Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New picture

Morning Friends, 
Just in for a quick change in the picture.  On Saturday when Peter was along we were talking about our meeting with Rolf Harris and wondered if it would be possible to get a copy of the photograph that the official photographer took.  The out come was that I called  the art Gallery and asked where and if we could get a copy...They were so good and said that they had them and if I could wait she would see if she could find us !! apparently they were in a very large file and after a few mins. when we tried to remember what I was wearing....well it was a week ago LOL....It was found. Both Peter and I are pleased with it especially after a friend was able to adjust the picture a bit by removing some of the people who were standing behind me.
It is another lovely morning here and promises to be a warm day...last for the week the weather woman is saying there are to be rather  heavy showers next few days...
we are off to Bible study this morning and afterwards we are going to a new ASDA store that has opened in Melksham a small town near us here in Wiltshire.  It has been open now I think about 3/4 weeks so should be a bit quieter...
Thank you everyone for your prayers regarding the selling of the house. It has now gone up for sale I went up on Saturday for one last look round. It was a rather sad visit...
We, me niece Beth and Max are going up to Edinburgh on Friday for the weekend but will try to get back before we leave..


  1. What a lovely picture of you with Rolf, Sybil!! I love it! We have an ASDA near us. I seldom to go it, because it is sooooo big and takes me twice a long to find what I need! The prices are good though. I expect if I went more often I would get to know more where things are and it would not take as long! Enjoy this sunny day! xxoo

  2. Glad you are able to get out and enjoy the sunny day. Your SMILE in the picture says it all. How wonderful they were able to give you a copy. I hope your Tuesday is a TERRIFIC one.

  3. It's a wonderful picture; you look so happy!