Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Spring Days., New Life,

Good Morning Friends,
Well it is now a week since the day of Sarah's funeral and what an odd time it seems to have been.  I am so thankful to have been surrounded by your prayers and love.( I know there are many people who feel they have no faith and seem to manage through the days quite happily, but as they maybe can't understand ,my faith I equally do not understand their lack of faith..)  I have found it strange the reaction of people. Most have been kind and clearly they don't know just what to say or do. I think they have found my acceptance of Sarah's death quite hard to understand and fully expect (and say so) that I will collapse in a of these days...However although I do feel empty I am also happy that Sarah, John and Jacqueline are all at peace and with our Lord.  How can I be sad when I think of that.  Sure sad and sorry for myself...but that is just something we as humans have to cope with.   The funeral itself went as well as these things can do. There were so many people there to share their love and thoughts and memories of Sarah. Even one of her ex colleagues now retired and living in Spain flew all the way over  in the morning hired a car at Gatwick and drove down ( a 3 hour drive) attended the funeral and was driving all the way back to catch the last night flight back home....
We have been blessed with the most wonderful weather these last two weeks. Every day sunshine and no sign of the April Showers...already though the water boards are warning us of water shortages later in the year !  Because the weather has been so wonderful it has brought all the spring blossom out at least two weeks early.  The bluebells are out in the woods that are around us here but as it is so warm they won't last long but I do love them. Also the smell as we pass the woods is beautiful the wild garlic is gorgeous...well I think so !! Mary is not so sure,,,it reminds me of the woods we had near our home in Scotland where Mum used to take us for walks....might even be the first smell that I can actually recall.... On Friday we were in Bath and had a lovely walk/trundle through the Botanic Gardens again just ablaze with flowers and smells..and birds and bees..I will share some of the photographs taken over the next few weeks...
Beth Max and I have been meeting quite a few times up at the house trying to think what to do next...Before they do anything major Beth has to go to Probate and this will take a few weeks so there is no hurry but it is good to be able to take action as soon as the Probate is granted.  It is going to e a very hard few months for them both especially as Max is not very well himself and off work at present.  Beth went back to work yesterday.
Friends thank you once more for all the support that you have shown me. There have been times I actually felt your physical presence  surrounding me.


  1. Sybil, you are such a dear lady and friend. It is not hard to love and support you. I am glad that you can feel the love and prayers and that they are doing their job. ((((hugs)))) Thanks for the little card that arrived in the post yesterday. You didn't have to do that, but I am touched that you did. You are such a treasure. We have been enjoying such lovely weather and it is supposed to go on through the weekend. Unheard of to have such a long spell of nice weather! I know they will be crying drought before too long! Love and hugs. xxoo

  2. wishing you all the best sybil,in my thoughts,love mort xx

  3. My faith, like yours, has carried me through some really difficult times. I know that your sister and her family will be together too and that makes all the difference. We are having unusually wet and cold weather here. Spring has come but I'd say at least 2 weeks behind time. It is nice that through this time of loss you have had bright cheery days and I think that helps too. Glad you were able to get out and about and enjoy it while it's there. Lots of Love and Hugs to you!

  4. We all cope with loss in our own way, and it does not require anybody's approval or understanding, Sybil. I am pleased things went well, and that you are coping the best you can. With you in thoughts at this time,


  5. Sybil I am so happy to find you posted this morning. Hearing from you before I leave this morning gave me the courage I need to go get my injections. lol
    Seriously I love you and I am on my way out the door but will write you when I get back from the doctor. I drive an hour both ways and so it will be later this evening.
    Sending my love and good thoughts to you sweet friend.
    Enjoy those blue bells for me too their one of my favorite flowers.
    Love ya

  6. I too love bluebells Sybil,I am sure many of us remember a bluebell wood wfrom when we were small I do anyway.Roosters Grandma once gave me some to plant in a past garden of mine and I do miss them at this time of year.You are most welcome to my prayers any day and night always.I am happy everything went well for you,enjoy the sunshine like us all whilst we have it,it's wonderful isn't it? Take Care God bless Love Kath xx

  7. Dear Sybil,
    You have been in my prayers. I know that you are sad without your dear sister....but like you, I know life is eternal. Sarah and John are together again. We know that and it must bring you comfort.

    Thank you so much for the CD and the Marie card. I got them today. How very thoughtful and sweet of you. I am touched.
    You are special to me. Thank you so much. Hugs, Lura

  8. I have been thinking about you. I thought I had left a comment when Sarah passed, but I did not see it on the previous entries. Sometimes it is hard to do on my phone. So I apologize, b/c I thought I had sent my message of sympathy. I have been thinking about you and I know you will miss Sarah. But I rejoice that with your faith, you know you will see her again. God will provide peace and comfort until then. Take care!

  9. I am so sorry you have such sadness in your life my friend. The passing of a loved one is so very hard on the people left behind. Hugs.

    We have Bluebells in our garden for the first time this year. I planted them not last Autumn but the one before but they did not flower last year. How wonderful it is to see them.

  10. Hello my precious friend!
    I am so glad that all went well and that Sarah sent us all this lovely sunshine to enjoy and make us happy. I'm sure she did. I am like you in believe that she is in a good place now with John and Jacqueline. Thank you for your lovely wee card! I have had Samantha and the children staying with me all week so have not been on-line at all. It's so quiet without them!!
    How lovely to see my favourite bluebells as I opened up your page. Isn't this just the best of weathers?
    Sending you a (((Hug))) Mary too.((((Hug))))
    Much love
    Jeanie xxxxx

  11. Hello Sybil

    Blogger has been bouncing my commnets off into cyber space for some reason:(

    Sending you love and big hugs. I love your attitude and faith.

    Have a Good Easter, this is the time that strengthens our Christian faith. We know there is life after death.

    God Bless


    Hoping this goes......

  12. Dear Sybil, I came over here to comment about the Royal Wedding (beautiful!), but then I read this poignant post and began to think about everything you said. I truly understand, friend, how you feel about losing Sarah, but letting her go to her husband and loved ones on the Other Side. Last year, I lost my adopted father, one of the best friends of my life. It was the hardest blow to date from losing loved ones. However, whenever I feel tempted to long for him back with me, I remember that he is reunited with his wonderful wife from whom he had been separated by death for some 25 years. Now, they are back together and he is also with his siblings and parents. How can I pull him back here with my thoughts? I know we will see our loved ones again and it iwll be as if no time has passed at all and they will be (are) happy in the peace of our Savior. What more can we want for them.

    Yet, I know that Sarah's passing has left a hole for you..My dear Bob has left a hole for me where he use to be. I pray for your comfort and peace to continue and that you will find much joy in your days.

    Your header picture is lovely, flowers amidst the trees. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    We awoke to 8 inches of snow this morning. However, there is a warm up next week and it can't come too soon.