Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hello Friends,
I am sorry that I have been missing lately but I seem to have been having a rather busy period. I really will have to try and perhaps add something every day. I feel my life seems to be very repetitive and not really of much interest.. When I see how wonderfully my friends write their blogs I'm afraid I get a bit ashamed of my rather boring news....
I think last time I wrote I was about to go on a visit to Scotland. My sister Sarah, John and I drove up with only one stop for lunch and a couple of fuel stops. We left around 8am and arrived at my friends Graham and Fiona around 4pm not bad for around 350 miles. Thankfully the roads although busy had no hold ups at all which is a bit of a miracle in it's self !! I have known Graham and Fiona for for I suppose around 45 years sinse I started baby sitting for them and the three children. A lifelong friendship developed from that small beginning. The "children" are now of course all grown up the eldest 2 married with children of their own and the youngest not married...we still have hope for her !!..she works as a world ambassador for the Scotish Whisky Industry and is always on the go. I love her dearly unfortunately she was in Japan so we missed seeing her. We spent two nights with Graham and Fiona and we hardly stopped for breath as we caught up on all the news. From there we drove over to Elie a small seaside village in Fife near St. Andrews famous for the golf course and the University of course that Prince William attended. I have two very dear friends there both who are getting on in years. Jane the younger of the two has been very very ill for some time and her older Sister Meme is her main carer so it is good that we are able to go up and relieve Meme even if only for a few days. Meme was able with her nephew to go and visit her brother who lives near Oban on the West Coast of Scotland and also to have a day over on the isle of Mull where she had a house that she has now given over to her nephew, he is having it renovated and she was pleased to be able to see what was happening. On the Saturday afternoon Jane Sarah John and I went into St. Andrews to a very small theatre there called the "Byre" we saw a wonderful amatuer production of "Annie" It was great to be able to take Jane to see this, she was very tired afterwards but was happy to have been out of the house. We left Elie very early on Sunday morning just after 6.15am !! it was a good time to leave as the roads were nice and almost empty for the first few hours. Once again we managed to drive all the way home this time in record speed..
Mary was glad to see me back as was of course Dee.
Sinse we got back we have had some rater sad days as a two of our neighbours have died. Harry was 93 and had been in a nursing home for last 3 years but his dear wife Bridget still lives only three doors from us. His funeral was on Wednesday. Tomorrow we have yet another funeral. Brian a very dear neighbour who has brought our daily paper into us every day and had a wee chat, was diagnosed with cancer only 5 weeks ago. He and Marjory his wife only recently celebrated their 62nd. wedding anniversary. She will miss him so much, but she knows that we are just across the street and she can pop in any time. Can I also ask any who can to say a prayer from another dear friend Angie and her husband Brian, Angie also has cancer and seems to be very poorly. Angie was our minister for about a year two years ago, and today she was supposed to be back with us to help celebrate our chuches 175th.birthday anniversary. She was sadly missed.
Thats about it friends....sorry for the gloom and doom !!



  1. never think your blog is boring!!! i'm the one with nothing to do & no where to go. you have an interesting life (& blog).
    glad you had a nice trip & are now home safe & sound.
    sorry about your friends, prayers for their families. A prayer for your former minister too, she's in God's hands.
    have a good week, huggies...

  2. Glad you had a nice trip. Sad news about your neighbors :o( they are in my thoughts.

  3. You have a great blog!!

    I'm envious that you can just drive right over to Scotland for a short trip!! LOL!!

    Prayers are being said for your neighbors, very sad. I'm sorry for your loss and for the families.

  4. Your blog is never boring so don't be thinking that. I love to hear what you are doing and you really have been busy. I'm glad you got out to see your family and friends in Scotland. I'm sure you did bring some much needed sunshine there. Being a carer for anyone is not an easy life. I will be praying for your minister and for the families of your neighbors there too.

  5. So sorry for the sad news, Syb. Glad you had a good trip to Scotland. Will keep your family and friends in my prayers.
    Have a good day, my friend.

  6. So sorry to hear about your neighbors. My condolences to their families.

  7. Your blog is far from boring and you shouldn't give that another thought. I'm sorry to hear about all the sadness at this time.