Thursday, 2 December 2010

Pultney Bridge Bath

Just a very quick entry friends, it has been pointed out to me that some of you were unable to get into the last entry due to a problem with adobe...or something like that...The only changed I thought I had made was the picture that I realise was too big, so I changed it...still a problem, then I remembered that I had tried to add a "counter thing" so removed that and all now seems to be well....hope so anyway.
My friend Cait tells me I will have to change the blog as in the previous one I make reference to the nativity scene picture !!    I sometimes wonder at the things that I get into !!!   Now the picture at the top is one of the famous Pultney Bridge in Bath actually taken by my friend Cait last year  (with all the snow we have had this week I know that it will be covered in even more snow) It is a lovely bridge that has many small shops on it and also a lovely tea shop where you can look at the river below and watch some of the many narrow boats passing along...
We are still having very cold weather. Even here in Box we had a few ins. of snow overnight and temps of -5 tonight they forecast that it may drop to -10...Thankfully I have a lovely wee cosy home. Some places in the UK are having their snow measured in Feet rather than Ins.
Take care friends wherever you are.
God Bless   and  Love one Another xx


  1. Hello...
    Your icy temps and snow in the UK made the local news broadcast here in Maryland this morning. Stay tucked in and warm.
    Best Regards,

  2. Hello dear Sybil,
    Thank you for your loving support on my blog. I have been sad and your love and encouragement mean a lot to me. You even went the extra mile and left me two comments.... now that really did put a smile on my face.
    This Pultney bridge is beautiful. Maybe I can see it in person one day...wouldn't that be nice.
    I continue to pray for you and your sister. I know the holidays are especially hard when you have just lost a dear one.
    I am sending hugs, Lura

  3. I love the photograph. Bath is just about the top of my "to see" list and knowing that friends are near there boost it up. Please keep warm and cozy. Weather has turned colder here, too, and I can feel snow in the air. Put on my longer coat today, gloves and a scarf to keep the wind away. Still got out to a Chanukah evening with dear friends -- good food, prayer and music. Can't ask for more. Keeping all of you and especially Sarah in my prayers.

  4. I was another who could not get into your blog because of Adobe or some such thing. Love the picture of the bridge. Most of our snow has melted but there is still lots left in heaps all over the place and it continues to remain below freezing.

  5. Hello Sybil

    If you go back into your 'Settings' and click on your Header then Edit, it will take you to the Header Photo. Remove it and then you will see that you can click on a button which allows you to ask the programme to shrink to fit any photos you now pop into your Header from now on. Replace the photo again with the same or change it as you wish.
    Hope this has helped you.
    Lovely to see you posting again.
    I have posted some views from my bedroom window on my Blog today. I agree with you! It is COLD!!!!
    Stay safe and warm.
    Love to you Mary and Sarah. Hope her health is improving.
    Jeanie xxxx

  6. Honey I think of you every day wishing I could be there with you. Maybe God will bless us both this year and we can visit each other. I do believe we will one day. I need to give you a big special hug.
    Here I was thinking about how cold it was here in Texas this morning but after reading your sight I have nothing to complain about. haha
    You might should spend your winters here.
    Your bridge is lovely. I am trying to picture how it would be to sat there at one those shops and look at the bridge.
    My daughter is suppose to have a meeting with her boss in London in January. I am so wanting to come with her. I worry so about her traveling by herself plus to see your country would be so wonderful. How far is Box from London. I guess I will have to look that up.
    How is your sis doing?
    Sybil email me sometime at
    Love ya honey
    Maggie aka Grandma Yellow Hair