Wednesday, 28 October 2009

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Hello Friends,
TodayI was thinking about changing our clocks...we did it last weekend and I know my friends in the US do it this week and I wondered if you ever forget to adjust your clock?
How many of you wondered why we have to adjust our clocks forward one hour near the start of spring and backwards one hour in autumn? It’s not because we have to synchronize with any astronomical time or calendar (as it is the case with leap years), it’s simply because someone thought that more daylight would significantly improve many aspects of our lives.

An early goal of summertime was to reduce evening usage of incandescent lighting (formerly a primary use of electricity) by cutting one hour from the early morning, when most of the people were sleeping and adding it to the evening. Because modern electricity uses different patterns, adding daylight to afternoons is considered nowadays to be more beneficial for retailing, sports, and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours. Traffic fatalities and crime are supposed to reduce when there is extra afternoon daylight, as well.
Even if saving daylight could be indeed beneficial, it is also sometimes confusing for all of us busy people out there. Did you ever forget to adjust your clock and found yourself running late or getting somewhere one hour ahead of schedule?
Last Sunday one of our older members arrived....and hour early...went home thinking that something was wrong....with everybody else !!!

I have had a busy two weeks, mostly driving friends to various hospital appointments etc. When not doing that Mary and I have had a wonderful time ...eating out...we had friends here for lunch on Tuesday which was lovely, they were actually Mary's friends but had not visited here before. It was a great pleasure to have them. Wednesday we were out for lunch with Sarah, John and another friend we had a nice meal in a lovely pub by the set by the canal unfortunatly the weather was not good enough for a little walk along to admire the many canal boats that are moored along the tow path. Friday we had our hair cut. My niece does Mary our neighbour Muriel and me all on the some morning, afterwards Mary and I did a supermarket shopping which included stopping for yet anoter lunch !! Today we went into Bath quite early so that we could park. Bath like most large towns in very difficult when it comes to parking, but we were quite lucky and managed to find the ideal spot. Before we came home Mary bought me a very early Christmas Present...a new notebook or netbook some people call it. It is really lovely. a bit different in size from my usual laptop but it will be wonderful when we go on holiday as it is so lightwight. I am very lucky.. to have such a friend...
Goodnight friends, never forget to


  1. A new toy :o)

    Thanks for the time change reminder.

  2. I dislike all the time changes. My auto clock has been waking me up an hour early ever since the time changed last Spring. I hope now when I turn the clock back an hour I'll wake up when I'm supposed to.

    You have been busy as ever. I'm sure your friend appreciate having you there to lend a hand with the driving.

    How nice to get a present like that one! It will be handy when you travel. It is really early for a Christmas present but I wouldn't have turned it down either.

    Just enjoy it and say THANK YOU - that's what I would do.

  3. I always have a hard time adjusting to the time changes, but I do eventually get used to them. What a lovely early Christmas present!! I would love one of those myself! So glad you liked the cards and that they got there safe and sound despite all the postal disruptions!! xxoo

  4. Grrrr... I had a long comment typed and poof, it has magically floated away!

    Anyway, I don't like the time change either. It takes me and the animals some time to adjust to the change. It sounds as though you are one busy lady!! Sorry this comment is shorter..maybe the other will pop up somewhere. LOL

  5. And to think they want to switch to double summertime. Dread to think of the consequences for northern Scotland. Have a good week, Sybil


  6. I may not have a frien* like Mary, but I have a frien* like Sybil! Makes me happy! =.)

  7. Hi Sybil - late comment coming up, but anyway......

    The only clock it takes me ages to get round to changng is the one on the central heating combi boiler. Very often we're half way to the next change so I end up just leaving it.

    love, Angie, xx