Saturday, 26 September 2009

Appearances, Perfect, Imperfect,

Good morning friends, thank you for popping into read my latest blog !and thank you to those of you who have added a comment. It is always nice to see that whatever you are wrting is being read !!

I was reading lately that the Bible is still the world best selling book - what did surprise me was the claim that it is also the most shoplifted book. It seems odd to think of someone stealing a bible - what do they do when they come to the 10 commandments and read 'You shall not steal'? Do they take it back?
Bookstores say that the most common reason people give if they are caught is that they believe the Bible ought to be free to whoever wants to read it - but those who steal it seldom take the cheap paper-back version, it's usually the leather bound, red-letter, gold leaf edition that goes missing.
The packaging doesn't change the message, each Bible still has only four gospels, but the appearance, the binding, the type-face, the cost, all seem to affect how people look at it. It's just one more illustration of how we have been 'sold' false values. The more 'expensive' the product, the greater its value, and the more we should desire it - after all we are 'worth it' - aren't we?
But its all just packaging..
We know it, but seem helpless to resist it, in every area of life..
As part of their campaign to lure shoppers back, for example, many supermarkets are introducing a 'basics' range. This includes items like fresh fruit and veg which might not LOOK perfect, but which are just as nutritious. Carrots have kinks, marrows are curved, tomatoes have bulges, apples have marked skins.. the taste and the calories are the same as their more 'perfect' cousins. But even when we KNOW that there is no health or financial advantage to buying the more pleasing looking product we insist that if it looks better, it must be better.
But its all just packaging
I was wondering if we see people in the same way? If they look a bit rough, not particularly clean, perhaps dare we say it of a different colour , maybe they have a limb missing or have a blemish on their face, use a wheelchair, It would be a good idea if we were all to remember that everybody is quite unique, special, different and good - regardless of how we are packaged


  1. Your thoughts this morning were very well put. I think a lot of people are that way - looking only at the package outside and not the contents inside. It is important to remember that no matter how beautiful or expensively dressed a person is, it is what's in the heart of the person that matters. Growing up I was always taught to remember that God made us all and we are no better than anyone else and no one else is better than me either. We are equals in God's eyes. That has stuck with me and so very often when I'm tempted to think otherwise my mom's words will come back to me. We all really need each other. Our gifts are all different in that we are each unique and we can help each other if we try.

  2. We need to remember that the packaging usually goes away in one form or another, and all we are left with are the goods, so better make sure the goods are what we really want :o)

  3. ain't it the sad truth, most people can't seem to get past first appearances.
    have a good wkend.

  4. A wonderful entry, Sybil. I laughed at first at the irony of people stealing Bibles...huh?...guess they didn't get the memo! But then you ended with a lovely message about looking beyond the surface and seeing the person beneath. Very nice. Love, Beth

  5. Great post Sybil!! Very well put!

  6. You are always such a joy, Sybil. People who steal Bibles don't always read them! Some people steal Bibles, because they think it's some kind of holy blessing or good luck charm to help them through their troubles, but a Bible that is never read does not have as much power as a Bible that becomes a part of your everyday life. Too bad they don't stop to think that stealing a Bible or anything else is only bad Karma waiting to happen. Thank you for being in my life, Sybil. I love you.

  7. You are so right, Syb. None of us are 'perfect', and the person who is looking for perfection, ahould look in his/her own mirror first.

  8. What a super entry today Sybil. Thought provoking too. I would like to think that I would see through the dirt and grime and see the person inside. I would never 'judge a book' by its cover.
    Sending you and Mary my good wishes.
    Jeanie xxx

  9. WOW!! This entry made me THINK!! First, I had no idea that the Bible was the most shoplifted book, WHO would have the NERVE!?? LOL!!

    Second, I'm picky... I like my veggies to LOOK pretty... LOL!! But I guess I could get used to ugly veggies if they were cheaper... LOL!! I usually get mine at the farmer's market, so they are a little more expensive, but I really like supporting local growers.

    As for people, I truly don't think that I judge people until I get to know them as people.... I certainly HOPE I don't!!