Tuesday, 3 April 2012

missing days...

Oh my goodness I have never been away from my blog for quite so long...I am sorry if you have missed me...Mind you I sometimes wonder if I write this to a few friends and invisible number of folks  and wonder if I should keep it up...But then I get the odd e.mail asking if all is well  and that....well...starts me off again  LOL
So here goes... March has been an up and down  month.  My sister Margaret was in hospital and I spent most days going back and forth into Bath.  However I have also been renewing friendships with friends who I am in contact with only occasionally. Early in the month my friend Margaret and her friend Clive (who I had not met) came down to Bath for a few days and so we all met up for a coffee which soon extended to a late lunch after a wonderful walk..or in my case a trundle...along the Kennet and Avon Canal that runs by a very old Inn called the George where we had had our coffee..and then lunch. As it was at least 10 years since we met you can imagine the chat and news we had to exchange. Poor Clive...mind you he could chat as well and he and Mary got on well whilst Margaret and I chatted away...It was a lovely early spring day and some of the canal boat owners were busy getting their boats ready for the season so there was quite a lot of activity going on.     A little later in the month Julie (an adopted sister really more than a friend) arrived to spend the weekend. It is always lovely when she is here.  As Margaret was still in hospital Julie joined me in visiting her so that was nice and we also had dinner out at the George..again...on the Sunday we met up with Beth and Max at Dyrham Park and had a lovely walk in the early spring gardens and a nice lunch in the National Trust Cafe...all to soon it was time for Julie to leave us once again and catch the train back to London....
Thankfully around the 13th of the month Margaret got home and although she is still very weak we are glad she is home and we have been able to get carers to come in 4 days a week and with Barbara my niece and I filling in the other days she will hopefully gain some strength....
You may remember that last year I was really lucky getting some new dresses....Well this morning when Helen came to do Mary's feet what did she bring ?   you guessed...another dress !  it is a real beauty a lovely burnt amber colour in pure shot silk (the materiel is over 50 years old and was bought in Singapore apparently !!) it fits beautifully. I am so lucky...I will hopefully have a photo taken wearing it soon....probably on the cruise...and will let you all see it, I do know though that no photograph will do it justice....
The last 10 days of the month we have had the most amazing weather certainly borrowed days from summer I think we will have to remind ourselves when we moan...as we will...when we get wet days in July !! Mary and I have been able to sit out most days in between doing our usual daily things !!we have visited a couple of Nat. Trust gardens, and it is so nice to see the blossom on the trees etc etc Our fav, garden The Courts is very near us and I plan to TRY to remember to take a photograph from the same spot each time we go to show the changes in the year... TODAY though we had a bit of a fright !! winter has returned....cold wind and frosty morning. in Aberdeenshire there is a small that last week had the highest recorded temps for any March on record around 80deg I think....this morning they had 6ins. of snow !!!  I don't think we will have snow here but certainly a few really cold days....so from nice cotton dresses back to jeans and jumpers !!
Well friends please once again forgive me for my absence but remember that I appreciate you all
never forget to       LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


  1. lovely to hear from you love. i love the forsythia pic.see that out and know winter will soon be over. we hope.lol.glad sister is doing well,thankyou for sharing with us,you are very lucky living where you are.although i love north norfolk,i may swap??lolol tc love mort xxxx

  2. I agree with Mort the forsythia is just beautiful. I do love to see it bloom in the spring. I'm glad you took the time to post. I do think about you often and love reading your blog. I do see your comments on our dear Marie's blog so feel that I am in someway keeping up with you. That silk will be perfect for a cruise. Glad to hear that you have one planned. I'm sure your sister will be able to rest easier at home. Hopefully she'll be able to gain some strength back soon. We had some really unusually warm March days but it has turned to cooler and more normal temps for us. No snow here either but a few freezing frosts. Until the next time, take good care and enjoy the lovely spring weather.

  3. There is that old saying, "Don't cast a clout until May is out!" It is back to cold, windy and miserable here too. Brrr . . . Sounds like you have had such a busy time of it. I am glad that Margaret is home now and that you were able to get some additional home care for her. As ever she, and YOU are in my prayers. Sounds like you had a nice visit with Julie, and what a lovely surprise that new dress must have been! I'm sure you look just lovely in it! And yes, perfect for a cruise I would say! Todd and I are going on a cruise in September, our first ever. I am a bit nervous about it as I am prone to seasickness, but we will see. HOping this will make up for not going to Canada this year. I LOVE that bright and pretty Forsythia in your header!! How very cheerful and wonderful! Just like you! Love and hugs to you, Mary and the crew! xxoo

  4. Good Morning Sybil,I comment when I am online and get your e. mail saying you have posted.Sorry if I have missed any these last fewmonths but things are hectic here at my end right now.Lovely header picture Sybil.I love all flowering shrubs and flowers too as you know well.So happy to read Margeret is improving and help will be additional now.Thats good news alone.You have your adventures don't you? LOL!!Popping here thier and everywhere,I do not blame you.I wish I had as many friends and company.So we will be seeing "SYBIL IN SILK " shall we ont he cruise Heeeeeeee.I'll have to seeif I can make a rhyme up on that subject haaaaaaa.Well Sybil I must go.I have got the electricians in just now,and what a mess they are making.Roosters Father was admitted to hospital again yesterday for his Leukemia,he isn't well at all.Prayers needed,so another worry.Well until I am back online regular Sybil.Thankyou for the laughs you send me I am most grateful,You take care Sybil and Love to everyone, Mary ,Margaret ,Peter ,etc.So happy you have had good times of late.God Bless Kath... Love You ...xxxxx

  5. Dear Sybil
    I hope Margaret gains in strength day by day now that she is home in familiar surroundings. It always gives 'a body' a great lift to be back home and out of hospital. Give her my love and good wishes for a steady improvement back to good health again.
    Your visits out into your surrounding countryside this spring are evocative of what we are experiencing here in the Lakes and the Borders, as I am writing this up at Samantha's again.
    Once she is rehabilitated back to good health from her spinal operation, I hope to begin my journal again. It has been a year in my case since I last made an entry.
    I have enjoye catching up with you my lovely friend. Give my love to Mary and catch a ((((huggle)))) from me.
    Love and God bless!
    Jeanie xxxxx

  6. Oh Sybil I hope you don't ever stop posting. I will take once a month if that is all you can do. lol
    I so enjoyed visitng you that I would hate that if you stopped writing.
    Sounds like a very busy month. I am so glad Margaret finally was able to come home. You must be thrilled for her.
    Glad the weather has been pretty so you can get out and enjoy spring.
    I too have been bad about blogging especially the month of March.
    When I am sad you know how I write less. I will get to see my children and grandbabies on Saturday so I am excited. Maybe I can find out more about how Clint is doing.Today I went junk shopping with friends. Miles and miles of junk but it was fun. I grew up with these friends and we don't see each other often but when we do we have a good time. I did a post about it tonight.
    Honey I hope you have a very special Easter.
    Love ya