Tuesday, 13 October 2009

what do I see...

A friend regularily writes a shortish type of "daybook" most days and suggexted I might do the same so here goes.
Outside my window...It is quite frosty so roofs are all white it is also fairly misty but will soon lift as the sun gets to work.
I am thinking.... What should I pack to go with my sister for a few days away in Wales
I am thankful for....the fact that me wee dog Dee came in beside me this morning in bed around 5am..maybe he was feeling cold in his bed !
I am wearing....Navy trainers and trousers and wine coloured short sleeve jumper (the heating is on!!)
I am watching....Morning News on the TV and the weather which tells me we are going to have it nice today
I am going.....to pack a bag for three days in Wales
I am hoping....that my Sister will be in a happy mood next few days...
A favourite thing....my camera which hopefully will be in action over in Wales.
And so there you are that's me this early morning in the lovely village of Box.


  1. I do like the idea of DayBooks. It is a nice way of journaling about what is going on in your life. I hope your day is a great one and you get that packing done and that your visit is a wonderful one.

  2. This is a neat idea, I've not seen a DayBook before. Awww, sweet little Dee cuddling with you - they are the best cuddlers!! Enjoy your visit in Wales.

  3. Your daybook is a good idea a have writers block just now maybe I should try that. Have a good break in Wales. We have not had a frost up here yet at least not one you can see YET. Take care Love Joan