Thursday, 2 June 2011

Vallage affairs..

Better late then never !  Perhaps that should be my new motto..
However here I am again,  How are you all ?  do hope that you are able to spend some time outdoors now tha the summer is supposed to have arrived.   Most of my days seem to pass fairly quietly when I look back on them before going to bed.....however when I look at the diary I see that in actual fact the weeks seem to be quite full.... wonder if it is the same with everyone.
Last week ended on with a nice surprise. Mary has a very nice choropodist Helen who comes here to do her feet and has for some years now. Amongs other things we were speaking about clothes and how hard it was for me to get anything. (My dear nighbour Muriel has made me a few dresses over the years and has offered to do another two for the cruise and I had got the materiel and Helen was looking at it)..I was saying that although Muriel can make me a dress it always has to be the same style as she usues a dress that fitted and  I cut up as a pattern.  Helen said but you can just change it Sybil...I said well some might be able to but not Muriel.... Then she delighted me by saying sh would try to make me one.......I know that she is wonderful with the sewing machine as I have witnessed on many occasions she has also taken an old dress and is going to play around with it to make me something different.  I am so happy at the thought and only hope that she can manage. (I have had many many clothes made over the years and none have really ever realised how difficult it can by) fingers crossed.  I have a feeling if anyone can do it Helen can.
Muriel came back from her Mum's on sunday after having been up with her for a week. It was "Grandma's" 100th birthday on Saturday. Muriel said she had a wonderful time surrounded by lots of family and friends and had a lovely card from the Queen which took pride of place.  It was good to have her back again as we miss her when she is not around.    Sunday was what is called Rogation day in the village. It is the one day in the year when all the churches get togther and walk around the village stopping at various places to worship and pray for that particular place.  i.e.  the school. the housing estate, the sheltered housing complex,the market place and shops, and ending at a support housing area called Queens Square to pray for the Queen and country. This Sunday for I think only the second time I didn't join the walk (in my case the trundle!!) the weather wad not very bright with rain didn't come to anything though...I did miss my Sunday service though.  Monday was Revels Revels day is a big day in the village callender and has been for many many years probably over 100 years (with a few interuptions)... I was for many years very involved as a committee member etc etc. The Revels is a chance for all the village organisations to raise money in whatever way the  like by hiring a space on the Rec. and selling whatever. There are also commercial  stands. and to aid the day the committe organises fun things like train rides, donkey rides, and usually on a main stage a band, singer or some kind of is always a themed day this year it was "all the fun of the fair"  one year we even had a crane offering bungee jumps !!    ALAS ALAS Monday dawned  WET  every organisers dread...It was such a pity as it was the first really wet day we have had in weeks...and typically the sky broke up to let the sun shine at....around...4pm....just as everyone was closing up. It was too wet for even me to go over and probably end up helping at the church stand...some memebers were doing a few games I think... I havn't yet heard how they got on or indeed if they stayed the course..
I think that is the first time in 18 years that I have missed going over.....mind you looking on the good side I didn't spend any money buying things I didn't need or eating things that are not good for the waistline !!.. Pam and her husband Henry came over and we did go out for a nice lunch so it wasn't a completely wasted day. Henry was asking many quesions about our cruise in Spetember and we checked out the various ports that we stop at and the various shore trips we could do.  As a consequece on Tuesday I was able to contact Royal Carriean to ask them to check out the feasability of the ones we think we could manage with my wheelchair and Pam's scooter...I wait a reply...
Yesterday we went back to hospital with Mary's knee brace that she got last week. It is not a good fit and keeps slipping down her leg!! so not much good.. The result is tha they are going to order another one of a different design..we will await the results if that..we also showed them that it was completely hopeless for Mary to get it on herself and I might not always be around to do it for her...fingers crossed that a new style will be easier to put on and off and stay on !!!      I am writing this unusually during the morning. Mary goes always up the village on a Thursday morning to a coffee morning and Margaret and Mitch are usually here. However M&M won't be over as Maragret has a friend visiting this am. and a Dr's appointment this afternoon so I have opened the laptop and do an update !!   It is lovely and warm today very little wind so it may even get a bit too hot sitting out...Tomorrow looking at the diary seems to be a free day so think as the forecast is to continue nice we will take the opportunity to take a wee trip somehwer nice.  It would have been nice if our friend Cait had been around as we could have taken her to the sea, however she is looking after her daughters house and dog for a couple of days...Next time I write with news I will tell you where we ended up.


  1. To think that Revels day has only been rained out there once in 18 years isn't bad at all. Glad you have had so many nice opportunities to enjoy the warmer days. It'll be interesting to see where you get off too and hope you take the camera too. I hope your Thursday is a wonderful one!

  2. I love reading your entries Sybil. They are alway so interesting and I always learn something new. Loved reading about Revels day and Ma is right once in 18 years over in the UK is not bad at all!! Can't wait to see where you get to and I want to see pictures too! Also can't wait to see the new dress! Love you lots! xxoo

  3. Like Marie, I always learn something new from you. I had never heard of Revels day before.
    I am so happy you are going on a cruise. John and I are cruise specialists. We love cruising and I am sure you will too.
    I hope that your new dresses turn out just as you want them to. And I hope that Mary will get her brace to fitting better.
    Have a great week. Many Hugs, Lura