Friday, 27 May 2011

Books books and more books !!

Morning friends....wonder how long I am going to keep up this new plan to write more frequently  LOL

 I hope that you like the  new photograh it is one I took the other day of the beautiful clematis that we have on the fence which divides Mary's garden from mine.  we both love clematis and this one is growing so well.

At last  yesterday we  had a rather wet day here in the South west of England.  first in quite a while.  The gardens are already looking much better and I am sure the farmers will be happy.  It meant that Peter did not have to come and water all the pots etc. last night.     On Wednesday I went up early to Sarah's to meet the man who was coming to collect the books. Thankfully Max, Beth's husband arrived just as I did so we were both here as well as a friend of Max's (they have been working hard on the property painting rooms etc and this week re flooring the deck and paniting the outside)  The man duly arrived clutching I think maybe 6 or 7 plastic carrier bags.....LOL....I showed him some of the already bagged books and he was quite taken aback to say the least !!  he said "OH, I see, I only have a small car, don;t think I will be able to get them all in"  that's ok we said, just take what you can, Max and Simon (I think that's his name) will help you carry them I out. Much relieved he said "thank you"  I can come back in a little while with a bigger car and collect the rest of the bags"  good I said, by that time Max will have filled some more bags..there are still three bookcases to empty upstairs !!!  By now that poor man was quite bewildered with all the many books and said " Think this was a library with house attached"  LOL.  still it was wonderful to get them all removed in all I think there was 18 large sacks and 4 big boxes of books !!  It will be good for the charity to be able to sell them I am sure.   After I left Max to pack the other sacks I cam back home and as it was a nice day Mary and I decided to go to  Chippenham to do some shopping and have some lunch there.   Yesterday it was again to Chippeham this time to the cottage hospital where Mary had an appointment with a physio who was fitting a knee brace. They think that it might relieve pain she has been having in her knee from arthritis..It is not too bulky although I am still not at all sure that it is going to be practical for Mary. She walks around a lot in the village and there is quite a hill from here up to the village  in the afternoon yesterday when she went up to her meeting one of the "catches" came undone when she was going up so she had to stop and take it off altogether !!   she will have another try today I will put it on for her when she comes over.   When we got home Margaret and Mitch were already here so that was good.  I had made a casserole for lunch and had it in the oven before we went away so it wasn't very long before I had everything on the table !   Yesterday the postman brought a nice was materiel for two dresses that I had ordered.  Muriel, bless her, is going to make me a couple of dresses for the cruise in September.  Just hope she approves of the materiel that I got !!  I can't sew so have really know idea what materiel's are best !!! also I realise I should have got cottons for sewing them up but didn't think about that.  I w expect she may have some or I can buy that in Bath I expect..   Today we may go into Bath will wait and see how the weather goes.
Bye for now.  God Bless   and       LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


  1. Love the clematis Sybil! So very pretty! I can imagine that is what will happen when I go, there are so many books in this house, and most of them cookery books! I really need to stop buying them I think! How wonderful that you are going on a cruise! I hope it is to someplace nice. I would love to see the material you got for your dresses. I used to sew all my own clothes, but have not done so in years now. We have had some rain over the past couple of days. Hopefully this will make a difference to the gardens which are so very dry! Have a fun time in Bath! Hope you get to go! xxoo

  2. What a beautifully coloured Clematis. Lovely to catch upo with you again. I am so delighted you have got back into blogging!
    Love Sal xx

  3. Well Sybil once again I have problems commenting I hope this one works Grr.I think I would have said the same What a library LOL!! Someone today will find a few good reads no doubt.The clematis is beautiful.I love them.Nothing nicer than scrambling over a fence how lovely.I hope the knee brace proves fruitful .I have heard they are very good if one can cope, like anything, when something is new it does take a while to get used to it.The rain has been most welcome up and down the country for everyone i think,but I harte the strong winds we have had to endure this last week.So dangerous,they scare me.Have a lovely Bank Holiday Sybil.Take Care God Bless.OH!!PS....Yes i am settling in my new bungalow nicely I love it.Thankyou.xx

  4. lovely clematis that sybol,ive got several.have a lovely bank holiday weekend,tc love mort xxx

  5. I hope you can continue with the posts, it's delightful knowing what is going on there with you. Your days are busy ones. It's great that the man could get a larger car to transport those books. Hope the brace works out for Mary. It would take time I think to adjust to it. Having a cruise to look forward to and new dresses too is exciting! I hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

  6. As always honey you made my day by doing a post. I am just fixing to get my uniform on but had to come by here first.
    Loved reading about your day and I can not imagine having that many books even though I do have a few bookcases myself full. lol
    Will come back tomorrow and reread and talk to you again. Got to put on that ugly uniform and go be Ms Pearl right now
    Love ya

  7. Hi,
    Sybil, I am glad that you are posting more often because then I can keep up to date with what is going on in your life....I LOVE the beautiful flower in your header picture. Isn't the color lovely?

    I am happy to hear that you have had some rain. Isn't it funny? Your area is known for rain and yet you haven't had that much and my area is 'high desert" and yet we have had so much precip that we don't know what to do with it all!

    Have a wonderful, beautiful day1

  8. It is very late and I can only make a short comment but I want to thank you for your love and concern about me. I really appreciate it.
    I think your Clematis picture is beautiful. I am happy that you are looking forward to a nice get away.
    I am sending you love.... thank you for your friendship. Hugs, Lura

  9. Just sending you a big hug and love today Syb
    I am suppose to be working today but had to call in sick and since it is a holiday I know they don't believe me.
    Hope you had a great weekend.