyed your little wander round Box in lovely Wiltshire, I have only lived here 17 years but fell in love with it almost as soon as I arrived. We are surrounded by beautiful green hillsides and meandering lanes with fields full of sheep and at this time lambs and also cows.. I always wish I could walk these lovely fields etc however I am blessed with lovely friends who go on the walks and always take photographs to share with me.

I wonder what your surroundings are like ?

Mary and I are away on our cruise next week but I will try to come back before we leave, if not we come home on 16th May and will hopefully have many a tale to tell of our Caribbean Cruise.
Good Night, Bless you all and remember always to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


  1. I can't see any pictures Sybil! I wonder where they went to? I would so have loved to see them. I hope that you and Mary have a lovely, safe and uneventful time on your cruise! It sounds like the trip of a lifetime!! xxoo

  2. Hi Sybil....I just wandered in here from a link on someone else's blog...and silly old fool that I am I can't remember who it was now! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think your village is beautiful...just the sort of place I would like to live when I am eventually able to retire. Have a lovely holiday!