Thursday, 20 May 2010

Cruise ships, holidays

Hello Friends, At last I am getting down to writing after our travels on the cruise ship Enchantment of the the Caribbean. We left the UK on a cold frosty morning and after a very good flight to New York and onward to Norfolk Virginia we were basking in +70 deg. We had such a great time on the cruise..the sea was such a beautiful blue through to the dark indigo and every shade in between...and on the various Islands the sands were so white ..almost too white as we had to keep our eyes half closed !! we had such a wonderful holiday. The ship was beautiful much bigger than I could have imagined, we were thankful to have met a very kind couple whilst waiting to have our passports examined (the wife had a British passport although she has lived in Virginia for 31 years with Skip her husband) we were in a separate queue...They had been cruising before so showed us the way and kept looking after us. we were amazed with our the cabins are called!! was very large and had every convenience for the wheelchair the shower room was best I have EVER had and I have stayed in an awful lot of hotels etc... There was so much to do on board that there was never a dull moment. As for the food....well out of this world would be the description...everything one could ever wish for and more was to be had and we chose to use the restaurant where we were served at every meal and the waiters were just XXXXXXXXXXXXX I could have run away with one or two of them !!! The Captain was to die for...such a young man to be in charge of such a large ship. We had an official photo taken with him at the Captains champagne less !! but I will enclose one now that was taken a bit later when he was around on the ship deck a new friend Karen just went up and asked him to come and be photographed with us !! What I mean to say was that once I am organised I will do a smilebox and you will see our handsome captain !! I still have not discovered how to put photographs in between the paragraphs. anyway as you can guess I didn't have much time to miss you all, although I did mention one or two of you to my new found friends. The family and friends here all had asked that we bring some warm sunshine home with us and I am glad to say that we have been sucessful in doing just that, we have had a very good week since we got home on Sunday just a few hours ahead of Heathrow Airport being closed due to the volcanic ash !!

Well think I will go now, it has been a mad mad week since we got back Sunday afternoon. Our friends Bob and Mary arrived Monday at 10.20am from New Zealand they leave us again on Saturday but it has been great having them but still trying to gather my wits as they say !! so till next time don't forget to


  1. Fantastic you took a cruise!!! That is a lovely ship - we have sailed Royal Carribean in the past. I'm delighted to hear you had such a great time. You weren't too awfully far from us when you were in Virginia. A few hours. Keep that in mind if you ever come back. ;)

  2. Glad you had a good time


  4. Sounds like you had a fab time Sybil!! Looking forward to seeing the snaps! I have always heard that the food on those cruises is very good. Perhaps one day, God willing, I will be able to find out first hand! xxoo

  5. I was scrolling through the Blogrolls and noticed I had missed this entry of yours Sybil. I haven't been on-line that much lately. Not since the good weather anyway.
    It does sound as though you were both treat like Royalty on your cruise. Quite right too! lol
    Love to all.
    Jeanie xxxx