Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Christmas. choirs, sales,

Hi friends, sorry for the delay in writing. I truly do not know where the days go. It is already almost the middle of November and it is hard to believe that Christmas will be with us in only 6 yes 6 weeks !! I really will have to get my skates on as they say and get myself up a gear.... what about you ? are you all ready !! I have made one effort and that was to make a start on some Christmas cards I was horrified to discover that I had already missed the last posting date for my overseas mail to go by land/sea so now they will all have to go air mail and of course that is much more expensive...As Mary is not very good at writing she gets her do her cards as well ah well only around 100 more to be done. There are other things that I must get organised as well it will be our Guild Christmas tea when we try to put on a little entertainment guess who is the entertainer !! Then there is the Christmas Carol service..goodness gratious you think anyone would notice if, like the tortoise, I went into hibernation.
This last week has been really very nice if somewhat hectic.. My lovely neighbour Muriel has gone away for a month to Australia we miss her already she comes in every morning for a chat with her corgi dog. We are taking in her mail and I must pop over to check the house perhaps tomorrow...Mary had an exciting thing happen to her last week, she had a new television delivered and the gentleman who delivered it was very kind and managed to put on an extension to her arial so that she can now get a few extra programmes. We are all going "digital" in march so we are having to change our TVs. or buy something called a "didgi Box" so she chose a new TV. she is delighted with it. Last Friday we had a great evening at church when we had the "lifted gospel choir" from Bath Uni. come to give us what turned out to be a wonderful nights singing. I know that in the US there are many many gospel choirs but over here there are not that many. They were all lovely young girls and it is rare that 2 and a 1/2 hours have flown so quickly. We gave them all a standing ovation and have already booked them again for next year. That was the starat of a really great weekend. My friend Pam came out from Bath to spend it with me (her husband had gone with their two sons to France for remembrance weekend) To start both of us had to man a stall at our church table top sale on Saturday morning. We had organised a "new" stall meaning that we only sold things that could be sold/given as new, perhaps for christmas gifts.(even if all the goods had at one time been given as a gift to someone they gladly gave them to us to raise funds) Happy to say that we raised £45, and we will do another table next month of Christmas goodies. If I have time I will try to do a game or two...such as name the doll..but then I will have to buy a doll !! maybe I could find a teddy...I will have to think. The rest of the weekend Pam and I had a great time as Pam had brought her new lap top computer. Pam is fairly new at computing and wanted to know how to do quite a few things and so our weekend developed into a Computer Weekend. and what fun we had. not saying that Mary was very happy watching us fool around !! Sunday morning we didn't have a service at church as it was Remembrance Sunday when the villagers meet at the war memorial at 10.45 when there is a short service. After the service the Methodist welcome everyone back for hot tea/coffee biscuits etc. Pam and I were up at church by 10am to get organised and await the invasion. We have done this for quite a few years now so have got it down to a fairly good system...however when we are invaded by over 100 folks to be served tea/coffee all within about 10mins. it is a bit of a blur. It was the first time Pam had done it and was absolutely astounded at how many people arrive in such numbers. It really is amazing we have another two members in the kitchen who serve the children juice etc. and make a start at the washing is amazing that by 12 noon everyone has gone and we have got everything washed up and put away....not bad just over 1/2 hour this year 115 served..a record number. And so began another week. On a Monday it is always Guild afternoon. This week we had a speaker who came to tell us all about the talking newspaper for the blind..or indeed for anyone not able to read the paper for whatever reason. It was a facinating talk and everyone left having learnt so much.
So there you are that's my last 10 days or so.
There was a lot of much more serious things that I could have and perhops should have written about in this week of remembrance but I have left to it some of my other friends to do just that. Good night, bless you all and remember


  1. I think I would love living in your village as you all seem so connected and do alot together. It sounds like your friend choose a good weekend to visit and was a lot of help to you. With working all the time, I don't do much with groups at our church but do go to Bible study and of course attend church every Sunday.

  2. We do most of our preparations during the year so we do not get overwhelmed at holiday time, except for the wrapping :o)

  3. You have been and are going to be very busy over the next few weeks. that was great of you to show you friend how to use here laptop it is such a great way for passing time etc. take care and try to fing time for you. Love Joan

  4. Hi Sybs your blog was very good it!made me tired reading it it was such a busy weekend and it went to fast
    love Pamxx