Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hello Friends,
I do hope that you have all had a good week and that you have been able to get out and about to enjoy it.  We have been blessed with warm days not at all like November, when I think back to last year we had deep snow and Mary and I were marooned !!!....The forecaster tells us that perhaps the mild spell will end this weekend and it will become more winter like....we will wait and see...I for one would be quite happy if it stayed this way till spring came !!!
Two weeks ago on Thursday we had a lovely day as my sister Margaret felt well enough to come over to me for our usual Thursday visit and then the 4 of us went out for lunch. we went to a very old Inn called The George set right beside the Kennett and Avon canal as it meanders into Bath some 4 miles away. It was some time since we had been there and it is now under new management. It was excellent. Even more so as I had a voucher and Mitch and I were able to have two wonderful sirloin steaks with all the trimmings at 2 for price of one...yummy....It was all the more special as Margaret got quite unwell the day after and has not been able to get out at all since....
I collected my new glasses last Wednesday, They are varifocals and glad to say I have got used to them very quickly there are only occasional times whon I have to move my head up and down to get things into focus. Such as at our church quiz night, I kept getting the question master out of focus LOL.  Pam and I were doing a raffle st the quiz and everyone was very kind to want to have a go, we did have some nice presents so that helps. I think that we made almost £97 and altogether the evening made just over £300 for church funds. Pam Henry, Mary Peter and I I am afraid did not do as well as we have in previous quizzes coming 7th out of 12  boo hoo,  although Peter did win some biscuits in the raffle !!!
I am going to change my header picture tonight and will keep it up for a few days.  It is a very old picture...the reason I am putting it up is to let you see what my dear Mother looked like at around age 6 tomorrow my Mother would have been celebrating her 100th birthday. what celebrations we would have had...She is the only one with a ribbon in her hair...she hated that ribbon as none of the other children had to wear one. Mum was brought up by her spinster Aunt who always insisted in the ribbon....little did she know that it was removed as soon as Mum got out of sight...but the day of  the photographs of course she knew better than have it removed.  I actually think it is an amazing thing to think that 94/5 years ago a school photographs was taken especially as it was a very small single class primary school the headmistress must have been well beyond her years to think of such a thing....
To all my friends in America may I wish you all a Very very Happy Thanksgiving weekend whatever you are doing I hope that you are surrounded by love and friendship.and take that opportunity to tell everyone that means anything to you that YOU LOVE THEM....


  1. Sounds like you have had a good week Sybs. So happy you are now used to the glasses. The quiz sounded like fun. I adore quizzes! I adore steak too - and your sounded delicious. How brilliant you got them at a discount too! Have a great rest of the week xx

  2. What a lovely old photo Sybil,of your Dear Mother.Well another lovley week you have had and what a tremendous amount you all made for the church funds CLAP CLAP,well done to you all.Sorry you didin't do as well in the quiz LOL,but we carn't be great at everything can we ? he he.Enjoy the rest of the week Sybil.Just trying to do a catch up whilst my back is feeling a littlebetter tonight.Take Care God Bless Kath xx Love ya lots. xx

  3. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. It's alway s happy time here as I get to see most of my family. Glad the glasses are working good for you. It sure does make a difference. Sorry to hear that your sister is unwell once again. I'm keeping her in my prayers. The picture of your Mother is a wonderful one. How cute she is with the bow. Too bad she didn't like it.
    It has been raining and chilly here today. Take good care!

  4. Sybil, am really happy to read that your sister Margaret was able to get out with you all for a lunch, but sorry to hear she is poorly again. As ever I am keeping her in my prayers. Love the picture of your mum! What a sweet little girl she looks! (of course the ribbon helps, what little girl doesn't look sweet in a ribbon!) I have varifocals now too and I love them! I finally don't have to take my glasses off to do anything close! Have a wonderful day sweet friend! xxoo

  5. Glad you all have some warmer weather. Ours has been warm here too til today. Sat under the poncho today in the rain and cold at a football game. Warm now though in front of a fire place. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  6. Dearest Sybil
    This was such a wonderful way for me to start my Monday morning reading about your adventures.
    So glad you were able to spend the day with Margaret. I am really sorry that she has been ill since that day. Sending lots of prayers for you and Margaret.
    Your sweet picture of your Mom is awersome. I had to laugh about the ribbon coming out of her hair immediately afterwards. I think she is precious and really great to see this picture.
    I am with you about wishing the warmer weather would just hang in here. We did get in the 30's last night which is the second time so far and I am so not ready for these cold days. Today will get in the high 50's and I think in the 30's at night all week.
    I brought my outside cats in and hid them upstairs because I can not stand the thought of them being cold. My landlady would shoot me so I need to figure out what else I can do with them this winter.
    This week I need to really catch up on so much but I did want to come by and start my week with a dear friend.
    I think of you often and wish I were rich so I could visit you

  7. I just found our about your dear little dog this morning on Marie's post and wanted to stop by and let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Lots of Love and Hugs are being sent your way!

  8. What a darling little girl your mother was. What a fun picture. I am glad that Margaret was able to come and you had a nice visit. I am glad that you have adjusted well to the new glasses. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. We did have a great holiday with family. I am thankful for that.
    Have a great week. Hugs, Lura