Saturday, 25 June 2011

last of the weekend tales

Sorry I didn't get back in yesterday.  I was quite tired all day as I had a rather disturbed night...needlessly so, as it turned out....around 4am I woke to the sound of my fire alarm bleeping...indicates a new battery require..after 1/2 hour I could stand it no longer as I feared that it might go off altogether, then I would have to get a stick I keep handy to poke it with (it is up on the ceiling and to high for me to reach normally) anyway around 6.45 I figured that Peter would be up and getting ready for work so I called him and he came to take the battery out. At first he could not do this so took the whole thing down and went off with it...a few secs later I thought I heard it go again !  PETER...he came back and we stood in the kitchen looking around only to discover it was the carbon monoxcide alarm that was bleeping and in need of new batteries..It sits under the gas boiler and of course had I known it as that I could have taken action to silence it at 4.30am..... No wonder I felt tired all day !!!
Anyway back to the weekend. Once we left the castle we made our way to my friends house where we were staying till Monday. It was great to see Fiona again. we have been friends for over 40 years. we started our friendship when I baby sat for her and her Dr husband now the "bairns" are around 46 44 and 42  !!
We all went out for a nice meal in the evening. Sunday dawned a lovely sunny day and after breakfast we made our way over the Forth Road bridge and on into Fife.  My dear friends Jane and Meme live in Elie a tiny fishing village...well it was once fishing now it is a holiday village.  Jane has been very very ill for a while now and it may well be the last visit I will be seeing her. so it was very special. We did not stay to long as I could see that she was very tired after about 11/2 hours.  Once we left we dove along the coast visiting a few of the tiny villages and ended up at the real fishing village of Anstruther. Here in Anstruther there is a Fish and Chip shop that has won the award of the best fish and chip shop in the UK for last 4 we just had to stop there. The sitting area in the shop was full but as it was such lovely day we just sent Max in to Q. and Beth and I found a seat on the harbour wall and waited and waited it was at leats1/2 hour before he returned with our orders...I had the very best smoked haddock I have ever tasted in all my life.  Beth had battered prawns and Max had lobster....all freshly caught that morning....All in all except for the sad part of seeing Jane look so poorly and Meme having aged so much it was a lovely day and we were so blessed to have brilliant even warm sunshine.  Oh I forgot whilst we were sitting having our lunch we were entertained by a puppeteer who was one among around 7 Harley Davidson motor cycle enthusiasts.. There bikes were so beautiful There was even a three wheeler that I got quite envious of..I could just see Mary and I sitting astride that one going through the village !!!
Monday we left after breakfast for the long drive home. It is approx 400 miles from Edinburgh home to Box. Max drove all the way and we made good time and arrived in time for Mary getting the kettle on for tea at 3.30...
I will be back after the weekend with more news. I am soon leaving to collect a Friend from London who is coming for the weekend.


  1. I'm glad that all in all it was a good weekend for you and it sounds like another great one coming too with the visit from your friend from London. You are having some busy days there this summer.

  2. Sounds like a nice trip. I would love that fish and chip place. George and I love fish and chips! Have a good weekend.

  3. Sybil, I have enjoyed this trip to Scotland with you. I am now left wanting Fish and Chips, but not just any fish and chips, but the ones you have spoken of here! I have always fancied a trip to Scotland and it sounds like the perfect excuse! (Would that I could!) Glad you returned to us safe and sound and without any mishaps along the way! I send much love and many hugs to you on this sunny (so far) sabbath day! xxoo

  4. Sorry dear about the alarms beeping and waking you so early. I am glad that Peter could come and help get the batteries out. No wonder you were tired.

    It sounds like you had lovely visits with friends... and more to come. How nice for you. I have been with my friend Sil for the past week. It has helped the time pass more quickly. Thanks for your prayers and support. I appreciate them.
    Have a good week. Hugs, Lura

  5. Again I was unable to leave a message on your Blog. I'm glad you had a good time.
    I would have loved to have visited that chippy! It sounded FAB!
    Shame about your friends who are getting more fragile with time. You will notice it more each time you go.
    Enjoy having your friend up from London I have my ex sister-in-law coming for a week beginning July 9th. We are getting too old to walk as much but at least we can drive to each place of interest.