Thursday, 23 June 2011

Edinburgh weekend

Morning Friends,
Back once again from my short trip up north to Edinburgh.  It was a really good visit and thankfully the horrendous weather forecast for Friday did not materialise. Max and Beth collected me around 8am. and Max made good time on the motorway. In fact I have rarely had such a good journey there are usually accidents and road works to contend with but this time both going up and coming home the M.ways were all clear.   we arrived in Edinburgh around 3,.30pm.  In the evening as it was still dry I suggested that we go up to Arthur's seat with John and Sarah's ashes before we did anything else.. I felt that that would be better for Beth...This we did. It was a beautiful evening. We stopped by a small lake and Beth went off by her request...she took the ashes to where her Dad had taken Jacqueline's ashes, and so once more Jacqueline, and her Mum and Dad were intermingled...if you know what I mean. It was as I say a beautiful evening and when she came back Max and Beth and I had a hugging session and enjoyed the sounds of the birds and the views of the loch and further away the river Forth and the coast of Fife.
Saturday dawned very wet...However we had planned for that and decided to visit a new exhibition least new to us...Planet Earth..I think it was called.  It was a good choice as we spent 21/2 hours there and were fascinated by all the facts and figures. The exhibition started with the big bang theory and continued in that vein as we were taken through ages. There were many interacive buttons to push etc etc and areas where we were enclosed and felt the effects of the ice age. earthquakes, times quite scary !! towards the end we had a 4D film show.  We had never seen a 4D show and it was truly magnificent with our glasses on we really felt part of the Astronauts flying through the air and visiting various planets etc etc. all in all a good morning.  Afterwards we drove up the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle.  There we had quite exceptional attendance. The esplanade was closed to general traffic so we asked where the nearest disabled parking was..the soldier on duty said no trouble Sir  (to Max) and opened the barrier told us top drive right up the esplanade to the sentry box right At castle gate !!  next a private hire limo arrived and took us including of course the wheelchair right to the top of the castle pointing out various places on our way up and dropped us of right at the top and said when we were ready to come down wherever we might be just to ask any guide and they would call them up and they would come..  and they did.     I will stop here as the day has started and Mary will be over any moment now and I will have to get he breakfast toast ready.  I will try to pop in tonight perhapss to share the rest of the weekend with you.


  1. After a bit of a sad start it sounds as though you all had a wonderful weekend there. It was very nice that they had provided such good services for handicapped access for you. I hope your Thursday is a wonderful day and I'll be looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I am glad that you got "royal" treatment at the castle.

    I appreciate your prayers and support. I need them. Thank you. I hope you have a great weekend ahead. Many hugs, Lura

  3. My sweet friend oh how I wish you were popping in to see me but for now I will just have to continue to read about you on here. lol
    I thought of you while you were away wondering how it was going. It had to be hard for all of you yet good that their ashes were spread with their daughters.
    It has been a crazy week here but that seems to be my life right now. Never knew my daughters moving back home for a few months would change my world totally. Her dog is a full time grand child. lol
    This evening a 4 Gretchen and I are suppose to go to the Round Top Library and write. It is closed but we have a key to their Activity Center.
    Just hope when I sit down the words will flow because I don't get to write much now.
    Sending you Happy Thoughts and much Love