Sunday, 1 May 2011

spring days, wedding days

Hello Friends,
Wherever are the months going ? Here we are the 1st. May already.
I do hope that by now you are all enjoying the spring weather and that the terrible snow and ice and awful storms are over and that we can look forward to lovely spring/summer days.
There are quite a few things associated with May Day one of them I was thinking about before I got up this morning and that was the tradition of washing ones face in the morning dew...supposed to make us look beautiful !!  Should I get up I thought to myself ? will my wrinkles disappear ?..after a few secs,,I decided I would stay in bed for an hour or so more !!
 I have only once did such a daft thing and looking back it really was daft...I worked in Edinburgh at that time in the bank and some of us girl decided we should give it a try and we would take an early walk on Arthurs Seat and "wash our faces! !!!  this meant that I had to get a very early bus 5.30am !! into town to meet up and have our walk...well to say we were mad might be an understatement..the only good thing I suppose was that at least it was a dry morning!!  as for my complexion....not so sure...the wrinkles have still appeared  LOL
This has been a rather special week I am sure you will agree...the reason.. A ROYAL WEDDING
I had a visitor overnight on Thurs. but we were both up around 7am watching the TV run up to the wedding.  Cathy was supposed to be leaving by 8.30 but was rather reluctant to leave but had to move at 8.45 to get up to London to see her Mother.   Once she left I got into the kitchen and started to make sandwiches...nice dainty ones !! cucumber, salmon and cheese ones. all the crusts removed naturally !!  made up plates with union flag napkins, also plates of fancy cakes and biscuits...all had to be covered for lunch...Around 10.30 my friend Cait arrived and Mary Cait and I settled down to watch the proceedings evolving in front of our eyes, from the first glimpse of Prince William and Harry on their way to the Abbey to the arrival of Kate in her most beautiful dress. Our breath was quite taken away by her appearance and that of her lovely sister Pippa and the gorgeous little flower girls and page boys.  How proud everyone was to be part of this spectacle..
Before the brides arrival we had seen many many people arrive some famous most not so the fashions were many and varied and the hats or in the main.. facinators!!.. were a creation to behold. It has to be said from the sublime to the outrageious !! The royal party themselves were all most beautifully dressed none more so than our beloved Queen in a gorgeous Yellow coat and dress..Had it been a dull wet drizzly April day she would certainly have been a bright light of sunshine... The wedding service was lovely and the music was just a delight.  when the married couple and few friends went off to sign the register I dashed into the kitchen and brought through the early lunch... It was a bit of a surprise even to Mary as I hadn't even hinted to her I was doing it...Must say we were ready for it by that time.( I could almost have felt Mary wondering if I was going to ask if anyone wanted anything to eat !!! LOL )   It was so lovely to watch the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walk all the way through the Abbey smiling and nodding to everyone as they made their way out on to the steps where they were met by a sea of people and noise...The posed for a moment and then were assisted into the open carriage for the ride back to Buckingham Palace...I am sure you have all seen the wonderful scene on the balcony when all the family came out to wave to the crowds and where the newly weds thrilled the crowd by giving each other a very speciall kiss..  That was almost he end of our TV viewing although throughout the day we were given re runs and endless still photographs.  I do hope that you were able to enjoy the occasion with us.   I feel so privileged to live in such a wonderful country who can put on such a spectacle to be enjoyed, by it is said many millions of people worldwide.
As if one wedding was not enough....on Saturday I had another wedding to go to...This time though I had an invitation !!  It was to the wedding of one of our ex ministers at church. He kindly invited all at church...however only three of us decided to go to represent everyone else.  The wedding was a little smaller that the one the previous day !! around 200 guests I think.  It was a lovey day and we had such a nice time.  we were invited to stay at the church for a Cornish Cream Tea...(John our ex minister and Pauline are Cornish) this was served by members of their church delicious scones with butter, strawberry jam and topped with thick Cornish cream...There was another reception later in the day but Clare the bride etc stayed with us all for a cream tea and for many photographs to be taken......guess what ?  Sybil forgot to take her camera !! and I managed to buy a nice new one thinking it should be a good try out for it !!!
So there we are that has been my last few days of what has been a very up and down April..
This week I look forward to Wednesday when I have a dear friend come down from Edinburgh for a week holiday.  I hope to be able to have lots of news about that next time.
The flowers at the top are called "bleeding hearts" and were some we saw when we had our walk in the botanic gardens..


  1. Loved your description of the Royal Wedding, and your surprise lunch Syb...especially with the crusts cut off, sounds so fitting. It was a remarkable day wasn't it? I watched right up until the happy couple left the palace in Charles' car...and then like you, all the re-runs - loved it all. So glad you enjoyed it too!
    Love Sal xx

  2. dicentra spectabile,sometimes called dutchmans breeches in norfolk,and a lovely photo of my favourite flower.ive got the alba strain,pure for the wedding,it was perfect.and it was a joy to watch.i thought the police did a wonderful job,the crowds were,love mort xx

  3. I like you, woke this morning thinking about May Day when I was small...we went around the village proudly showing off The May Garlands we had lovingly made the night before,then back to school ,to take part in the May day festivities ,The May pole I remember ,each holding our ribbons as we danced and weaved around the May pole the beautiful pattern that emerged on the pole seemed magicical,How I wish we had video then ,Your account of the wedding day was perfect ,pretty much similar to mine ,Maurice was tea boy for me ,I just loved it all , Jan xx

  4. The wedding was so beautiful. Only us Brits can put on something like that. I was entranced and wish them a long and happy life together.

  5. Hello, sweet Sybil. I loved reading all the news and especially how you viewed the Royal Wedding. It was a smashing success and, after watching many documentaries on the couple this past week, I have come to the conclusion that they are both lovely and - MOST IMPORTANT = really in love. Sooo nice.

    Had a marvelous time.

    Have a lovely beginning to your week.


  6. I would have loved to have been there with you all to watch the royal wedding take place and eat those sandwiches! That sounded good! Have a great week ahead!

  7. Syb honey I thought of you through out the day of the wedding wondering if you were enjoying yourself. What a neat way to celebrate this happy day having a friend over for a very delightful lunch. I know your friend was happy when you surprised her.
    I loved everything I saw of the couple that day. Especially the shots of them standing in front of the church with his brother standing next to William and the way he kept looking at the happy couple. You could see the love the two brothers shared.
    Oh how I can relate about the camera thing too. I never have mine just when I need it.
    Think of you often sweet friend and hope you enjoy your visit with your friend this coming week. I so wish it were me. lol
    Love ya

  8. How nice to follow up with another wedding after THE Wedding! It's that time of year when brides seem to blossom too. Spring time always seems to bring them out. I know most are hoping for good weather. Both of your lunches/teas sound wonderful too. I have bleeding hearts growing here around my house too.

  9. What a lovely posting Sybil.Yes time is passing so quickly May already.You were Spot on with your details of the wedding I would say.I had to laugh though at the morning dew tale you and your friends tried.How mad were all of us when we were young,Heee-Heee.Mmmm your lunch was just up my street and I would have loved to have joined you.I never missed a second of the wedding,I had cramp sitting their for so long LOL!!Arn't they two wonderful young people? so much in love.I did shed a tear or two for William,when he walked out with Harry to the front,to wait for Kate to walk down and join him.I thought of his beautiful Mum not being there to see them both,such a shame.How lovely too to be guest at another wedding the day after,so happy you enjoyed everything that weekend.Enjoy your new camera Sybil and don't forget it next time you go out LOL!!Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  10. Sybil, I love the bleeding hearts, one of my favourite flowers for sure! It sounds like you have had a lovely weekend full of weddings! I, as you know, really enjoyed the Royal Wedding. I thought it was just beautiful. Enjoy your new camera. I am looking forward to see lots of beautiful pictures from it!! Love you my dear friend. xxoo

  11. The bleeding hearts are lovely!

    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the wedding. Iconfess taht I waatched a bit at 4:00 in the morning before going to bed for a few hours sleep. What a lovely wedding it was and such a beautiful bride. They seem like a couple who married for love and I suspec that it will be for a lifetime.

    What a delicious and delightful lunch you prepared. It sounds like a lovely way to watch the wedding.

  12. What a horrible typist I am and a lousy proofreader too. I didn't notice all of my errors until after I hit post comment!

  13. I wish I could have been there to enjoy your surprise lunch. I so enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding. For that day I considered myself an adopted Brit.
    On this 42nd day in the hospital, I am heading home to California. I know the long trip will be difficult. Please remember me in your prays.
    have a great day. Hugs, Lura