Saturday, 25 February 2012

I hope that this finds you all well and happy.  It has been a lovely few days here weatherwise with above normal temps. We really have been so lucky this past winter it has been the mildest for a number of years. The only complaint is from water boards as there has been so little rain that it is feared that come summer they will be forced to bring in water restrictions, I think wessex water who provide our water has said that our area is not one that is in a critical situation but one can never tell.
Last week Mary and I seemed to be making good use of each and every day. Mondays as always we have Pam my friend over and then we all go to guild our speaker last week was explaining all about submerines ! not somthing I thought would be very interesting but it turned out to be better than I expected...Tuesday as we did not have bible study ( it being school mid term holiday and our minster tries to have the holiday with her son)  we went to a place called Radstock. I had read that the museum there was having a display of over 200 patchwork quilts..normally it is about a 40 min drive to Radstock...however we hit road works and it took us over an hour to get  there....never mind...lets get parked I said ,and we can have coffee before we start in the cafe, ( I had read up all about the museum!!) we got to the door and I response..Mary had a go...same... now sensible people would have checked the opening time !! as you know by now I can occasionally LOL be not very sensible....the place did not open till 2.30pm we were there banging on the doors at mid day !! Now I do not really know Radstock very well at all so did not know where we could go so decided just to continue on the road that we had parked in hopeing to perhaps find somewhere....after about 1/2 mile Mary remarked that the road was getting a bit rough..I said worries it's a back road...and drove on...another 1/2 mile on...and we came to a dead end !!! it certainly was not the best trip ever !!!  but we plan to go again hopefully one day this coming the afternoon this time LOL............  Thurs. found us up bright and early as we were going into Bath to see a recording of one of our fav. TV shows called "Flog It" people bring their antiques etc to be valued and if interestng will be filmed for the show...Peter took a day of work to take Mary and we had to be there real early Mitch my BIL said if we parked by the house he would take us down town in his car as there was very little parking around the Assembley Rooms in Bath...This all went smoothly and we had a lovely few hours. I had taken a few limited edition paper weights to be valued but as they are comparativly new they were not of much value ! the autograph of Princess Diana that she signed in our visitors book when she visited Mum and I would have been more valuable if it had been on a page on it's own  (when we asked her to sign we said it would be in the visitors book amongs others) it might bring £30 if I had wanted to sell...which I didn't.  Peter took some old 78 records only one was of any value and that was an Elvis one which might get £70. !! but as we hadn't gone to really have valuations it was just nice to watch how the programme was made...another enjoyable day...
Sunday I had a day of rest  so to speak and did not go to church !  We had arranged to go to Bristol.  Mary Peter and I to see the of Wildlife of the Year Photographic exhibition.  I won't drive in Bristol so Peter was the volounteer !!!  we met Beth and Max there and we all agreed that it was a great exhibition there were about 100 pictures taken by all sorts of people down to ages 10 !!  Afterwards Beth and Max took us out to a very nice pub for lunch....another lovely day..
This past week Mary and I were at the theatre in Bath again, this week to see the play The Kings Speech..The production was a coup for Bath as it is one of only 5 places before it goes on to take London West End by storm. after that it heads for Broadway... It is certainly one of the top must see plays of the year. I hope that perhaps you have seen the film and but please if you ever get the chance to see the stage version do go . It is wonderful and there was a standing ovation at the end...
Just before I came on here tonight I was looking at an article on the web site of the National Trust they were descibing some names of places for a walk and they struck me as so funny I thought that I should share them with you to give you a laugh as well....... so get your walking boots on and we can stroll through
Scrubby Bottoms  in Wales,   Booby's Bay in Cornwall,  Windy Gap in Surrey, Slappers Rock in Cornwall, Kiss me Arse Steps again in Cornwall.  Scratch Arse Ware in dorset,  Cock up Bridge in Cambridge   Pisser Clough in Yorkshire and our last one will take us over to the Isle of Wight where we stroll along
The Nostrals  !!!!
Good Night Friends and remember always  to LOVE ONE ANOTHER....


  1. How nice it is to see your post. I love hearing all your news and what you've been up to. We've had a mild winter here too but had had plenty of rain so we'll not be affected that way. Today was one of our colder days and we had some snow flurries, but the were the pretty kind and didn't lay on very much at all. The names of those places to visit are unbelievable. Makes one wonderful how they came to be. Hope you get back to the quilt show when it's open.

  2. Wow you have really been busy and on the go. I love your blog pic at the top and the places at then end crack me up. lol

  3. wish i had a life like yours, sybil. i do nowhere but back and forth to my bf's house, which is 170 miles. i am sorry you missed the museum, but you had a wonderful trip down the dead end road lol. i love getting out on a pretty day, windows down, riding, seeing different things. even if it is a dead end, you discovered somewhere you had never been. FLOG IT, sounds like ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW. will i see you on camera????? love your posts, sybil. i read them even if don't comment. love you....regina

  4. What a busy week you have had Sybil! (Despite not getting in to see the quilts!) I love to watch flogit on the telly. I don't think we have anything here that is worth very much in any case, but do love to see other's treasures. You made me smile at the end with the name places. There are some very unusual names over here for sure!!! Love you dear friend. xxoo

  5. i like flog it,prefer bargain hunt. glad you been out and about.the weather here is nice,bit cold wind,but the flowers are all coming out. spring is here i hope. you take care xxxx

  6. Busy lady you are too! I laughed at those names too. You have many funny ones there! Fun to read about your travels, and troubles you have on your little trips! We're in the middle of getting snow this weekend. Rather welcomed it is, as we haven't had any good snow all winter this year. A very dry winter for us! Have a good week. jo

  7. I am always amazed by all that you do. Where do you get the energy? You, Mary and Peter have so much fun. Good for you.. when I am able I will be right over so we can hike through those "unique" places. Haha
    hugs, Lura

  8. My dear Sybil please box up some of your energy that you and Mary have and send it to Texas. I always smile when I read of all your adventures. You live such a fun interesting life. I am lucky to be able to come by and live through you and Mary. lol
    My friend Gretchen came back to Tx from Kentucky where she was taking care of her mother and she was accepted in to graduate school just out of London. Can't wait to find out more about where she will be. I know it will be for two weeks in April when she begins the studies. It is in Art.
    I of course talked about you and she remembered you and I will do a post about her soon..

    They listed some pretty funny places for walks. haha

    Thought of you this morning about 2:30 am when Tinkerbell had me up and around for a little while. I guess I need to chase her around the house more because in the middle of the night she wants my attention.
    Tell Mary hello and you guys have fun

  9. Sybil honey I dreamed about you last night. It was really a strange dream you were just sitting there staring at me. lol
    Girlfriend I fell out of my chair laughing at your comment you left me. I can always depend on you getting me back out of my slump.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Do write soon I miss hearing about you.
    It rained so hard these past four days I felt like I should be building a boat instead of moving things around in my bedroom. Talk about silly that is all I did all weekend. Last night I did not know where to find my bed or pj's.
    Sending you much love from one crazy ole grandmayellowhair

  10. Sybil honey I could not sleep tonight so I am up in the wee hours of the morning catching up with my friends.
    So how are you my friend. When are you going to do a new post so I can catch up on you.
    What would be even better is for you to do a Blogazine post for me.
    I know aren't I selfish asking you to do that.
    Guess I worked to hard out on the North Forty because I can't sleep but I guess I should go back and try again for a few hours.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Love ya