Friday, 10 June 2011

Busy Days

Hello Friends,  I hope that this finds you all well and happy... we have been having quite a busy time here what with one thing and another. at the end of my last "report" we were still having some gorgeous weather and n Friday the 3rd. when we woke we still couldn't decide exactly where we should go. It was the children's school holiday week and so the thought of hoards of children and trying to park ruled out quite a few destinations.. In the end we thought why don;t we just go into Bath and be "tourists" and that is just what we did. We went into Bath and were ever so lucky to find the perfect parking spot.  we wandered into the Bath Abbey Churchyard where 100's of tourist congregate there Churchyard and once again found the perfect seat. There are many many buskers in Bath all of a high quality and especially in the yard directly by the entrance to the Roman Baths they seem to be extra good.  Mary and I sat quite entranced listening to a young fellow called Hang playing an instrement that I have never heard of called a Hedge Monkey...yes a Hedge Monkey. you really have to hear it for yourself and if you would like to listen you can find it on U tube. I loved it and although we were surrounded by hoards and hoards of tourists speaking in every language  imaginable and I found I could even cut out all the noise just to listen... He played for about an hour and sat chatting with Mary and I for a wee while afterwards explaining about the Hedge Monkey and telling us that it was developed  in Switzerland and can only be obtained by going there to buy them. Mary and I bought one of his CD's  After he left a trio stared to play and sing, they were very good as well but didn't grab our attention as much as Hang had.  After a while we moved up the town and sat outside a cafe where I had an ice cream and Mary a cool drink still enjoying all the people passing by....some of the "styles" had to be seen to be believed.. I always think I am fat but when I see others I have to agree with Mary that I am actually quite slim, you are permitted to ROFL at that idea !!    SSaturday was another exciting day as I had an invitation to meet Rolf Harris in a new art gallery in Bath. Actually I was taking Mary and Peter with me but Mary decided she would stay at home as we knew that there would be crowds of people and she dosn't do crowds very well..They just don't see her crutches and she either trips them up or they trip her up !! so it was Peter and me. when we arrived at the gallery there was already a big queue that we had to join even though we had a 1pm appointment.  It was eventually just after 2 by the time we managed to get in and had a lovely chat with Rolf.  Peter bought a limited edition book he had brought out that contained two prints of Rolf and signed. He also signed the book. I had taken with me the book that I had been given when I bought his painting of the Fishermen by Moonlight,  just in the hope that he might sign it...There was a notice to the effect that he would only sign things bought in the gallery...however when the gallery owner saw me clutching it she took it and gave  it to him..I said that I had bought the picture whilst on holiday and we chatted about that, he then kindly signed it. I have taken a photograph of the pages and will put it on as a header perhaps today just for a short time...
Sunday 5th. after church we met up with Max and Beth and Alex for lunch. It was a hard day really as it was 3 years to the day since Beth's sister, and my beloved Goddaughter Jacqueline much has happened in these intervenening years. It is only 9 months since her Dad John died and 2 months sinse Sarah left us.
This week has been a week of Dr.s appointments...for Mary she has high BP and has been put on some extra tablets, however just before she went to the Dr. she was washing her hair and I checked the time of her appointment only to discover it was in 5 mins time!!  I called over to her and she came rushing out hair still with shampoo on it rubbing as she came ! I drove her up so it was little wonder that it was up !!  hopefully it will have settled by her next appointment..  Next day I had a hosp. appointment nothing to worry about, it was just that my leg needed a bit of "refurbishment" to make it a bit cleaner and fresher for the summer months !!...the day following that it was yet another hosp. appointment this time for Mary. she got on ok and will go back in 6 months..the Dr. there said that he thinks once they get a knee brace that actually works it may well help....
Now we are once more almost at the end of another week.  we will go shopping in the morning to Chippenham and on our way back go up to Sarah and John's house for the last time. Beth and Max will be up there all weekend and then they think that will be all they can do to make it ready for sale. it should go into the newspapers next Thursday.  Please pray that in this hard economic time that someone will find it their "dream home"...
Take care everyone and rememebr always to   LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


  1. glad you had such a good time.take care my friend,love mort xxx

  2. You always seem to have the best of times there. I know it's not going to be easy for you though seeing that house for the last time. I do hope it gets sold for them quickly. Here real estate is moving slowly and people are having to lower prices a lot. It just depends on where you are and the right person that says this is the house. I hope your enjoy your shopping on Saturday. Take care.

  3. A pleasure catching up with the antics of you and Mary again this morning Sybil! You do lead such interesting lives I think! Poor Mary having to attend the Dr's with her hair all "up!" I am amazed that you have gotten to meet Rolf Harris! I can remember watching his show on the telly when I was but a girl. I always thought him amazing and I love his artwork. What a thrill!! We are off on a jaunt today as well. As the day is nice I think we will make good use of our National Trust membership again! I love the buskers in Chestery City. It is a city that hums with song any day of the year, but especially this time of year. I am amazed at the talent that is out there. I am off to check out what a Hedge Monkey is now! You learn something new every day! Have a wonderful Saturday sweet friend! xxoo

  4. My dear Sybil, you have been busy. I went to YouTube looking for hedge monkeys. Instead I found video of people referred to as hedge monkeys playing an instrument called a Hang. I'm so confused but the one thing that I know is that I enjoyed the sound of the music they made! How exciting to get your book signed by Rolf Harris, "Fishermen by Moonlight" is a lovely painting. You took an excellent photograph!

    Reading your blog is like having a conversation with you. I imagine sitting with you and Mary and having a dish of ice cream!

    Do take care of yourself and continue to enjoy your life.

  5. It sounds like you, Mary and Peter have had some good times in Bath. I am glad that both you and Mary had good turn outs at the Doctors. I have an apt. I am dreading tomorrow but I am sure all will go well.

    I hope that you have a great week ahead. I am sending you hugs as always. Lura

  6. Dear Sybil ,your blog is one of many that I cant seem to leave a comment on ,
    which is very daunting ,I am so pleased you are enjoying your summer ,I love to 'people watch ,so know what you mean about being fat ,my Kate will say to me am I as big as that Mum ?' lol How lovely to get to talk to Rolf Harris great chap ,keep well and happy Jan xx