Thursday, 19 November 2009

Rescue, Royalty, last meal,

Recently Sheria one of my favourite bloggers had a reqest to do a "Kreative Blogger" and as I have very little to say tonight I thought I might follow her, and give away a few things that you may or may not know about me.

1... when I was born my Mother was told not to expect me to live very long !! ... I like to suprise people....

2....Most of you may well know that my favourite country is New Zealand, but you may not know that one day in Auckland Mary and I decided to go to the top of Sky Tower (one of the highest towers in the world) It was getting towards evening by the time we got to the top and had stood admiring the views when we decided we had better go down to dinner 5 floors below,....As we approached the elevators we hear a ringing sound..there were quite a few of us milling around looking at one another....YES the elevators had stopped...broken down...capoot...whatever you like to call it we were trapped ! soon afterwards men appeared and said we would all have to walk down !! WALK DOWN..ME...not me..and so there was Mary and I marooned.... All the others had been led down the internal stairs. We had to stand/sit around till we could be rescued...It took some time ,and although the elevator engineers were getting a bit alarmed, I must say we bagan to think it quite only worry was our dinner date !! we made sure that our dinner booking would be honoured was about 1 and 1/2 hours late

3. The two most famous people that I have ever met were The Queen...that was as I was introduced in a line of many people who had been asked to a reception at Hollyrood House in Edinburgh the home of the Queen when she is in Edinburgh. The other was HRH Princess Diana. She visited my Mother and me in our flat in Bath. She was a delightful person and very interested in everything. She even suggested the best place for a photo shoot for the attending photographer (she perched on the edge of our settee she was so tall and Mum and I so small !!)

4. I was Senior Steward at our church and was partly responsible for seeing through the project of restructuring our church at the cost of aprox £88.000..

5. I once crashed my car and never told my Mother. I told her it had a fault in it...when the engineer brought it back my Mother said to the young man, I hope you have repaired it properly this time....poor thing didn't know what she was talking about ( had I told my Mother about the accident she would have been afraid for me ever to drive again!!)

6. I once helped with Pam my friend, make Christmas dinner for 35 elderly tennants where we worked and I Lived...This was done without a kitchen ! We enrolled the help of various tennants and used their cookers. How we got everything all made and on time ! was a miracle...Can you imagine the two of us dashing between flats between floors with pots of vegetables, roast potato, turkey etc etc..and then serving up in our common room. Thankfully another warden had helped lay the tables whilst we were dashing around..

7. If I had to order my last ever would be.. a delicious Steak rare cooked, with all vegetables in season followed by Baked Alaska (with choc ice in the centre)...

8. To enjoy my last meal I would have to be surrounded by my family, extended family and best friends...

So there you are.. As I said earlier it has been a fairly quiet week with me here, The weather has been very very stormy and although not cold it has not been very nice to get out and about. We are hoping that we might get out tomorrow to go and do a bit of shopping.
Good Night......and...


  1. Never a dull moment your end, Sybil, interesting post!


  2. I loved this post, Syb. You have led such an interesting life, with so many wonderful experiences. You must have just loved meeting Princess Diana, and the Queen. And such a wonderful thing for you and Pam to make Christmas dinner for all the residents there. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Have a good day, my friend.

  3. Sybil I just loved reading these things about you!!! How wonderfully fascinating you are! I just gobble up every word you write. I hope that you are able to get out shopping today! Hasn't the weather this past week been just dreadful!!! My heart really goes out to all those up in Cumbria etc. that have had to deal with floods and such! xxoo

  4. Stopping by to say hello. Found your blog from "Ma's" and have a cute picture of a dachshund on my blog.

  5. Hi sybs it was a quick whip around the life of sybs with plenty more to come that is only a little taste of your life you are an insperation to a lot of people
    loveyou Pam

  6. Great reading all about you steak is my favourite too never met the Queen lucky you. Love Joan

  7. These were interesting facts Sybil. I would have loved to have met Diana. I really liked her as a person, at least from the books I read. Looks like we both have some experience in getting a meal together w/o a kitchen. ha. Well, at least I had a sink, fridge, and microwave though. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  8. Very interesting to read about some of your adventures, Sybil!