Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Outings, and new starts,,,

At I am well into 2011 and only now beginning to get back to normal...whatever that may be..   I have been reading lots of blogs and see that you have all had a good time over the festive season and some have been making New Year resolutions...wonder how many are still sticking to them.  I rarely ever make one as I know that within a few weeks I will be back into the old routine !!
Mary and I had a quiet start to the New fact after a drink or two early she went home and I actually went to bed just after 10pm.  I did get up again about 11.45 mainly to phone Sarah as I knew that she would be feeling particularly alone by herself for the first time at the start of a New Year. I called her just before midnight and so we were "together" as the old year went and the New Year arrived.  Afterwards as is the tradition I opened the doors to let the old year out and the new year in and then it was away to bed again !!    New Years day itself brought Margaret and Mitch over for the first meal of the year the usual steak pie etc . that went down well as always.  They did not stay too long as they wanted to go up and have a quick visit with Sarah ( Mary Peter and I had gone up early morning)  and so the year 2011 is now well on it's way.
    As the snow and ice have now gone I was able to get back to church and what a joy that was I had only missed three services but it seemed many more, it was great to see friends and exchange news.....Mary and I have been able to take a couple of trips into Bath...first time was a quick visit as I hadn't realised that the battery of my wheelchair was in need of a charge so we couldn't wander around as was the plan. However I did get to spend some vouchers in a lovely shop called Lakeland they sell mostly kitchen things and all things that are difficult to find in conventional shops nowadays. I got two enamel pie tins that I have wanted for ages but hadn't seen them on sale anywhere..they also had some of their Christmas things on I came out with more than I had gone in for !!   Also spent a voucher in Smiths where I  again got a bargain  60% off  a USB drive thing..we ended up having hot chocolate in a new up market shop that has recently was delicious as was the macaroon we had with it !!
The next day found us in Bath again this time with the battery fully charged !!  and we made our way down town to M&S I managed to get three crew neck jumpers and a lightweight fleece and also for Sarah a pair of trousers and a fleece, she has lost a lot of weight and most of her clothes are too big for her now ! Mary also bought me a new pair of earphones for my birthday which I will enjoy using when I use my radio (I have such tiny ears that I can't use the usual in the ear phone things).   This week saw the start of the usual routine..Monday Pam my friend was over in the morning. we have such fun together and always have a laugh or two or three !!  In the afternoon we had first meeting of Guild, again good for us all to meet up. This week we had a speaker tell us of a charity she set up after her 16 year old daughter first she gave money raised to OXFAM to build a water well in a village in India later, a good few years later she went to see the village and the well..and said if she could help in any way to get in touch.  About a year later she Had an e mail asking if she could provide a toilet !! she asked how many ? any number was the reply at the cost of £70 !!  she thought of three..but where could she raise that amount of money..she thought and thought and then asked a friend who came up with the great idea of asking 210 people for just £1 that was much easier to raise...since then she has continued in the same vein and has provided 120 toilets and a building used to help teach village children from families to poor to let them attend the usual school it is also used as a workshop for the village folks to produce things with the sewing machines she has been able to donate...and so from one small well...what a change to a whole village...Later the guild will give a donation to this worth while charity...  Yesterday morning we had our first bible study for the year only 5 of us at the moment but I am sure it will grow as we get going...  Today we were in Chippenham where I had a hearing aid test as my hearing aid didn't seem to be working as well as it did.  It was a new man and he was very good, all he had to do was change the setting by computer on my hearing aid and it seems to be much better..  so Mary won't complain that the TV is too loud !!!    And so what happens next ?   Tomorrow Margaret and Mitch will be over and we are all going out for lunch it will be someones birthday on Friday ! !so we are having a celebration lunch ! Sarah is also hoping to be able to come with us which will be a real treat.  Friday think Mary intends to take that certain person out for a Chinese meal... I am always quite happy once the first half of January has gone ... maybe then ...except for the odd chocolate still to be cleared away...I can start watching what I eat...maybe  LOL
  It has been awful watching all the news footage of the flooding in Australia most of the places that they mention are all places that Mary and I have visited when we did a 10 day coach tour from Cairns in the North to Sydney we stopped in quite a few of the places overnight and can hardly believe our eyes...Please join me in prayers for all these poor people...

Good Night,  God Bless,    and   remember   to

                                        Love one Another


  1. I spent a wee fortune too at Lakeland here in Windermere Sybs. I managed to buy some presents for the grandchildren for Easter. I'm not fond of buying them chocolate eggs as they get plenty anyway.
    I will be glad too when spring arrives.

    I have had a lot of sweet things bought for me for Christmas and its not fair that I am diabetic! Champagne truffles are some of them. I guess I will have to give them all away to the grandchildren. Woe is me! lol
    I'm so glad that Sarah had you over the New Year. It's not a great time for anyone who has lost someone.
    Bless her!
    Give her my love and tell her I was asking after her.
    Praying for those in Australia. It is so shocking to watch!
    Love always to you all.
    Jeanie xxxx

  2. What a great start to the New Year you have had. Our snow has never gotten bad enough to keep me at home much. But I don't like the cold and slippery roads so I choose the good days to go out. Thankfully all of our Sundays have been good ones except for the cold so I've not had to miss church at all. Something tells me that it is you that have this January birthday. I do hope it is a very special day for you and I know that you will be celebrating. Tragedies like that in Australia are devastating and I'll keep those people in my prayers for sure. Some days it seems that all I do is pray. The dear Lord will provide and care for us so we place our trust in Him. I'm sending Lots of Love and Hugs your way!

  3. Sweet Sybil,

    How wonderful to catch up on all of the news. It warmed my heart to hear how you and Sarah were able to ring in the New Year together on the phone. That is very dear and I am sure it meant the world to both of you.

    I am so inspired by that sweet lady you know who has provided a well and all those toilets to the people in that one village. Doesn't that just go to show how very much one person can do? I really need to do more. There is so much in this world that needs to be done.

    I am glad you are back at Church and Bible Study. I know what a difference it makes to me, if I have been sick and away for awhile, to finally step through the doors and hear the good Word again.

  4. Oops, I pressed the wrong button and published my comment without wishing you a wonderful week. You are in my prayers across the sea. Wishing you and all you loved ones well.

  5. I'm glad you can still stay in touch with your sisters, and that you seem to have such a close and loving relationship with them. I do miss my sister, she was my only sibling, and she went to be with our Lord a little over a year ago, if you remember, Sybil. And I do hope that birthday girl will enjoy her birthday Friday. Did you get your card from me?

  6. good to see an entry from you sybil,always nice to catch up.lakeland also sell online.bit expensive but they are very good,its like stepping back to the ironmongers i worked in for so many years,lol.cant beat enamel.til it chips lol.take care,love mort xxx

  7. So glad to hear the weather has gotten so much better and you and your sisters can be out and about.

  8. Honey this is a wonderful post. So glad I came by tonight.
    I love reading about you, Mary and Sarah. So sweet of you to call Sarah and talk with her to ring in the New Year. Loosing someone is so hard and especially during the holidays.
    Glad you got to go to Bath and shop. Oh how it sounds like so much fun.
    My daughter called me tonight and with the sad news she gave me I doubt she will be in London on the 19th. Her boyfriends brother killed himself in Houston today. He was in his late thirties and a school teacher for Houston school district. How sad is that. I ache for her and his family. I know Christi will not want to go out of the country with her boyfriend dealing with this.
    Take care sweet friend and stay warm.
    It was 23 at 10 am this morning and I dug a path upstairs today so I could be up there where it is warmer. One of these days that room will be finished.

  9. Whata wonderful week you have had Sybil.Great post very interesting.You certainly lead a busy life.The floods in Oz are soul destroying I pray for them every day Sybil.My cousin used to live there but moved last year to New South Wales and they are on alert for more rain this next few days.I am happy to read you were able to see the New Year in by telephone with your Sis how lovely that would be for her.Enjoy the birthday outing I miss mine with my sisters lots.After the feast the famine ,so you can start your diet then LOL!!Clap Clap to your friend Pam what a wonderful thing she has done. Early "Happy Birthday" wishes to the lovely lady who's special day it is tomorrow.(In case I carn't get online).Have a lovely day.I hope your weather keeps fine for you all.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  10. Sybil, loved catching up with all your "doings" here this morning. You lead such a busy and full life. I always enjoy reading about it. You are such a thoughtful and dear sister to call wake up and call your sis on New Year's Eve like that. I am sure it was a much appreciated gesture. Life is composed of simple pleasures and small acts of kindness such as this. It's these things that make our lives so much more beautiful I think. Kudos to your friend Pam. I always admire people like that, again a simple thing that has grown to something huge and very special. I am with you . . . the diet needs to start, but where to begin!!! Love you loads and join you in prayer for those poor people suffering in Australia. xxoo

  11. My word you have been busy ,I like Lakeside too ,cant go into their shop and come out empty handed lol ,Your friend Pam is to be applauded for her amazing contributions ,Yes the devastation in Australia is heart breaking Jan xx PS A very Happy Birthday to a certain someone xxxxxxxxx

  12. Glad to hear your snow and ice have gone it will make life a lot easier for you. We still have not seen the grass its over 445 days its a bit of a pain the snow is still piled over six feet high where it was shoveled by neighbours. We too have watching the flooding in Australia it is horrendous the news at teatime was very distressing. Take care Love Joan.

  13. A happy New Year to you, Sybil. I'm pleased that the snow and ice has gone too.

  14. Hi Sybil... just stopping in for a cup of tea! I'm reconnecting with my British friends from aoljournals days. I'm on facebook now, to keep up with my family and friends as I just don't seem to have time for blogging these days. Your pictures on the side bar look wonderful. I love your dog... reminds me of my Max. I miss my pups. Which one in the photo on the sidebar is you? sorry, it's been awhile... I've been gone too long, my friend. take care, bea

  15. It is always so nice to get the email telling me that you've a new post on your blog. It sounds like you have had a nice start to the year. I wish I could have gone with you and had hot chocolate and macaroons. I am sure we would have had a good time together.

    I am glad that the ice has let up and you can travel and get to the places you want to go. It is nice and warm here in CA which seems really nice after us being in the freezing blizzards of Utah.

    I hope you are doing well my dear.
    Hugs, Lura

  16. Hey Honey
    I am sitting at a motel in Houston near the hospital where Gary is and thought I would see if you had posted anything and to see how you are doing.
    Gary is not good at all. Yesterday he went into cardiac arrest and they had to use the paddles on him. Thank goodness he is okay but they had to put a stint in his heart yesterday after the cardiac arrest
    Christi had to cancel her trip to London because her boyfriends brother killed himself. He was a Houston school teacher. Of course we are all devastated.
    Sorry about all the bad news.
    Take care honey and hope you are well

  17. Dear, dear Sybil, Please come and visit! You've just won my Happy 100 giveaway!