Saturday, 31 October 2009


Halloween customs in Scotland in my childhood days !! consist chiefly of children going door to door "guising" dressing up and offering entertainment of various sorts in return for gifts. Mainly apples and some small coins (which I used to buy fireworks for Guy Fawks Night Nov.5th.) We would practice for days before hand whatever we had decided to sing, recite

We children were invariably dressed up as something supernatural or spooky or whatever the "fad" of the year might be !! as I said we had to do some entertainment usually consisting of singing, telling a poem or joke etc. My costume would always be home made and very easy.. we always only went to neighbours doors where we were known, although we were sure and certain that they did not reconise us !!!

We don't 'trick' you if you do not give, as in America. (However, after the showing of ET in the early 80s, the influence of American "trick or treating" seems to have become more prevelant at least in England.) I alwasy caried a hollowed out turnip with candle in it I can still remember the smell of thse turnips with the burning candle inside. I had never heard about Pumpkins.... ever.......

At church we always had a Halloween party often consisted of various games, for instance 'Dooking fur aiples' where we had to bite apples floating in a basin of water, once we had one by the teeth we could retreive and obtain it.

For younger children an easier game was 'Forkin fur aiples', an easier task, where the children stood on a chair and held a fork handle in their teeth, taking aim, they would release it into the basin of apples and water and retreive and keep any apple they so skewered. Another game was 'treacle scones' where children had to eat a scone covered in treacle hanging on a piece of string. This one we all loved...I can just imagine my Mothers face when we went home covered in sticky treacle !!

Today many if not all churches seem to be trying to stop the halloween celebrations...apparently it was supposed to be all about black magic whatever is that I would have been asking ??? Oh for the innocent days of long ago...

So there you are that is my memories of Halloween...

So Long as we LOVE ONE ANOTHER....we will all be safe xxx


  1. One story I was told was about the children going door to door begging for treats in return for praying for all the souls of people. I like that more than the other. I never heard of candles in turnips until I read stories about the beginnings of Halloween. We always had pumpkins so I guess it must be an American thing. They are bigger than turnips and easier to light up I suppose. To me it is a fun time for the little ones. I hope it continues to be just that.

  2. It has become very commercialized here in the states, and all about the candy mostly. A shame the origins of some of our holidays gets lost.

  3. I'm NOT a big Halloween person, not that I have anything against it... it's just not a big holiday for me... I think I've outgrown it!! LOL!!! My son loves it, dresses up, he was at a party last night, and at another one tonight. LOL!! But I loved it while I was growing up, and sometimes I still dress up.

  4. Loved your Halloween memories Sybil. Quite different than my own, but lovelier. It was a kinder, simpler time wasn't it. Xxoo

  5. I enjoyed your halloween memories. I would dress up in a costume too and my cousins and I would go around the neighborhood they lived in and collect our candy!! It was so fun and as you say, innocent. It wasn't like it is today.

  6. So glad to stumble upon your blog (found by seeing your comment on someone elses page). I clicked to see your blog as I have seen you on so many of my friends blogs.

    Your blog is very interesting. I enjoyed this entry. Yes, churches seem to be discouraging the Halloween events. They make some good points that are hard to argue with. But for most, it has been purely a "candy and dress up" event and spooky-ness has always been fun. Most love a good ghost story huh? But yes, it is beginning to be analyzed by the masses and so many of us look toward "Chili Fests" and "October Fests" to get our beloved candy! lol

    Have a great week. Glad I found you.

  7. I love Halloween. It is a shame that some people think it is black magic because they are the ones who are missing out. I think it is cool that you sang or recite a poem for your treats. Awesome!

  8. What lovely memories of your childhood, Syb. I have never heard of the turnip with a candle in it, but I guess you do whatever you have to do with.
    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  9. I always used turnips Sybil when my children were small.My Daughter still does for her Daughter.I used to love Halloween and taking them around the neighbours houses.Happy times I so miss,but the memories will stay forever something no one can take away.I am just posting a few comments this week.Good to read you,I was to visit you last night.But I had big problems,I lost my AOL..On enquiring to a friend who is an IT technition it seemed Some idiot kindly sent me an e. mail with a bug in it which completely wiped my AOL program,they used my Daughters e. mail address,so I not thinking opened it. Grrr!!!! So it seems she has a hacker at bay.These nasty people so get my back up.I had to finally uninstall and then re-install my AOL.I have just got back online this morning.I'll be back to read more another day.I am happy you managed to get a blog going.Keep warm Brr it's cold here in my part of the woods this morning.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

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  11. How times have changed. We never celebrated Halloween ever when I was a child, do not remember anyone in England celebrating it and we still do not. Precious memories you have.