Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sun and wind is it summer or spring ?

Now there's a thing.  I have not been ale to get into my own blog for last two day.  I have just written to a friend to ask for HELP  and come back to have yet another "try"  and here I odd is that...
Well as promised I am trying to write more often...  we are still enjoying such lovely weather over here in the South west of England. Mary and I make the best of it by sitting out on my wee deck as much as we can.  Monday was a bit too windy though more like the March winds that we missed out on !! However we are thankful that we were not up in Scotland where they were lashed with terrible gales, indeed two people were killed by fallen trees. All the ferries out to the islands were cancelled. and the Forth Road bridge was also closed. This is the main road bridge over from Edinburgh to the Fife side of the country.  When it is closed it means a journey of around 30 miles around by way of a smaller bridge.  Apparently it was absolute chaos..
Yesterday we had bible study in the morning.  well it is more of a Christiann discussion I suppose...there are only 6 of us and as Muriel my neighbour was away yesterday only 5 of us. we meet in a friends house and always start with coffee and biscuits...yesterday though Jean had made us all drop scones....delicious...Where Jean comes from Zimbabwe they are called flapjacks..some people call them pancakes...isn't it odd how the same thing can be called so many different. names....
well Mary has just arrived it is almost 8.30am. I better go and get the toast on.  Today I am going up to Sarah's as we have arranged for someone to come and try to collect all the books....poor thing I don't think he has any idea just how many there are !!  Peter and I went up last night and Peter bagged up at least 9 sackfuls...  I'm off now.


  1. I'm glad you were able to get into your blog. We had a nice summerlike day here yesterday and today is supposed to be a little cooler but sunny too I think. Rain returns tomorrow. Thankfully we do have some breaks in it but still it's more than needed. Glad you found someone to take those books. Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one.

  2. Just trying again Sybil through IE.Yes the weather here has been terrible too.15 people were killed in my area on Monday with overturned wagons on the M62 fallen trees and buildings etc.It has been a nightmare this week has the the wind.very cold too I hav eeven had to have the central heating on.So enjoy your sitting out Sybil whilst you can lucky you.The food names ....I was on holiday once at one place and I asked for some teacakes (plain breadacakes) as some call them.Well I went back to the holiday place and good grief they were full of Currants LOL!! I didin't fancy those with breaded ham on LOL!!So now I always give a discription of what I need.Someone will be delighted with those books.Have a lovely afternoon and evening.I do hope this comment woks for me this time.I sent you an e. mail explaining.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  3. Whoo-Hoo at last I'm putting the union jack out LOL!! xx