Friday, 5 November 2010

October Days.

Good Morning Friends,
I was not a happy bunny last night as for the first time in almost a month I got down to updating this blog...only to see it disappear into thin air after i had spent an age doing it !!!
However today is another day and before I get started properly I feel I must get back even if it might be a bit shorter than last nights will never know  LOL.........
Things here continue in much the same manner.  My dear sister is home now from hospital and just trying  to keep herself together. She is now on oxygen 16 hours a day and is finding things very hard to come to terms with.  We keep saying that it is early days yet and to try to keep calm, but at the same time we are trying to encourage her to look forward even if it is only a day at a time..It is very difficult for us all, Sarah has always been the kind of person to take control over things and it is hard not to be able to ask her advise, she just feels so tired all the time.She cannot see a way forward that she wants...
Mid October saw Mary, my friend Pam and her husband Henry go away for a 4 day coach tour.  We were staying in North Norfolk. ( If you look at a map of the UK you will find the county of Norfolk just above London it is the part that juts out into the north sea)  that is a significant statement as I say it juts out into the North Sea and consequently it is the first place to be hit by the cold North winds travelling down from the far north !!!  Yes it was blowing whilst we were there....I being an optimist said it was "bracing" others said it was bitterly cold !!   We were staying in a small village called Mundesley right on the coast there is a small complex of holiday cottages there actually it is called MundesleyHoliday Village and includes an entertainment centre etc. It was the first time we had been there and we were very impressed with the quality of the food and the accommodation especially as it was a very cheap short holiday..Each day the driver took us out around 9.45 and we would be taken a short drive o see the various small towns and villages around returning about 3pm.  Just long enough for us to enjoy ourselves.  We went to Cromer one day this is an old fishing town unfortunately I say old as there is very little fishing done from there it's hay days it was very famous for it's Crab and Cromer Crab is still enjoyed whilst there...the same day we went to Sherringham another lovely seaside town as it was lat October most of the "holiday shops" had closed down or were about to, still it was nice to imagine what it would be like at the hight of summer.  The next day turned out to be a very special one for me...we stopped at a village called Holt, famous for lots and lots of art galleries and antique shops. As we entered the village I saw signs for a Rolf Harris Painting Exhibition.  Now this eshibition is touring the country and I had wanted to see it very much and had been disappointed to see that the nearest place to Box that I could have seen it was Birmingham and therefore I had put it out of my head. so you can imagine my delight on seeing the sign, in fact I really couldn't quite believe that it was there in this small village...Just near where the coach driver set us down I saw a gallery and two people standing outside I said did they know where the Rolf Harris Exhibition was being shown....yes it was that very gallery, once I had found out that it was accessible I was pulling Mary in like a shot.. I was not disappointed as he had some very spectacular paintings and some sculpture on display. Then as I turned a corner there in front of me was a picture that took my breath away...I immediately "saw" it hanging on my sitting room wall... it was one of only 195 and so was actually out of my usual purchase price !!!!  However Mary said she would give me money towards it for Xmas and I called my Brother in law and asked if he and Margaret would like to make a donation as well....and before I could change my mind I was whipping out the credit card and saw "my" painting come off the wall to be taken downstairs to be wrapped and sent to me the following week.   The painting is called "Fishermen by moonlight" and although I love it, I realise that art is very much in the eyes of the beholder and it may not be to every ones taste.  The main colours are dark blues, pinks, and greens  just as the sky can be like just as the moon is shining down reflecting on the water.. So really that was a most exciting day...Other than when I bought a diamond ring in South Africa I have never spent so much money on myself..  as Mary said I rarely buy anything but when I do.....well credit card, look out LOL
Since we got home the cold I developed when we were away is refusing to go away and I think that is making me feel to lethargic and that is why I haven't been around very much. Please forgive me I haven't even been making comments on your blogs, but many days it is reading them that has raised my spirits so thank you.   I have been enjoying the wonderful weather we have had this early in November we have only had one really cold frosty morning so far and I can't remember the last time we have had such a wonderful colour in the Autumn leaves it has been breathtaking.
     Last Monday at our Wesley Guild meeting Pam my friend had us all making coasters.   she brought lots of cork mats, and paints, stamps, and other "bits" that we could all use. None of our members had ever done anything like that and I think most of them enjoyed the change, It was amazing to see the deigns and colours that they came up with.  Pam has taken them all home now and Henry is going to varnish them for everyone.
Thank you all once more of all your encouraging words these last few awful months.
Please never ever forget to  LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


  1. You have had some really nice times since we last heard from you and some that aren't so nice for sure. I'll continue to keep your sister in my prayers. I would love to see that picture of your art purchase. It sounds wonderful. The artwork I have here at my house is pretty much done by my two of my sons that are artists. One a graphic designer and the other a teacher. It has turned bitter cold, or as you say bracing here and our lovely days are about done for. They say we may see a few days of Indian Summer next week which occurs in November after the first hard freeze. Take care and get well soon!

  2. Ah Dear Sybil ,how annoying to lose your entry Grr ,how super your days in Norfolk sounds ,an art exhibtion ,by Rolf ,a new paiting ,wonderful ,love the picture of the 'Golden Girls 'prayers continue for your sister Jan xx

  3. I only want to say:I love your blog.
    Give my regards to your sister.
    Love from the netherlands,

  4. Best wishes to Sarah, and strength to you all, Sybil.

  5. So glad you wrote, and yes, it makes me so made when I loose something I've started working on. The other day it was getting pictures over, and then later, a notice came up that blog was being worked on, so I just stayed out completely that day. I can't wait to see your wonderful picture. Glad you got yourself something that you'll love looking at daily.
    Have a great day Sybil. jo

  6. Mundesley and Cromer are part of The Poppy coast, if you go there in spring/summer the coastline is literally covered with poppies

  7. you went to mundesley??oh well,someone has to,lol. i used to go there so much as a child,lovely beach.and sybil dear,if you think that was bracing,come to stiffkey in january when there is a force 9 north you enjoyed our part of the world,take care,love mort xxx

  8. So lovely to catch up on all the wonderful goings on in your life here this morning Sybil!! I ddo hope you shake your cold soon. I ama in much the same position! I think it's wonderful that you treated yourself to a much loved piece of art!! Why not! I don't think it hurts once in a blue moon to splurge! I hope it brings you many years of joy! I send lots of love and hugs to you this morning!! xxoo

  9. How exciting regarding the rolf artwork must have been so thrilled to catch the exhibition. Rolf is such a nice guy. I remember him doing a vets programme on TV, and visibly crying when a lady had to have her dog put to sleep, and I thought then " here is a caring man". He has such talent too.
    I shall continue to pray for you and yours, as always. Look after yourself Sybs. xx

  10. Hello my lovely friend! It is so great to see another entry from you. My! You have been jaunting around! You made your trip sound lovely. I wish I had been able to be there too. I love Rolf Harris and his art too. He is such a clever man!
    Well done you for buying some of his work. It was meant to be so enjoy it.
    Please give my love and a big hug to Sarah. I wish her well. Keep an eye on your cold too.
    Praying for Sarah. Always in my thoughts.
    Much love
    Jeanie xxxxxx

  11. Rolf Harris might as well have created that piece of art with your house in mind Sybil! It was a lot of money but well worth it. Shame about the cold hanging on. That seems to be affecting quite a few people just now.

    I pray for Sarah's speedy recovery and send her a cuddle to help things along. Big cuddle for you too!

    love, Angie,xx

  12. Hi ! I read your blog and I like it. I hope you are all well. I like reading your entry. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Do take care.

  13. I am sorry that you lost your post. The same thing happened to me last week. It is so maddening. Then I typed you a long comment and it got lost when I tried to post it to you just now. I don't have time to write it all again but know that I care for you and have you and your sister in my prayers. I am glad that you got your special painting. You deserve it. I know it will make you smile each time you see it.
    I hope I won't lose this comment like I just did because I want you to know I am thinking of you. Hugs, Lura

  14. Your trip and painting sound wonderful. Some of the very best gifts to myself have been art bought on vacations. I'm looking at an English hunting scene I bought in Paris over 20 years ago. It's over my desk and gives me pleasure every day. Hope to add an English treasure in the not-so-distant future.

    Prayers and good wishes for you and of course, for Sarah.

  15. yes its me, lol. thought i'd pop over and read a few blogs for a change. i've been away for so long. i will make another entry soon. i need to get the next week over with. take care my friend and god bless.